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5 latest technologies which are beneficial in learning physics

The most important reasons for introducing the technologies in learning the physics are:-

  1. To bring improvements in the students’ physics ability.
  2. To bring improvements in the negative reactions of students towards physics.

A few examples of the classification of technology which are beneficial for learning physics are:-

  1. Presentation/research/reference programs for collecting and displaying the information.
  2. Computer simulations requiring graphics.
  3. Theoretical or experimental modelling.
  4. Computer interfacing equipment for collecting and processing information.
  5. Infrared technology and physics.

Presentation/research/reference programs for collecting and displaying the information

presentation copy

Though computers are being used for a lot many purposes, still the most relevant and the most appropriate use of computers in schools and colleges is for word processing. Some of the programs such as Microsoft word, Microsoft excel and Microsoft power point are widely used for word processing because they are very helpful for making the information easy. Other presentation/research/reference programs which are used for reporting the information are the web page programs such as Microsoft front page. Mainly spreadsheets are widely used in a number of ways in the physics instructions. The spreadsheets are usually used for facilitating the analysis of data via their organisational capabilities of presentations. One of the most common uses of the spreadsheets is to display the data in graphical form.

Computer simulations requiring graphics  computer_simulation copyThe use of ready-made phenomenological and conceptual computer simulations is one of the best technologies available for the students of physics. The simulations software of a computer is used to provide the chances for exploring the models and the concepts that have not been accessible in the Lab. An example of a computer simulation is the Web-based air track simulation which is accessed through the mechanics link. This link is available at given address “http://host.explorelearning.com/ESClassic/interact.htm”. Also, this simulated air track has some limitations like all the other computer simulations. However, the use of computer simulation software is having the potential for various benefits for students to understand physics in a proper way.

Theoretical or experimental modelling

experimental copy   As almost all the physics interactions and concepts a\can be modelled easily with the help of the medical relationships, hence the models of those mathematical relationships which are computer generated, are usually found in almost all the areas of physics. The physics students have been offered “so many ideas related to the fact how a physicist works for determining equations” by the modelling exercises. The most common types of models are the mathematical models which are used in physics. These models can also be static or dynamic visual representations, verbal analogies, concrete physical representations and combinations of each of these. Although there have a lot of models been introduced, a simplification of the phenomenon is the common and the only function of those models.

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Computer interfacing equipment for collecting and processing information

MBL device copy Some of the most common interfacing equipment for collecting and processing information are the probes which plug into the graphing computers and the calculators. The students of physics should use Microcomputer-Based Laboratory Devices (MBL’s) for collecting and processing information as the scientists perform the observations for a long time. Usually, probes serving as electrical multi-meters, sound meters, light meters, thermometers, sonic rangers, force scales and timers are included which are commonly used in the physics activities. With the help of these probes, the data can quickly and efficiently gather by the students and can easily be displayed graphically and can also be entered in the spreadsheets. The major advantage of using interfacing equipment is the time saved because the students do not need to repeat the observations.

Infrared technology and physics

infra copyThe core topics of infrared physics can be summarized as the materials and devices, the associated optics, detection, and propagation, of infrared radiation and the generation. This is used in all the fields of medicine, industry, science and most importantly in physics. The infrared techniques usually occur in a number of fields such as material characterization and processing, space research and atmospheric physics. The infrared technology is also one of the best technologies which have been introduced in physics for the students to learn physics easily and in a proper way. This technology has given students a lot of benefits so that they can easily and quickly understand physics. As the infrared technology has been introduced in physics, it has become very easy for the students to learn the related topics in physics as it has given a lot of ways to understand it in a proper way.