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Social media help for a future medical career:

The practicing physicians may not be able to realize the way they can utilize social media in their everyday life for personal as well as professional benefit. It is found that the doctors are able to leverage in the present day through social media channels to communicate in a collective way with other physicians and patients as well as for a searching process to excel in their job in the future.

However, with an extensive variety of social media being present the physicians require to learn regarding the way they can use them for their future medical career.

Here, I am mentioning a few ways in which social media can be used as an advantage, for building an effective future medical career.


There is no secret to it that YouTube is one of the preferable search engines on the internet that is beginning to become one of the most popular media sites for a varied number of physicians.

According to a survey by AMN Healthcare, it is found that more than 29% of the included 2,790 health professionals use YouTube to post experiences regarding their professional working and use information from the professional working videos posted by others.

These videos in the YouTube are preferred in the health community as professionals can learn experiences from them as well as various valued information required by them to solve health care issues.

This is beneficial for a future medical career as it provides a wider amount of knowledge in both audio and visual format to learn about different tricks and techniques present in the medical field that one do not generally know. Moreover, through the videos, effective communication with patients and doctors are made helping physicians to collect tips regarding the way they are going to manage patients while practicing. This led the physicians to be preferred to manage intense situations while practicing helping them to be prepared to deal with issues at any time assisting them to build a better future.

Further, YouTube helps the physicians to develop a better medical career in the future as they can interact with eminent health care professionals through the posted videos,  to learn about ways and tricks to deal with complex medical cases. This site helps in creating a close knit-community among physicians helping each other to develop knowledge and have a broader audience to communicate with so that in future they can get intimated of the adversities which may be faced by them. It is going to help them in becoming better doctors and managing complex situation with ease in the future.


Facebook is presently seen as an excellent mode of communicating in a collective way with the patients and other doctors. This is because different features involved in the social media have dissolved any geographical constraints between patients and the doctors.

However, this social media channel is required to be used in a cautious way because breach of security is often faced that leads to the development of various issues such as unprofessional conduct and others.

Thus, the doctors using their Facebook account required to be cautious and require maintaining their privacy setting so that no external person without the concern of the doctor can see the posts. Facebook allows the physicians to share their experiences and stories with other doctors to get advice so that they can execute better care services and diagnosis of the patients. This leads to the building of a better medical future as they can execute care in a qualitative way that offers the positive name of them among the patients.

The Facebook can also lead to better medical future of the physicians as it can be used to attract possible new patients to them who they can serve effectively to gain better experience to execute care in the medical field. It can also be used by the doctors to search for better possibilities to get recruited in an eminent hospital for developing a better future for them.


Twitter is similar to Facebook which is seen to be used in the present to share experiences and stories about the medical field in the healthcare industries. It is used by physicians to post information regarding any health care facility. It also acts as an effective mode, for physicians to post and share interesting articles that can be used by junior doctors and other followers to learn information related to the healthcare field. This helps the doctors to improve their knowledge regarding the way they are treating patients more effectively giving them a boost towards having a better future in the medical field. This is because the information is used by the junior doctors to develop their knowledge to treat critical patients.


The Slideshare has seemed to a new social media, but it has varied features that can be used as a benefit for the physicians. It allows the experienced physicians to post regarding their publication findings and presentation on the websites. The SlideShare allows many physicians to make them educated about different topics in the medical field, in turn, resolving their problems while practicing improving their future in the medical career. This is because the hindrances which are usually encountered as a result of lack of knowledge which blocks progress into the future are effectively resolved.


The LinkedIn is the social media platform in which the electronic CV of most of the physicians is given. This informs other individuals involved in the medical field regarding the level of accomplishment they require to achieve to be successful in the future. The information also boosts junior medical professionals in this field to identify the extent of success they require to achieve for accomplishing their goals to have a better medical career.

Apart from this, all the social media platforms help to create an effective career development by making valuable connections with an eminent person in the industry. Therefore, it provides the opportunity to the individuals to make a connection with people who can assist them to get a higher position in the future to cross the path that was not possible in case the social media are not present. The social media also helps the individuals involved in the medical field to develop the professional skills they are needed to acquire to help them in building their future career.

Moreover, effective resources required by the junior physicians to develop their future can be informed through the sharing of information from the social media channels. The social media help to create better goals for the future of the medical professional to excel in the profession through the assistance of social media.

Thus, it is recommended that the doctors require to be linked with social media channels as it is going to benefit them by assisting them in informal learning and making an effective connection with an eminent person to have a better medical career.

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