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Keep a travel diary

Travel diaries are the travel literature which typically records all the details and experience of the traveler aspiring to literary value. A travel diary is a diary which a traveler took with him or her and jot down all the important information, details, pictures, route, hotels, tourist spots and much more. It is a record of an individual of his or her travel.  Depending on the choice of traveler it can be kept as personal journal, diary or it can be only for reading of that individual only. Even it can be shared on social sites as it can be kept online as in blog format or can be shared with family and friends. Traveler can also put it on website for the travel lovers who can know about the experience of traveler.

Many people keep travel diaries as a personal record so that they can always remember all the important details of tour and with this they can keep a track of the trip. There is no specific format or way of writing a travel diary, as it can be written by any traveler in the way he or she likes to write down their experience. Some people buy a simple, pocket sized diary while many others like to buy a special designated travel journal. Some people simply write down travel details in basic notes while many others like to jot down every specific details of the trip, they write lengthy description of each travel day even includes writing prompts. No matter how one jot down his or her experience travel diaries always help them better to remember all the travelling details and experience. But if one has to post his travel diary on blog then he has to writing in specific format which is acceptable by blog site.

Sharing a travel diary on web site can easily help to connect with other people who are interested in travelling or planning to travel. A travel diary on website can share travelling experience with relatives and friends who live far away even pictures can be added to make it more descriptive. A public travel blog can be asses by anyone but an individual has choice whether he wants to share it with everyone or with limited people.

Moreover it is not necessary that a traveler should write trip experience in words only as many people keep photos of places that they visited, tickets of traveling, tickets of concerts, vouchers of hotels etc. It also helps while visiting these places again and there are many people who combine album and travel diary. Travel diaries also help other people who are planning a trip as travel dairy can be budget planner for travel loving people. As travel diary includes all the details of the trip, it is easily for other to calculate the cost of trip and more over it provides information of hotels and tickets which others can check to plan a better trip.

There are several benefits of a maintaining a travel journal as there are many thing we do on our trip and see so many things that we started to forget with passage of time, a travel diary help to remember all the wonderful things and details that we saw or did on our tour. Keeping a travel diary is not just for jotting down words, it also has emotions in it. As when we go on trip and see something there is also emotions attach to it that can be written down in travel diary. Beside a travel diary is to keep all special moments of trip alive, when after years we read our travel diary is provides very much pleasure and make us spellbound in the traveling experience.

Travel diary – budget travel

Before planning for any trip the budget of trip is decided, where to go, for how many days, what should be covered in the trip, what things we should carry with us? These all things are pre decided before the trip and budget of the trip is decided and then planning of the trip accordingly. A travel journal provides all the necessary facts in it so that the travel lovers can get a lot of help from it. Travel diary provide choices and one can calculate estimated budget. There is no disadvantage of keeping a travel diary because it always helps to keep the trip alive.

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