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Five excellent reasons to use online tutoring

Nowadays, Online tutoring is the word on the streets; it refers to all the courses that are taught through a captured video clip of the teacher explaining the topic, while the students watch these recorded clips over the Internet.


        These days, Online Tutoring, is emerging as an altogether different trend to pursue academic courses, this is becoming popular among the students very fast because of its high visible efficiency.Students, these days, prefer to join Online Courses than the regular and conventional classroom teaching mainly because of the fact that you don’t need to waste your time to travel to some institute situated far away and then learn, with online classes, you just need a Personal Computer, a nominal amount of money and you get started. The continuously improving reputation of Online Classes these days is fueling their expansion and nowadays, a student can even get academic degrees while working, while in-between jobs, or while taking the time to raise a family. But, for a small portion of students, the common mentality is that they won’t be able to clear their doubts regarding the topic, and hence they consider not to join these courses but that is not true, some of these courses also provide the option of talking to your teacher after the online session face-to-face through video conferencing which is a big help for shy students to learn. Students in Online Courses are able to manage their time, learn the topics that are presented, and complete assignments on their own.


There are many advantages of using Online Tutoring; following are the main points of advantages:

  1. You can learn from the best teachers in the globe, that too at your home and at your comfort- If you want to learn from the best teacher than you don’t need to spend a lot of money to travel to another countries, all you need to do is register yourself on their Online Courses pay the required amount and quickly get started. Also, it doesn’t matter where you are; you can start your class anytime and anywhere you want as long as you have your laptop with you. The variety of programs that these courses provide are really appreciable, this means that no matter what you want to study, from nursery lessons to Computer Science, you can find almost everything on these courses.
  2. It is highly time and cost-efficient- Compared to the regular Classroom sessions, these courses are highly time-efficient as they save a lot of time as you don’t need to travel to your classes. Plus, these courses aren’t too expensive, the charge is absolutely nominal as compared to the advantages they have. To add, the payment system is also easy and flexible. Also, few big Institutions have started the system of free Online Courses, that means whoever can learn anything from the Institute by just getting registered so it a helping hand extended for the section of our society which can not normally afford these courses and it is relatively less burdening than the classroom teaching because you don’t need to travel to someplace with your heavy bag packs and then come back the same way.
  3. It can be watched anytime in the day- Since you need to download the video of these courses from Internet, you can watch these anytime during the day and you can watch it the number of times you want. So, with this flexibility you can easily work it out according to your timetable, even if you have a job, you can opt for an online course if you wish, while continuing with the job. Also, these courses are free from inappropriate reasons like climate change and mode of traveling, which certainly big factors in the case of classroom are teaching.
  4. A Clear depiction of the concept with the graphical examples- Since these are actually videos, they often use modern technology like animation to depict few of the examples that are tough to understand simply by verbal explanation. For example, for classroom teaching, it is very difficult to explain the concept of ’Solar System’, while, for online classes, they can easily be explained through animation and graphics tools. Hence, Online Tutoring not only gives a better understanding of the topic because of the usage of animation and graphics to explain, but also students develop interest and fascination towards learning.
  5. The communication barriers are comparatively very less – It has been found that the teachers on the Online Videos use a very good communication language to explain the concept and students find no communication barriers like the noise barrier between them and the teachers which increases the level of understanding about the concept that the teacher wants to convey. Also, the student-teacher interactions relatively more because these courses offer shy students, an opportunity to participate in class discussions or chats with more ease than face-to-face class sessions. Some students even say that in online courses, the concentration of students is pretty much improved because there are no other distractions and also the for the same reason, teachers also prefer to conduct online sessions rather than the classroom sessions which have a strong need of discipline, otherwise it creates a problem for both students and the teachers.

            Above discussed advantages are only a few points, there are actually many advantages of using Online tutoring with an almost negligible number of disadvantages. Conclusively, these courses are both favorable for students as well as teachers, for students it is a big leap from conventional classroom teaching to Online courses, where they get to learn the topics they want to learn and at the time they decide. Also, these topics are taught with relatively more efficiency and at a reasonable fee and requirements. For the teachers, it is a disciplined mode of class sessions without any barrier or distraction so that they can convey the knowledge at their best level with the maximum level of student-teacher interaction.

Does music really help kids in studies and concentration?

