10 Good Reads for Kindergarten Kids

Here are the top ten good reads for Kids in this Christmas Season

1: “How Santa Got His Job” by Stephen KrenskyHow Santa got his job by stephen krensky

‘How Santa Got His Job’ tells about the back story of Santa. In this book, Stephen Krensky revealed how Santa has learned all the skills. The book tells how a person can become the Santa and what all skills are required in doing so. Children will love this book as they get thrilled with each job that helps them in becoming them Santa. Students can make a lot of predictions and inferences at a lot of places while they read this well thought out story.

2: “The Twelve Cats of Christmas” by Kevin Whitlarkthe twelve cats of christmas by kevin whitlark

‘The Twelve Cats of Christmas’ is another good read for the children of KG. This book is very popular among the students as it is a very funny take on the X-Mas classic. When the parents will sing this silly version alternations in front of their children, their kids will laugh out loud. The kids will love singing this. It is similar to “Five Goldfish”.

3: “The Sounds of Kwanzaa” by Dimitrea Tokunbosound of kwanzaa

Every page of this book begins with a quote “Come close, gather round. Listen to The Sounds of Kwanzaa’. The Sounds of Kwanzaa is a book on the seven candles. This book explains the meaning of seven candles. These seven candles are those candles that explain the guiding principle that Kwanzaa celebrates. Apart from the explanation about the candles, this book also provide an informative note by the author and a list for reference for those who want to read more about the candles and the celebrations.

4:  “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell! by Lucille Colandrothere was a old lady who swallowed a bell

Yet another engaging book for  the kids this winter is  “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell!“. Hungriness is natural among the human beings, but the character of an old lady in this book is not only crazy hungry, she is also loved by those who read about her. The book tells about various cuisines that are eaten by the old lady. In the end, the book also tells the story of Santa flying with the old lady and wishing happy holidays to all.

5: “Hoppy Hanukkah!” by Linda Glaserhoppy-hanukkah

Hoppy Hanukkah is regarded as one of the cutest books for the kids that tells about a family of a bunny and all of their Hanukkah traditions. Some of the main characters of the book are menorah, potato latkes, the dreidel, and Hanukkah presents along with the bunny family babies, Simon and Violet. The main motive behind this book is to make kids aware about the importance of Hanukkah traditions in a kid friendly manner.

6: “Jingle Bells” by Iza TrapaniJingle bells

This book is in the top list because the book focuses on making the kids aware about the various ways in which these holidays are celebrated by a different culture in different parts of the world. The third page of the book makes a comparison that how different countries celebrate this festival of music during the Christmas season. The book compares celebrations of Mexico, Sweden, the Philippines, Poland, Italy, and Kenya, using small, enlightening stanzas with detailed pictures. Moreover, this book also tells about various traditions followed by various countries with complete details.

7: “Pete the Cat Saves Christmas” by Eric LitwinPete the Cat Saves Christmas

This book is loved by the kids and they love both Christmas and Pete the cat. The main idea behind this book is to convey the message that whether you are big or small, it does not make any sense. Anybody can contribute in bringing change or to make a difference. In addition to this, the book contains some groovy Christmas story.

8: “Bear Stays Up for Christmas by Karma WilsonBear Stays Up for Christmas

Bear Stays Up for Christmas is a book with big characters and big voices. The book has quietness about it and that makes it’s such a popular among the kids. The book beautifully presents the spirit of the Christmas season. Another attraction of this book is the bear that is loved by all the kids.

9: “The Amazing Christmas Extravaganza by David ShannonThe Amazing Christmas Extravaganza

The most amazing thing about The Amazing Christmas Extravaganza is the illustration done by David Shannon, who is the most popular author among the children. The author is described as Author of the Month each year.this book contains some of the most popular characters with which the children are familiar.

10: “The Night Before the Night Before Christmas” by Natasha WingThe Night Before the Night Before Christmas

Among all the books for the kids, this is the most popular books. Some of the eternal questions asked by the main character of this book are:  “What on earth is a sugar plum? Is it a candy or a prune?”. The book concludes with a message that “Christmas is about family and love”.

So that the list and if you have your own suggestions to add in the list please do not hesitate to leave a comment we’ll include it in our list thanks. Happy Holidays… : )

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