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Morgan Freeman says “When I was a teenager, I began to settle into school because I’d discovered the extracurricular activities that interested me: music and theatre”. Children need more than regular academic knowledge and classroom learning. Recent studies show children those are involved in extracurricular activities represent better academic performance.

However, teachers and educators always face the common dilemma about how to implement these extracurricular activities into an academic framework. Parents and teachers are also worried about which activities should they chose to enhance the potential and self-confidence of their child.

Consider all the above factors; we can represent some common tips to incorporate extracurricular activities into academic life.

Be flexible
Flexibility is important in student life to adopt us to any activities and performance. Sports are one of the preferable extracurricular activities. However, all students do not prefer sports. However, there are different activities which students can perform such as poetry club, pi club, coding clubs, and debater clubs. Codemoji is a fun program which makes them a child to enjoy a lot and learn different things with funny pictures and videos.

Experiment with different activities
As an educator, I always question that – is these extracurricular activities are relevant to child needs? Teachers and staffs would make a proper experiment on the effectiveness of extracurricular activities. It is important for students that school should follow the type of extracurricular activity which can be able to enhance students potentials, knowledge and perception. By incorporating proper fun oriented programs, a school can engage students in different activities which enhance their confidence and perception.

During incorporation of the extracurricular activities inform academic framework, schools have to keep in their mid-first that teacher should ensure the safety of each child. Extracurricular activities such as dancer, painting, and sports can make child wound which leads to the injuries into a different body part.

Think beyond the common activities
As a senior educator, I believe that extracurricular activities play important roles in introducing new changes in student life. They can go beyond their common activities such as learning, writing, and reading and can make proper enjoyment by performing several extracurricular activities.

Schools can develop planning of different new activities other than the common activities which can attract the students. Such as many students do not prefer to do sports, school authority makes engage them in horticulture, crafts and, group debating and puzzle solution. These activities not only provide child more pleasure to perform but also make them learn effective things which they can utilize in a future life to cope with the unfavorable condition.

Recognize peer’s talent
Extracurricular activities would enhance your expertise and make you polite in your personal and professional life. In your life, you should appreciate the ability and talent of your colleagues and pers. In schools, when dealing with extracurricular activities, you must not neglect the knowledge and skill of colleagues. You can engage yourself in different activities such as gardening, baking, sewing, and cooking.

During my school days, I used to do gardening with my peers, which enhance my adjusting ability and polite approach. In many times my roommates and I were involved in cooking which made strong friendship among us. From this experience, I can say that extracurricular activities which we performed with synergistic approach would not only enhance the ability to learn n new things bust also improve behaviour and attitude.

Involve the assistance of the old students
Through extracurricular activities, we can engage older students to involve in the activity and enhance their skill through a continuous learning process. As an educator, I can say that, during performing different activities, there occurs sharing of decisions and ideas among old and new students which enhance their ability to make a collaborative approach and proper cooperation among them.

As teachers or educator, we should encourage our students to cooperate with other students and respect the decisions and ideas of others. Skill development that we can reinforce into our child through extra curriculum activities can enhance their communication skill and interactive capacity. The synergistic approach of both the old and new students can make them able to share their problems and solve it with a collaborative approach.

Charitable, voluntary and third sector organization
You can allow your child to interact with voluntary and charitable groups in the local area. By making your child involved in proper community engagement, you can provide a fresh perspective on them. Extracurricular activities which focus on strengthening the relationship between your child and community can improve psychological as well as the physical well-being of your child. Community engagement makes your child able to have proper strategies to fulfill their dream.

Common good
As an educator and teachers, we can encourage psychological and physical well being of our child. As an educator, I can say that, instead of getting worried about what we can do for our child, we better think that how we can engage our child into the betterment of society and another child. This activity can enhance the moral and ethical values of our children. School, the authority can arrange different social charity programs and can involve students to undertake different voluntary work. These activities make student encourage doing synergistic work which enhances their cooperative approach and make them understand the social responsibilities.

Extracurricular activities are not confined to sports, dance, debate, and painting. It can deal with broad social and corporate responsibilities and community engagement. Do I confront the question that – how do we involve our child in sports or dance or painting for their skill development? I acknowledge that games, painting or debates are skill-enhancing activities which can enhance the physical strength and mental ability.

However, I cannot understand that why don’t we consider psychological wellbeing and social responsibility as important extracurricular activities, which can introduce ideas of social welfare and ethical as well as moral values? As parents or teachers, our duty is not limited to making our well-educated child person but also to make them a good human being.

Community attachment and social responsibility are important aspects which we can reinforce positive thinking and motivation into our child. As a senior educator, I always believe that the development of good thinking and perception is important which can enhance the synergistic approach and collaborative attitudes among students.

Make involvements of everyone
While doing an extracurricular activity, you can involve everyone in your schools as well as outside the classroom such as staffs, supervisor, mentor, students, and parents to perform the task with the synergistic approach. You can engage your senior’s students in fun programs such as science club and poetry club and can observe their activities and approaches in dealing with different tasks. A senior student can guide the kids with their perceptions and ideas and can share their experience with the new students to make them motivated into activities.

Involvement of other students would encourage your child to involve with a new task, and they can feel the benefits of working together. As teachers, you can support your senior students to encourage the kids to involve in new tasks. As a senior educator, I believe that the effective involvement of all school staffs into work can make a healthy and supportive environment for all the child which encourage them to deal with several new tasks.

Teamwork in reaching fun goals
School can set different fun goals which attract the students to perform the activities. Teachers and educators can set criteria according to which students have to perform in a team and try to achieve the reward. These ways of performing extracurricular activity make student to learn about the benefit of a team working and cooperative approach.

It is evident that kids can be involved in a funny quarrel which can spoil their energy of doing the work. However, through teamwork, children can share their thoughts with their peers and can also gain better knowledge about per perception.

Maintain anti-bullying work culture in school
School culture is an important factor for a child to support their mental as well as physical growth. School, the authority should ensure that all students would be provided with equal opportunity to perform extracurricular activities. School management should appoint one director who will supervise the entire activities of students and ensure that there would not be any chaos or offensive performance. Children would get full support from their teachers and school staffs and are allowed to share their view and ideas.

Extracurricular activities make child enable to attain string physical and psychological well-being. Through team working with peers can share their views and thoughts which improve their self-confidence and decision making power. Through effective collaboration with teachers and staffs, children can know how to involve in synergistic work and how to work in cooperatively with others.

Through extracurricular activities, students can grow their knowledge, perception, thoughts and problem-solving capacity. By achieving proper reward by winning funny activities child become motivated to involve in new games. We should acknowledge that extracurricular activity not only enhances knowledge of our child but also improve their sense of humor and decision-making ability.