Everyone likes music so do kids. The interest varies like rock, jazz, classical, instrumental, sufi, some specific singer, etc. Everyone has a different reason to listen to music like relaxing, focussing, to sleep better, to distract, to boost up mood swings, to cheer up, etc. It makes use of various senses of a kid so influences more and will enable better results. Dummer Tutor

Researchers have proved a strong positive link between involvement in it and scores in academic. Author Ponter suggests parents that “there is a need to consider music as essential as part of a curriculum just like maths and comprehension”. In addition to Ponter, Eady supports the same thought, saying “music can enable a child to learn his core subjects’ better and rise in the process of elementary learning”. These researches totally support the view that it contributes to better academic performance. One more study showed a strong effect music has on performance of academics evaluating enhanced thinking capabilities, saying “The instrumental coaching can distinctively improve the specific brain functions needed for maths, engineering, and science”. A case study was conducted by Miley on band and orchestra students revealing “There is a considerable higher score of students in a band than non-music trained students on Science Research Associates in subjects like reading, maths, language; and less absenteeism was seen in them.”

Studies conducted on students’ from preschool to college-aged students proved higher and stronger positive impact on academics. A report by the College Entrance Examination Board shows that high school students having some association with this

Care Free
Music and Dance relives tension and carefree

scored higher on the Scholastic Aptitude Test. The College Board studies indicated the same belief confirmed by Kelstrom about a positive bond between music and academic performance. Technically said by researchers instructions of music basically enhance kids’ capabilities even outside the stream of music in non-music subjects.” There is a strong belief that music has the ability to extend the skills related to critical thinking and other areas like reading, comprehension writing, science, and mathematics. Also, it is said that music expands and improves the skills of spatial intelligence, which basically relates to high-level mathematics, technical studies like engineering and science. Kelstrom gives a thought that music can develop perceptual skills and influences strongly other skills needed essentially in academics learning and progress.

It has been seen that when music is taken as a way to calm down the students are able to get on with their homework much easily and improvise their dropping test scores. Researches in the past have shown that it improves performances but increasing the concentration levels, focus maintenance or attention, better memory and mental balances to stay free of anxiety, stress,  and depression. Study at University of Wales team proves that background music just extends the recalls oa f series of items in an order. The score of students performing with the liked music running in the background had a less distracting effect and better mental balance while taking the test than other disturbances kept in addition to this having variations of vocals and tonality.

University of Dayton based researches shows that instrumental music tends to improve the linguistic and special processing of the student because of the absence of the vocals. Right form of music can help to increase the efficiency of the child as it will help him or her to feel comfortable in the liked form of music, experience the relaxation of mind and thus concentrate on the studies or complete the homework without stress or finish off with the assignments. This helps the kids to avoid the unnecessary disturbances from noises or speeches and thus calm in order to start working. Also, it relaxes the mental nerves and relaxes your body to forget unwanted experiences or memories of the day. Get a music tutor today.

Benefits of music in academics are as follows:

  1. Music helps to develop left areas of the brain active in language learning and reasoning. Associating song with new information may lead to better memory and recall.
  2. Music and special intelligence also have a close association. It helps to develop an understanding for accurate perception and creating a picture of things in the mental eye like to pack a bag for a day including all the necessary things.Music calms you
  3. It helps arts students to be more of creativity, try new things and ignore obsolete ways and ideas.
  4. It helps to relax mental stress and exertion in order to avoid distraction to complete the tasks that gives boredom like writing homework, memorizing and more. Piano tutors can help you get that.
  5. Kids that learn music know how things are put in order irrespective of pain and discipline involved helps kids to perform well at academics stretching self and putting in efforts more than the mediocre levels.
  6. Music learners and association teaches how hard work and consistency yields excellence and fruitful performance. That influences to put this attribute in the routine of mandatory education.
  7. It also teaches team work, association, supporting and being together. The students in bands and orchestra tend to reflect these skills in a higher score than non-music associated kids.
  8. It teaches a kid to express well, evolve with the flow of life that means to learn and grow in life, and this enhances self-esteem and self-realization.
  9. It is a good way to overcome feelings like fear, phobias of public performance and risk taking. It teaches to sustain in the tough times to emerge as a winner that will take a kid long way in life for more success and happiness.
  10. Music association will keep kids more grounded and understanding at the emotional level keeping them away from any addictions and drug use.
  11. Music teaches a kid that every new and different thing is valuable. It teaches to accept different and incomparable challenges and thus helps them to put in efforts in the weaker section of academics as well as areas of life.


10 reasons why you should select a private tutor

The policy makers of any country has never recognised home tutoring as a part of their education policy even when the practical evidence suggests that home tutoring has a significant influence and contribution to the development of human capital of a country as well as to the employment generation process of the same. Over the years the private tutoring or the Home tutoring industry has been emerged as a strong supplementary education system. Continue reading 10 reasons why you should select a private tutor