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How to Play Harp Music Instrument – Step-by-step instruction

Can you remember the stringed musical instrument that we used to see on the Christmas card? Yes. You are right – that is Harp, a unique musical instrument, that you can learn easily. However, before starting the training for harp, answer a question to yourself. Are you interested in playing the harp?

If yes, then, here are some easy but essential steps that you must follow to learn how to play the harp music instrument.

Step 1:
The first step of your harp musical training is learning about your instrument. You know harp as a stringed instrument, but, do you know, how many types of harp we can play? We can play two types of harp – pedal harp and lever harp. The first one that is pedal harp has seven pedals that you can use to make the notes sharp, flat or natural. The second one that is lever harp has sharp levers at the top, which helps to change the notes.

Step 2:
In the second step of learning harp, you have to learn how to sit and hold a harp properly. It is very important to know the sitting and holding style while playing the harp. As the instrument is large in size, you may use a chair according to the size of the instrument. Sit in such a way, so that your finger can reach to the middle string of the harp. You need to hold the harp in a way so that the shortest string of the harp is nearest to you.

Step 3:
The third step of harp playing is tuning the harp. Tuning is very important to create soothing music from a harp. You may use an electric tuner to tune the harp properly. You must be careful enough while tuning the harp because the notes of the instrument depending on tuning. Be careful, don’t tear the strings. It will be better if you take the help of a musician.

Step 4:
In the fourth step, you have to learn how to play with the strings. You can find the strings of different colours. You have to learn which string denotes which note. For example, the red strings that you can find in a harp, are for Cs and similarly, the blue strings denote the Fs. In this way, you have to learn, which string is A or B or D or E and G. You have to be familiar with the strings so that you can play the strings at high speed. You need to use your fingertips while playing with the strings.

Step 5:
In step five, you will learn about the notes in the harp. While playing a pedal harp, if you want to raise the note, you have to lower down the pedal, and if you want to lower down the note, you have to raise the pedal. However, if you are playing a level harp, then the change in a note will be the half of the sharping the lever. In this case, you must remember that the A, B and E lever must be always up.

Step 6:
In step six, you can start playing the harp. You have to hold the harp by your right hand and then put the finger on the strings and then pull strings towards yourself quickly. You have to pull strings in a way so that each string can create the sound. You have to do this carefully. Otherwise, the sound will collapse. You have to practice this stage again and again so that you become familiar with the strings and the sound. Thorough practice is very important at this stage.

So, are you now interested in learning and playing the harp? One important thing that you must remember that is before start the learning, you have to be very conscious while purchasing the harp. You must take help of a person, who have complete knowledge of harp and its sound quality.

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Hope, now you have enough idea about the instrument and the way of playing the harp. So, don’t be so worried. If you are interested, grab your opportunity and flow your talent through the harp.