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2016: A new dawn in Tutoring Industry

The continuous failure of the state, as well as the private schools to address the individual and unique problems of the students and ever increasing demand of the parents to see their children are getting respectable grades in A level and GCSE, has led to a boom in the private tutoring industry in the recent years in UK. Irrespective of the fact that the tutoring industry is continuously being criticised by the group of teachers and irrespective of the fact that the effort of the State is being continued to make the student self-reliant to learn the subjects with the help of their school teachers only, the tutoring industry seemed to be gaining its momentum day by day because of its efficient and effective contribution to the educational drive of the students.

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The human civilisation is rolling forward each and every day crossing the barrier of new challenges in every field of knowledge and to keep its pace, the educational system of every society is gradually uplifting its standards. The syllabus is changing continuously to pose new challenges before the students as well as new barriers to break to achieve their intended results. The schools are trying their best to educate and support their students to cope up with the new challenges and the new heights of the syllabus but is failing miserably simply because of the reason of supply-demand gaps. Developing a clear concept of the subject as well as getting an undivided individual attention of the tutors is simply becoming more and more impossible for the students from the school teachers. The problem becomes intensive when the student is really lacking in concept and failed to keep pace with the rapid coverage of the syllabus by the school teachers. Almost all the students in the UK are facing the same problem in one or more than one subjects and the picture is more or less same in all over the world, especially in the economically advanced countries like UK, USA.

Getting a good grade in A level, GCSE or getting a good score in SAT, has now become simply impossible without the help of a tutor and the reflections of the students of various grades in the UK reveals the same. There is a surge for private tutors and the curve is going to be upwards in the coming days as the specialised skills of the private tutoring industry in addressing unique problems of the students, the capacity of preparing an effective plan for them to achieve their goal, the ability to encourage them to bring out the best of their performance are all contributing to the unprecedented demand of the UK tutoring industry and truly marking a new dawn for the same.

According to the guardian, the private tutoring industry in the UK has already touched a whopping £6 billion mark by the end of 2014 and the graph is trending upward, irrespective of the status of the economic condition of UK. The percentage of students opting for private tuition for the betterment of their grades or for having access to better universities or educational institution has been increased from 18% in 2005 to 25% in 2014 and London, in particular, has registered the percentage at 44% by the end of 2014.

More than hundreds of thousands of students in the UK, starting from the primary level to the university level, are relying on the private tutoring either to improve their subject knowledge or to improve their grades. These are even true for the higher class assignments as well as research papers. The price, according to The Guardian, varies from £7 per hour to a staggering £60 per hour for enjoying these private tutoring services. The parents are anxious to get their child through the continuously updated syllabus and to see that their children get an opportunity to study in a good university or school to have a secured career. So they are paying and in front of the fierce competition amongst a large number of students in the UK, the parents are more willing to get the additional support of the private tutors to fulfil the dream of their children. In fact, for most of the parents, the private tuition has become one of the essential parts of the education system and there is no way that any level of State effort can stop this feeling. The reason is clear. The parents and the students are getting results, the private tutoring industry, with its vast pool of resources, are delivering and hence the parents are even more eager to pay for securing the additional help for their children over and above what they get from the regular school teaching.

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The significant fact that already a large number of state primary and secondary schools are paying thousands of pounds to the private tutoring industry itself is a remarkable evidence how the private tutoring industry is playing increasingly significant and vital role in helping the entire student community of UK to achieve their educational objective. As reported by The Guardian, Exam Confidence, a private tutoring agency charges up to £1400 per day from some of the schools which want to provide the additional facilities of private tutoring for its students who are lacking in concept and are failing to keep up with the pace of the school teaching. This is not the one. Almost all the private tutoring agencies, especially the online ones, are getting such contracts from various State as well as private schools to provide extra tuition in order to help their underprivileged students. The report that the number of such registrations and contract with the private tutoring agencies are on the rise is quite encouraging for this multi-million-pound tutoring industry.

The educationalists and the state are continuously striving to put a hold on this tremendous growth rate, but the industry is flying with colours and scaling new peaks with each day because of the unprecedented demand of the private tutors, both online and offline and because of the dismal performance of the State run schools to win the confidence of the students as well as their parents to provide the teaching standard required by the students to achieve their goals.

