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The 11 best Fitness resources you can find online

Fitness has become a necessity for the people around the globe. The rising level of pollution and the busy schedule of the people have resulted in either obesity or some kind of disease. Till the 30s it might not seem to be a problem, but as we advance in age problems get more aggravated. It not only diminishes the ability to work rather gives rise to problems like early ageing, loss of hair and infertility. However, it does not mean that these cannot be checked. With proper exercise and diet control, it becomes easier to handle the consequences. Again with the busy schedule, it becomes hard to spare time for the gym or either for going to the dietician for getting the food chart prepared.

In the era of e-commerce, it is not hard to find anything online. Hence, there are many sites dedicated to making people healthy without having the need of leaving their comfort zone. Here is presenting the list of 11 best sites that provide fitness advice to their clients along with providing some additional features like diet control, tips to reduce stress and daily life practices that could help you stay fit and healthy.

1. Fitness blender (https://www.fitnessblender.com/)
This website has been launched and managed by a husband-wife duo, who are dedicated towards workouts and bringing about awareness among people about healthy living. They provide full-length videos for the clients to ensure that those who do not have time to go to the gym can burn their calories at home only. One can easily find out videos that will help to burn belly fat, kickboxing and stretching exercises. All you have to do is to go to the site, select the segment of your choice and you will be able to see the various related videos.

2. T-nation.com
It is one of unique kind of websites that helps the persons to have a well-toned body. This means this site is dedicated towards bodybuilding and weight gain techniques. By providing various videos and articles from different fitness experts this site enables the clients to build up a well-shaped body that too in your own home’s comfort.

3. Sweaty Betty (sweatybetty.com/free-online-workout-videos/)
It is a website that provides fitness classes through videos. This site provides simple exercises that even the beginners are able to do at home. The site provides various yoga workouts and various high-intensity interval training. The main aim of this site is to let the people lose weight by sweating more and more.

4. Diet Health (https://www.youtube.com/diethealth)
It is a YouTube channel that shares workout videos for beginners as well as people at an advanced level. Along with the videos, the channel provides health tips that are simple to learn and follow in daily life. The videos are maximum of 10 minutes but effective. This requires less time and has a huge impact on the fitness of those who practice it on a daily basis.

5. CafeMom Studios (www.cafemom.com/)
It is a site that helps the mums to get back into shape after their pregnancy. This site has exercises for pain reduction, cardio along with different exercises for strength and flexibility. This ensures that the stomach enlarged during pregnancy and childbirth gets back to the normal. This site is especially dedicated towards mum’s health and fitness.

6. Blogilates (www.blogilates.com/)
What if you get to do exercises that are fun? Yes, it is true! This site is based on making exercises fun-loving and easy so that everyone enjoys exercising. The exercise videos are theme based and are generally in a series.

7. Pop Sugar (https://www.popsugar.co.uk/fitness)
It is a blogging website that is based on providing even the minute details about health and fitness. The blogs include a picture, and detailed diagrams explain the topic very well to the readers. The videos of the workouts are also uploaded on the site with perfect explanations that enables the readers to understand the benefits and precautions of a particular exercise.

8. Movee (http://www.i-movee.com/)
This site provides dance-based exercises that enable the clients to sweat and lose weight along with making them active. The site includes a wide variety of workout videos including yoga exercises, workouts for beginners, leg exercises and much more. This site also provides healthy raw recipes for complementing with the exercises. The site provides twin benefits in a single site.

9. Steady Health (www.steadyhealth.com/)
This site works for a different segment of the clients depending upon the intensity of workout they need to follow. Say, the site provides exercise videos for pregnant women that will be entirely different from the videos provided for the people who sit and work for long hours. Also, there are special exercises for the people who are recovering from some injuries.

10. Gordon Greenhorn (www.gordongreenhorn.com/)
Gordon is a former bodybuilder and now provides online personal training to the clients. He has worked a lot on the website and designed spreadsheets that enable him to track the progress of each client. Also, the clients are able to view their weight gain or loss in the spreadsheet that has a remote access through cloud computing.

11. Your Online Transformation (youronlinetransformation.com)
This is also an online personal training site that enables the clients to lose 30lb of weight in almost 12 weeks. Not only the exercise, but this site also provides an overall training schedule for the clients as in any of the gyms. It not only aims at losing weight, rather tries to maintain the overall health of the clients and provide an overall package to them.

Thus, all of these sites have a specific feature added for their clients enabling them to learn to maintain their body in an interesting way. One thing that is common in all the sites is that they are aiming at providing an overall health to the clients and not only focussing on gaining or losing weight. The sites are not restricted to a specific domain. They all have a global presence and thus are able to make the best possible use of their knowledge in helping those who can either not afford the gym or do not have time for going to one.

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