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God is a Mathematician

Is God a mathematician? This is such a question which has different answers in different situations. The answer to this question completely depends on how the people are looking at the world. Hence, the answer to this question can vary person to person because everyone views the world in a different manner. Some people usually view the world as an art while some people view the world in a scientific manner. Also, the viewpoints of some people towards the world are completely related to magic and miracles. Thus, it is very difficult to answer if God is a mathematician or not exactly. Usually, there are two types of people in the world who either believe or do not believe in God.  The people, who believe that God exists, will definitely observe and notice the creations of God, and they will say that God is a mathematician. On the other hand, the people who do not believe in God or who do not have faith in God, think that mathematics is just a creative invention that has been invented by humans. The question still remains the same that if the universe is created by a perfect mathematician or not. It means that there is still a question if God is a mathematician or not. Has the universe been created on mathematical base by God or not?

            People have got confused about the fact if God is a mathematician or a scientist? While talking about God, the first thing that strikes in mind is that God is a good creator who has created the entire universe. However, people do not know whether the universe has been created through science logics or mathematical formulas. God is really a brilliant planner as God has used the science logics and the mathematics formulas equally for giving such a beautiful design to the universe. God is definitely a scientist who has invented the world, but God is a perfect mathematician as well. God has created such a universe in which there are trillions of galaxies, and there are trillions of planets in those galaxies but still these do not collide with each other. When the planets revolve inside the galaxies, there are so many chances that they can attract each other because of the gravitational force. However, these planets do not get attracted towards each other because the distance between them, their revolving speed and their perfect time period of revolving is designed in a brilliant manner. This all has become possible only because of the mathematical formulas that helped the God to create such a great universe. Thus, it would definitely not be wrong to say that the God is a mathematician.m-copy

            Moving forward towards the atoms present in the world that has been created by the God, there are also thousands of mathematical logic inside them. Different atoms of several metals and non-metals have different structures and different weight. Also, the number of protons, electrons and neutrons are different in different atoms depending on the weight. The nature of the atoms (whether electron donor or electron acceptor) completely depends on their weights, the number of electrons and number of protons inside those atoms. This nature has been made by the God only because of the existence of mathematics. The nature of the atoms could never be defined if God was not a mathematician. The physical properties of the universe can only be described with the help of mathematics. It would be just next to impossible for the scientists to understand the structure and the design of the universe if mathematics would not exist. Thus, it can be said that the God has designed the entire universe on the basis of mathematics, and hence God is a mathematician.

            It is also a belief of many of the scientists and mathematicians that the universe itself is a mathematics function, and the God has introduced the universe as a mathematical formula. According to the great scientist Tegmark, every single thing that is present in the universe (including the humans, animals, metals, non-metals and all) is a part of the mathematical structure. All these things are made up of small particles where these particles have the properties like spin, charge and much more. It is a fact that these properties of the particles are completely based on the mathematics. Thus, it can be said that every single thing that has been created by the God in the universe is a part of mathematics, and hence the God is also a mathematician. Apart from the particles and substances, space itself has a property of dimension which is undoubtedly a mathematical function. There is not even a single thing created by the God that is not a part of mathematics. God has designed the entire universe on mathematics base which proved that the God is a brilliant mathematician.

            Talking about the human beings, everyone knows that the body structure of every single person is the same. The only thing which differs from them is their face. It is a well-known fact that there are billions of people in the world, and everyone has a different face. This thing completely depends on the mathematics designs that how the faces of all the people are different from each other. There are billions of people on the earth, but people look similar in a very rare case. Giving a different look to every single person in the world has become possible only because of the existence of mathematics. It might happen that the people might have similar faces if the God was not a mathematician. Apart from the faces of the people, there is also hidden mathematics in many of the flowers on the earth. For example; the sunflower is so designed by the God that looks the same as the sun. The sunflower also wakes up with the sunrise in the morning and sleeps with the sunset in the evening. Also, there is a touch me not plant which is one of the best creations of the God. This is such a plant that does not let anyone touch it. In case anyone tries to touch the plant, it gets shrunken. All these features in the plants and the flowers have become possible because of the mathematics logics.

            The shape and size of all the planets and the galaxies in the universe are also given accordingly by the God. For example; the shape of the earth is like a sphere which is perfect for the planet. This shape has been given to the earth so that the earth can minimise the force of attraction (gravitational force) at the edges as there is not a single edge on the earth because of its spherical shape. Geometry is a part of mathematics which clearly describes such shapes and their importance. Further, there is a great significance of utilising the space for the beehives. The God has given a polyhedral shape to the beehives which help to maximise the space for the bees. God has also used mathematical logics in giving shapes to the beehives which explain the creativity of God in mathematics and proves that the God is a perfect mathematician.

            Furthermore, the shape of the mountains is so designed by the God that the rain water, icefall and all cannot stay for a long time on the mountains because of their conical shape. If the mountains would not be of conical shape then probably the rain water and the ice would remain in the mountains and would not fall from them. People would not be able to use that rain water, and there would be a great shortage of water on the ground. God has made all these things possible for the humans only because of the reason that he is a perfect mathematician and applied the mathematical logics in the entire universe. Further, if a series of squares whose lengths are equal to the Fibonacci numbers (1, 1, 2, 3, 5 and so on) is constructed and a line through the diagonals of every square is traced, then a Fibonacci spiral is formed from them. There are many of the examples present in nature which is related to Fibonacci spiral. These examples include the chambers of a nautilus shell which are again a mathematical art of the God. On the basis of the above-explained examples, it would definitely not be wrong to say that the God is a perfect mathematician and has implemented on a lot of mathematical logics to create the universe.