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Finding tutors can be a really tiring job if not taken in a proper direction. Also, it is equally important to find a competent and knowledgeable tutor, who can provide a proper direction and guidance in your studies rather than just basic teaching. As a student, you should always keep in mind that before hiring a tutor you should have a complete idea of his knowledge about that particular subject. It may create a big problem for you if the tutor, you have hired, is not well versed in the topics that you need to study. If he is well versed, you should confirm that he is able to teach. It is not necessary that an individual having immense knowledge about the particular subject area can teach efficiently.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of individual’s ability to teach before hiring them. It’s the teacher that makes the subject interesting and not the subject itself.

find a tutor

So in order to find a tutor it would be helpful for you if you consider the below mentioned points:

  • Make sure that the tutor has effective communication skills. He should be able to make the student understand the subject. There should be no communication gap between tutor and student.
  • Ensure that tutor have a high level of patience i.e. he/she does not get frustrated when a student is not able to understand a certain
  • The tutor should always be encouraging and motivating towards the student. It is important to motivate frequently student for improvement and better performance in exams.
  • Most importantly, tutor should have detailed knowledge of subject he/she is teaching, so that he is able to teach efficiently basic concepts of topic to students, as well as able to clear their doubts if any.

            A good tutor is one who can make the student understand every concept and rule concerned with the subject. The competent and proficient tutor is not easy to find. However, there are various ways to find a good tutor. These ways are as discussed below:

  • Be directly in contact with college/school teachers and ask them if they are available for tutoring or get some references from them about other good teachers in their contacts. To find a tutor, there would be no one better than a school/college teacher who have some experience in teaching and know how to handle students. Also even if they are not available, there is a good chance that they might have someone in their contacts who is suitable for the job. In case if you do manage to get the contact details of the teacher, don’t be too casual. Give them respect.
  • Talk to your friends/colleagues/seniors and ask them if they go to tuitions and if they do, get details from them and directly contact the teachers. There’s a strong possibility that many of your friends might be going to some or the other tuitions or coaching also, so they may know about some other teachers and may recommend you a better one. This is the best way to find quality teachers because they have experienced their teaching, and they will give you helpful feedbacks of the tutors.
  • Advertise your need for a teacher through social Medias and pamphlets. The best way to publicize your needs is by the means of advertisements. This is the ideal way by which tutors will directly contact you for the purpose. It is also less time consuming. All you need to do is to post your need on newspaper, local magazines and the like. Apart from this, The internet is one the most popular and widely accepted source that can prove to be beneficial in finding a competent and proficient tutor.
  • Search for teaching profiles on the internet and get some details. The only thing that can help you in each and every thing is the INTERNET. You can search for anything here. So trying your luck here would surely get you positive results. You can also post your requirements on famous websites for better results. There are various job related websites that will help you in searching proficient tutor for teaching a particular You can see reviews of other people regarding that tutor.
  • In addition to this, Social networking sites are also gaining wide acceptance. It is getting common these days and can prove to be really useful these days as most of the people are commonly using social media for some or the other purpose. You just need to post your requirement on the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Sticking pamphlets around colleges and classes is a good practice (only if it’s legal). In this way, people may come to know your need and try to contact you if they feel fit for the job even if they are not teachers. Just in case if they are not professionals then make sure if they are worthy. You can take a few demo lectures from them if they agree. By this way, you can make sure that whether that person is competent and able to teach a specific
  • Ask some working professionals if they can teach and are willing to do so. If you are in contact with few working professionals, then directly contact them and ask them for the same. If they cannot teach you, then ask them if they know some professional teacher who may be willing to teach. There are great chances that you may get a prompt response from their s
  • There are several coaching centers and education centers as well. If you don’t want to join these centers, you can ask the tutor teaching there to give you personal tuition. You can also ask other students from coaching centers about the tutor’s ability to teach and his/her competencies.