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Best Meditation Apps for Students

Someone has rightly said that meditation is the best medicine. Since ages, it’s been the best anxiety and stress relief practice. Good for all age-group meditation plays a pivotal role in the lives of students. The modern age has given many good things but like an allopath tab it has brought a great deal of side-effects that are banes for mankind. Meditation, hence, is the ultimate tonic for the health and mind of students. It is ironical that despite the known benefits of meditation, students tend to ignore it. They are ever reluctant about meditation, assuming it to be a strenuous act. But the truth is meditation is a very simple exercise to mind and body.

meditation apps

Few of the many benefits of meditation are improved concentration, reduced blood pressure, more confidence, calmness, better sleep, sharper brains and hence better grades for students! Likewise, there are various advantages of Meditation that could be availed by the students.

            No matter how much useful , this generation of students is not going to do it themselves and as they are habituated to be fed in their mouth and so here I have picked some of the best mobile applications for meditation that can be used very easily and are already making buzz in android app markets. You can use these meditation apps or learn from meditation tutors online.


The very first app goes by the name ‘meditate’ as though it is urging students to meditate! This app comes with inbuilt sounds of a studio that can calm and soothe the stressed mind. The sounds include the amazingly serene Tibetan singing bowls in specially recorded sessions and making it easy-to-use at home or on the go. The Tibetan music does make this app a blissful experience for those who seek peace.

This app is a big hit with android users with 4.4 stars from the users worldwide. It is not a free app and priced at $2.49.


The second app in this list is no different from its predecessor and boasts of age-old Buddhist meditation techniques which are known to be very effective for many things. This app is particularly designed to help users have an enlightened soul and attain the ultimate peace. The app is loaded with uplifting quotes; reminders come with several levels of practice.

The app enjoys 4.6 stars from the reviewers with some claiming it to be the best in the android market, but the most astonishing feature of this app is that it is completely FREE !!!


Priced at $1.99, this app can be downloaded by iPhone users. Students are going to feel elated as this app offers choices of sessions and locations that are easy and convenient to take part in. This app can be accessed anywhere and anytime you feel like meditating and have some peace of mind. This app can be downloaded after a payment of $1.99

  1. CALM

The fourth in the list is ‘calm’ .it can be downloaded by iPhone and iPad users and yes it is a free app.

Going by its name this app contains the ‘7 Steps of Calm’ program which is backed with soothing music and visual scenes , that will help users to reach the ultimate abode of relaxation in 2 to 20 minutes . The audio quality is quite commendable which has made it a popular choice among the users.


This app is available for the iPhone and android users. It is priced at $1.99. This app is very easy-to-use one and hence a favourite among the students. It comes with inbuilt guided meditation with sessions from 3 to 30 minutes. There is meditation reminder alarm that allows users to set a time, according to their schedule! No doubt this app has received 4.5 stars!


The sixth app in the list is one of its kinds. I know guys would be amazed to know that this is one of those few apps in the market which connects with a nearby meditation group or studio , so when you are traveling or busy , just search for local places offering meditation sessions and get connected! This app has a sync function with the mobile’s calendar, and users can book and pay for sessions with a click from their phone! It also helps find a new session in case you are out of town! The best part – it is a free app!!


This app again is provided free for download. Both android and iPhone users can download it. The app is specifically designed for the kids of different age groups. Kids will find it calm and soothing experience and definitely love it. The app comes with a structured meditation program with a set of soulful music.


The ‘omvana’ app is a darling for its users as it allows them to customize their various meditation sessions. It has surely become a huge favourite among the iPhone users. This app gives users an option to add quotes, sounds and repetitive noises that fit their own meditation style! Isn’t great? And this is not the end; this app allows users to record their own voice for their personalized sessions. The fact that it is a free app is like an icing on the cake.


The ninth app in this list is available for the iPhone / iPad / android users. This app, too, can be downloaded for free. The best part of this app is that it was designed by a former Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe! In the entire session, he narrated with style and professionalism. His soothing and soulful voice has brought him quite a fan-following as the users’ review reveals that his voice suits for meditation. Few minutes of daily practice with this app can surely give visible benefits to its users.

Thus, these are certain apps that could be helpful with a view of developing a habit of meditation among the students. They can use these apps in order to ensure their mental as well as physical health.