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The land of America has produced many scientists. In this post, You will find top 10 American scientists who made crucial discoveries in the world of science.

  • Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin was born on January 5, 1705, in America who was a polymath and was one of the founding members of the United States. Lightning Rod was one of his inventions which were invented when he identified that a sharp iron needle is able to conduct electricity away from a certain sphere of mental. He also invented bifocal spectacles which were made by him by keeping the upper half of the lens to see at distance and lower part of the lens to see in the front. He invented what is now known as Franklin stove which was a metal-lined fireplace that is made at a few distances behind the chimney. He was also the inventor of urinary catheter and armonica.

  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison was one of the great American inventors and was a successful businessman who the famous electric bulb. The other inventions by him also included the phonograph and the motion picture camera. The improvement made by Edison in the incandescent light led to the invention of the electric bulb. The inventions made by him led to contribute to creating mass communication. Edison also developed a great system for distributing electricity and developed his first power station at Manhattan, New York in the Pearl Street. He died at the age of 84 in New Jersey in 1931.

  • Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American who was a great inventor, physicist, mechanical and electrical engineer. He was the inventor of alternating current which was invented to offer safety in using electricity and provided electricity at lower prices. He invented the way light can be distributed and harnessed which was effective to help him create the first neon signboard. He invented the first remote controlled radio. One of his famous inventions is an electric motor. He is also the inventor of laser beams which is regarded as both good and evil bound together in the mind of the man. The concept regarding robots was formed from the thinking of Tesla.

  • John Forbes Nash Junior

    John Forbes Nash Junior was born on June 13, 1928, who as a great mathematician and has made great contributions to the differential geometry, game theory, and partial differential equations. The theories invented by Nash are seen to be extensively used in economics. He developed the properties and definition of the equilibrium which is presently known as Nash equilibrium which is a crucial part of the non-cooperative games. One of his main inventions was Nash emending equilibrium that offers that all abstract in Riemannian manifold is possible to be isometrically realized in the form of a submanifold of the Euclidean space. His works have also led to deliver great insight into the factors which governs decision-making and chance in a complex system that is usually found in life.

  • Kurt Godel

    Kurt Godel was initially Austrian and later became an American who is a mathematician, logician, and philosopher. His key inventions were Godel’s theorems that are the axiomatic system which refers to an imperfect analogy that is present in the liar paradox. His developed two incompleteness theorems in the year 1931 one of which the first informs that any form of self-consistent recursive axiomatic system is enough to power to provide a description about the natural numbers, there seemed to be true propositions of the numbers which are not able to be proved from the axioms. He died at the aged of 71 on January 14, 1978, at the Princeton, US.

  • John Von Neuman

    John Von Neuman is called the Father of the Modern Computer was born in 1903 as a Hungarian who later immigrated to America. He was the one who informed that the computer does not require separate space for storing instruction or data which led to creating a huge chance in the architecture of the computer. The analysis made by him regarding the structure of self-replication later led to the discovery of the DNA structure. He was behind the invention of the mathematical models which were used to build explosive lenses in the implosion-type nuclear weapon. He died at an age of 53 on February 8, 1957, in the US Washington.

  • James Watson

    James Watson was an American born geneticist, zoologist and molecular biologist who discovered the double helical structure of the DNA with the assistance of Rosalind Franklin and Francis Crick. The discovery was breakthrough to explain the way living cells are able to reproduce themselves according to their wish which led to some men with white hair and some with black and other genetic changes. His further studies contributed to the identification of the mechanism regarding protein biosynthesis and others. He has penned down many books name “Molecular Biology of the Gene” and “The Double Helix” which was written by him in 1968 was the bestseller.

  • Enrico Fermi

    Enrico Fermi is the first one in 1942 to invent nuclear reactor with his team that is called Chicago Pile-1 that helped in creating a controlled and self-sustaining nuclear reaction. This invention is presently in use in various nuclear plants in the world helping million to get nuclear energy for use. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics on 1938 for his famous works related to induced radioactivity through neutron bombardment and discovery of the transuranic elements. He is known for his work for demonstration of the first nuclear reaction chain in self-sustaining condition, Fermi golden rule, Fermi paradox, Fermi theory of beta clay, Fermi method and others.

  • Edward Teller

    Edward Teller is the Father of the Hydrogen Bomb was a renowned Hungarian-American physicist. He was born on January 15, 1908. He was the inventor of the first thermonuclear weapon Hydrogen Bomb. The idea came after his participation in the development and production of the first atomic bomb in 19041. He has made extensive contributions in the molecular and nuclear physics, surface physics and spectroscopy. He received the honorable National Medal of science in 1982. He has also developed an extensive plan for excavation of artificial harbour at Alaska by using thermonuclear explosive under the Project Chariot.

  • Samuel Colt

    Samuel Colt was a renowned American inventor who was also an industrialist and hunter. In 1836, Colt invented a revolver mechanism which allows a gun to be fired many times without any requirement to reload bullets. Colt was seen to develop a company that would manufacture revolving-cylinder pistol but the sales were so low that the business closed. However, in 1846 he delivered 1000 Colt revolvers to the US government as demanded and in 1855 opened one of the world’s largest armament factories. The manufacturing methods invented by colt are regarded as the forefront of the Industrial Revolution. The idea to use interchangeable parts by Colt helped the individual to become the first efficient one to efficiently use the assembly line.