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13 iPad Educational Apps for Kids

The App Store of Apple provides several unique ways to engage students in learning new concepts through fun activities and interactive exercises. These educational apps not only enhance kids’ knowledge base, but they are also beneficial in making kids creative and logical. Over eighty thousand educational apps are featured by The App Store, which are specifically designed for iPad users. It covers a wide range of areas and subjects for every grade of the student. Furthermore, these apps are student friendly, i.e. they are designed in the manner that every student of any learning style is able to use apps and learn different concepts.

ipad educational apps

Below discussed are some most popular iPad Educational Apps for Kids:

Bamboo PaperBamboo Paper: Especially known for its pen graphic tablets, this app is one of the effective apps for kids. You can make your own natural handwriting by sketching and importing images, as well as you can also share work with others.


Fifty-Threes-Paper-app-for-the-iPhonePaper by FiftyThree: Paper is the best way to write and save opinion, creative ideas, inspiration as soon as they occur. This application has a simple interface that allows kids to capture their ideas as diagrams, sketches, notes or illustrations and keep them organized. One can express his/her ideas on paper with the help of this visually interactive app. You can create a checklist, sketch portraits and diagrams; clarify details in an image with great ease and unbeatable speed. Additionally, you can also share ideas with your friends in the form of PowerPoint Presentation, PDF, and keynote.

Cell and Cell Structure appCell and Cell Structure: As the name suggest, this is a kind of biology app that provide extensive knowledge about life’s smallest unit i.e. cell. It helps students to gain an in-depth understanding of cell including its meaning, cell structure, the cell life cycle, individual organelles with their functions and thus make learning science easy and fun. Each topic includes a set of questions that engage students in learning new concepts.

dragonbox-algebra-appDragonBox Algebra 12+: For most of the students, math is the biggest fear.Understanding and learning math concepts and formulas can be a challenging task. Regular practice of formulas is essential in order to gain proficiency in math. This app allows kids to understand math concepts, such as Algebra, Factorization, Positive and Negative Signs, Addition of fractions, etc. It features 20 progressive chapters, out of which 10 are for learning Math Concepts while remaining are 10 are for practicing.

Brainzy appBrainzy: With over 300 educational games and 30 important skills, this app is the perfect app for three to seven years of kids (preschool kids to first grade). It is the excellent choice for parents also, who intend to encourage their child to read and practice math from a young age. There is a variety of songs, videos, and read-along stories that help kids to learn related math concepts as well as improve their reading skills.

poems-by-heart-appPoems by Heart: This application enables the kids to recite and memorize classic poems by making it easy, fun and addictive. It helps them to understand these poems at an intense level and learn them for life. Poems by Heart serve as a good introduction to poetic literature; it uses simple brain-training techniques to make kids remember poems easily.

WWF Together (World Wildlife Fund)WWF Together (World Wildlife Fund): This interactive app teaches kids about rhinos, whales, elephants, and other amazing species by telling fascinating stories. With the help of WWF Together, a kid can learn so much about endangered species such as tigers, pandas, polar bears, There are several animated videos that can be shared with friends through Twitter, Facebook, and email. In addition, this application also makes kids aware of the importance of protecting animals, conserving species and their habitats.

Learn English Great VideosLearn English Great Videos: This application is one of the best ways to learn English language and grammar concepts easily and effectively. This app is designed by proficient English teacher and language experts; it offers valuable grammar tips and extensive vocabulary list that help in writing English perfectly as well as grammatically correct. Regular practice using this iPad app helps in improving pronunciation and makes student confident in communicating in language.

iBooks AuthoriBooks Author: This app is an excellent app for the teacher as it allows them to teach different subjects their own This application makes it easy for kids to create your own stories with interactive videos, audios, animated images, 3D objects, etc.

iTunes appiTunes: This app is capable of bringing the entire class together in iPad and thus allow easy sharing of lessons, questions, subject related videos and audios, and many more. iTunes is the perfect app for teachers as well as students. Teachers are able to create assignments and lessons using best resources, along with advanced learning materials such as Mutli-touch books, videos, and apps, This app is even more useful for students, as it allows them to show creatively what they have learned. Additionally, a student can also submit presentations, videos, PDFs and attach them directly to a class project.

KeynoteKeynote: With the help of this iPad application, a student can create excellent presentations with live effects and transitions.


NumbersNumbers: This is the most innovative spreadsheet application that is created exclusively for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It supports Smart Zoom and Multi-Touch gestures that help in creating interactive spreadsheets. You can express ideas in form of charts, texts, tables anywhere on the canvas provided by the app

PagesPages: It is the most creative Word processor that lets students to create well-structured, precise and attractive reports, documents, and resumes. One can easily add any image, text, or shapes to his/her document and thus can make the document look enticing. It also features advanced features such as change tracking, mark comments and spotlight changes made in the paper for easy review.