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Sales promotion & marketing strategy

The money collected in exchange of goods and services provided where for sales recognition payment is not necessary in financial statements , there are accounting guidelines and principles which states that a sales can only be recognized when the transaction is already realized or can be easily realized. This means for a sale the payment has already received by the company or has high certainty of receiving the payment for the exchange of goods and services.  Sales_promotionSale is a contract, which involve transfer of possession and title (ownership) of good or entitlement to a service, in exchange of money value. There are four necessary elements which presence makes a sale a valid sale. First, both and seller are competence and willing to enter into a contract second, there should be mutual agreement between buyer and seller on the terms of exchange third, sale of a thing which is capable of being transferred and fourth, for a valid sale it is essential that consideration in money is paid or there is high certainty of receiving in future. Continue reading Sales promotion & marketing strategy