Online Tutoring Jobs: Becoming an Online Tutor

Now days finding a job are not an easy task or it could be said that there are vast opportunities available for people to get work. In the era of internet there are lots of work opportunities. People just need to grab them and get paid for their skills and competencies. Out of all the jobs online tutoring is something which is very popular and highly respectable job.

There are various websites who hire tutors to provide their services online. The tutors are required to contact with those websites and need to fulfill their criteria.

online tutor

In order to become an online tutor an individual is required to focus on a variety of factors that can help them to gain the competitive advantage and most importantly the pay scale could also be improved. The major factor which is required with a view of becoming an online tutor is that an individual must possess good knowledge in any subject. It might be helpful on the ground of gaining the tutoring job. It is to ascertain that becoming a tutor is completely based upon the knowledge level of any individual. If an individual has expertise and command on any single subject, then it becomes possible to grab the online tutoring opportunity.

At the same juncture, it is essential to mention that it is completely dependent upon the interest area and educational qualification of any individual. While searching for the online tutoring job the people need to focus on two major aspects one is that they must be clear with conceptual knowledge of the subject for which they are applying and the second is that there should not be any kind of hesitation in facing the students. Becoming an online tutor demand the practical knowledge as well. The tutor always understands the concepts and tutoring agencies always hire those people who have good communication and good handling skills. Here, handling skills deal with the facing the queries of students and providing the suggestions accordingly. The hesitation shouldn’t be the part of one’s personality traits. Thus, these aspects are required to be available along with gaining knowledge about any single or multiple subjects.online-math-tutor

Tutors always hire those people who have learning attitude or they have gone through all the concepts. It is essential to understand that possessing the knowledge and delivering the knowledge these are two different concepts and there is a huge requirement of understanding the basic difference between these two terms. Here at this juncture, it is essential to become clear that once an individual register his or her name at the website of any tutoring agency, the agency will take one or two tests as per the norms and standards. They will try to assess the intellect and command on a particular subject. Afterwards the demand of taking one or two free sessions could be put so that the tutoring qualities could be judged.

The agencies might have certain criteria or parameters with respect to the judge the competency of tutors. So the individuals are required to prepare for the scrutinizing process. Other than teaching ability and knowledge level of an individual there is need of selecting the most suitable and reliable tutoring agency. The individuals are required to focus on such kind of tutoring agencies which are highly reliable and they have a good market capture ratio.

Associating with the good tutoring agency could be beneficial on the ground of dealing with a good number of students and most importantly the earnings ratio could be improved. Ahead at the same juncture, it is essential to understand that with respect to selecting the tutoring agency the rating of that agency could be checked over the internet. It might be helpful on the ground by taking the right decision. Becoming an online tutor could be both part time or full time job alternative. The individuals can devote their time as per their desire and convenience. It can definitely help with respect to finish other important work as well.

There is a huge requirement of developing the skill set if one is dedicated to become an online tutor. Further, anyone could become tutors. Even the students can provide their services and can earn some money. There are no restrictions related to the age or any profession or qualification.

The only requirement is a good command on subject and another one is good teaching skills. The tutoring agencies have a wide network and they need more and more number of people that can help them to provide services and capturing more market share. Further, with respect to ensure sustainability and success in this job there is requirement of winning the confidence of students. Other than associating with tutoring agency, the trust factor of students is another success criterion for the online tutor. The confidence could be built easily by clearing their doubts and queries. Being a tutor it is their responsibility to devote an adequate amount of time to students.

The time management must be proper so that the students can get sufficient time for their classes. This aspect of tutoring services is very much crucial that the single student can ask a single question for various times. Thus the patience is something that might enable a tutor to improve his rating or increasing the credibility. Other than this the development of professional attitude is also required at very large scale with respect to become an online tutor.

The network of tutoring agencies is very wide and they work in a very structured and organized manner. So, committed attitude must be available in order to associate with leading and best tutoring agencies. Further familiarity with internet and other basic technological aspects is also required in online tutoring jobs. Thus, in this way these efforts can help an individual to become an online tutor.

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