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The key to creating successful marketing is making decision and strategies to operate in the market by drawing data from the industry. In order to gather and measure data derived from the market, the companies require using proper marketing analytical tools. This is required to create a difference in reaching the marketing goals and completely become able to crush them to achieve benefits in business.

Here, few of the marketing analytical tools are mentioned that can be used by the businesses to achieve goals in a better way by making data-driven decisions.

MixPanel (https://mixpanel.com/):

The key goal of the Mixpanel is tracking of various events on the company website. It also allows keeping a track on consumer’s actions made on the posts of the company on the website informing about the performance of the site. The events which are made by the company by linking MixPanel it allows to count the number of views, trends and others along with in which order the events are viewed.

The main features of the MixPanel are funnels, A/B testing of various variations on the consumer’s mobile app and tracking of the results, tacking of consumers according to the session and viewing trending of the selected events and others. It allows the user to define which actions the app is to track and be focused on. This is usually done by addition of code annotations or by using a form of a visual selector. Once the events are selected for tracking, it is added on the dashboard of the company to show the trends and number of views. This application is mainly useful for product managers as its features are more informative about providing data regarding products.

Moreover, it can also be used by marketing teams to identify consumer behavior and optimize sales funnel.

Heap Analytics (https://heapanalytics.com/):

The Heap Analytics is one of the most recent analytical tools being invented which has functional similarities with the MixPanel. It allows to automatically keeping a track on the actions that are executed on the company’s website by the visitors and allows one to manually select events that the company wish to analyze and preview in their dashboard. The tools also allow differentiating between consumers according to the behavior represented by them and accordingly segment them. They can also be created for developing funnels.

The analytical tool allows viewing each of the data of the event retroactively from all the way back when the Heap code was initially installed even though the company does not have the thought then to track the event.

The target audience of the Heap Analytical is similar to the MixPanel. It is suitable for use by the marketers who are trying to collect data regarding events and conversation execute on their website regarding their products or services. The price of the application is variable and is flexible in nature and is dependent on the features accessed along with the volume used. The price ranges from free plans with limited services to customized plans that offer special services.

Oribi (https://oribi.io/):

This application allows everyone to make faster and smarter data-driven decisions with the help of its simple user interface and focused results features. This reduces the complexity to draw data from huge or endless reports or analytics. This application allows the company to track and draw data about events without any form of manual coding to track the events. Any sudden changes on the company’s website are immediately tracked by Oribi as a new event along with any change intends or results that the company requires paying attention.

This application is basically for the marketers who have the wish of focussing on being better to deliver improved market results without being relied on the analytics or developers.

KissMetrics (https://www.kissmetricshq.com/):

This is a behavior analytical tool which is designed for accessing information regarding customers and the way they interact with the product on the website. The knowledge about the way consumers interact with each feature referred by the company helps to improve consumer’s engagement and increase the conversation rates of the pages. The application allows creating A/B tests to watch the way changes made by the company in their website or the products are affecting the results to ensure that the right choices are made to reach the determined goals. The KissMetrics is effective to be used by marketers who are aiming for creating a proper marketing dashboard for improved understanding of the consumers.

The information given by the KissMetrics is effective to be used for increasing conversations for getting a higher customer engagement and to develop overall results of the marketing. The price is dependent on the number of events to be tracked by the company by using KissMetrics and the features to be used.

Google Analytics (https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/):

The Google Analytics allows the company to track website traffic and identify from where the visitors are coming and the way they are informed about the website to visit, the extent of their time spent and what features they accessed and others.

In addition, the application allows integration with Google AdWords in order to help the companies analyze their campaign and events with better and deeper data. The key downside of the application is that it is complex in nature for defining as well as tracking a newer conversation.

Moreover, there is no other option for tracking individual actions of the consumer to understand the way they use the website. This application allows any marketers to easily track the marketing efforts made by them.

Piwik (https://piwik.pro/):

This is an entirely free and open source that is alternative to Google Analytics. The Piwik tracks the visits on the website and it allows creating customized reports where data are segmented by source of traffic, consumer’s geographic location, operating system and browser used and the way consumers remains engaged with the website.

Piwik is seen to be loaded with different features that include goals for tracking the success of the marketing campaigns; page overlay analytics, developing notes on the analysis of the data along with custom variables. It also offers a premium version in which a self-hosted website analytics suite is made especially for the purpose of the enterprise and the government who require keeping full privacy and compliance for the ownership of the data.

It is mainly useful for the small business, government, and large business enterprise. It is entirely free for use and requires no money even for installation.

Google Search Console (https://www.google.com/webmasters/):

In Google Search Console, the application enables the companies to analyze the organic search traffic from Google. This application shows the company which search terms are used by the consumers directly to get directed to view the website following the search made in the Google. It is seen that Google Search Console delivers more information in comparison to just clicks. It allows one to identify the number of times each term of a search are used, its CTR and the average position that is presented on the website.

This application is a great tool for the marketers who have the aim to gain increased traffic from the search engines on their website. The data that is represented on the Google Search Console is seen to help marketers in this purpose by letting them know which terms are used to deliver traffic to their websites. This results in an increase the SEM efforts by the marketers which assist them to multiply the traffic from the mentioned and related keywords.

This analytical tool helps to improve organic traffic and content of the website.

Moz Pro (https://moz.com/products/pro):

The Moz Pro is a search engine analytical tool that provides data which can help companies with their SEO efforts and improve traffic in the form of customers from the search engines. The application delivers data both regarding the competitor’s ratings on the search results and the analysis of links, keywords rankings, and its trends over the time.

It is a tool that is most prominent to be used by digital marketers and SEO professional who have the aim to improve business results by getting more traffic through search generation.

It can be effective to be used by the beginners as well as the professionals. The price of the application is flexible according to the needs.

SEMrush (https://www.semrush.com/):

The SEMrush is a marketing analytics tool which shows the things competitors of the company are doing in the online market to increase their sales over you. This application thus allows the companies to outrank the competitors in the results regarding search on the internet and it offers an easy and simple way of monitoring the competitor’s brand in different media accounts and others. It can also be used effectively by the companies to keep a track of their own brands.

It an analytical application which allows informing about the keywords being used by competitors to draw customers towards them to increase their website traffic compared to you. It also allows companies to analyze potential keywords and assess whether the advertisers who are present in the marketing are bidding on them and to what extent the bids are competitive in nature.

It is useful to those marketers who have the aim to increase website traffic for the company in comparison to the competitors and to spy on their competitors.

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