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There are various teams in the world who have proved how to play football professionally and with a passion so that the game becomes life. The nature of playing the football by the teams has made many people understand why the game has so much emotion in it. However, there are only a few football teams who have the efficiency to dominate the game in a beautiful manner.

I am picking such 10 best football teams of all times according to me who are invincible in this game and no one ever could have played such well to me fall in love with the game.

  • Brazil National Football Team

In the heat of each of the football lover, one cannot replace the immense respect and love for this team when they clinched the world cup. Nobody could ever tell that they are later going to create history in the football by winning the most number of trophies in the FIFA World Cup. They won in 1958 followed by 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. They have recorded victories to their names with 73 wins in 109 matches they played. They are the only team in the history of world cup editions who have no need of playoffs during the game. They gave us the most talented and one of the forward attacking mid-fielders of all time whom we know by the name Pele.

  • Barcelona:

In 2008, my old favorite Pep Guardiola took over managing Barcelona who made the team for the next three years to play football in such a mesmerizing way that every audience in Spain, as well as people all over the world, fell in love with the team. The coach was seen to implement the playing style of famous La Masia in the team which made every player act in an attacking mode with the subjugation of their personal flamboyance for the best performance of the team. The playing style was named as Tiki-Taka in which the players were made to know that the opponents are unable to score if they never get the ball.

Thus, under the supervision of the manager, the team became proud of themselves regarding the way to pass the ball as they adopted lazy yet elegance way along with absurd ease to play the game that the opponents felt like looking silly to chase the ball. This way the team members took advantage of the situation and scored goals after goals to become the most loved football team.

  • Manchester United

The Manchester United in the last quarter of the century can be regarded as the most efficient and valuable team in showing how football is played in a natural way. They have even become the best teams in the football in 1999 and 2008. They have 13 Premier League titles allocated to their names in 20 seasons. The main reason for the success of the team is Sir Alex whose legendary coaching led the team member to score swiftly without much hindrance or fear of losing the game. It was seen that during the time of Sir Alex the midfield was gathered by flying wingers whose best of attack was defense.

  • Arsenal

How can one miss a team so popular during the 2003-04 tenure when they won the Premier League title remaining unbeaten with 26 wins, 12 draws and 0 losses. They became the second most team to do such an act after Preston North End in 1888-89. The bright future of the team began in 1996 when Bertie Mee was appointed the manager of the team who led them to won their first victory in the form of Inter-Cities Fairs Cup. Then began their journey to victory which followed till 2005-06 when they became the first ever team of London to reach the UEFA Champions League by defeating the mighty Barcelona.

  • Liverpool

The Liverpool FC is known to be the ninth highest earner in football in the world in the year 2016-17 who earned annual revenue of €424.2 million. The club is seen to have an extensive rivalry with the Everton and Manchester United. From the birth of the team they have shown immense performance in playing football and during the 1970s they c[-gave player like Bill Shankly and in 1980s Bob Paisley who made the club to win 11 titles in League and 7 trophies in Europe.

  • AC Milan

AC Milan is the top football club in Italy who through their dedication showed how the game is played to get a victory. They hold joint records for three times winning International Cups and one time winning FIFA Club World Cup, seven European League Titles. They are deemed to be the second-most successful football club in series A along with their arch local rivals Juventus and Internazionale. The club has also won five Coppa Italia titles and seven Supercoppa Italiana titles.

  • France National Football Team

In 1998 and 2000, who could ever forget the legendary Zidane winning world cup for the team. The team also gave the football classy players like the Thurman, Vieira, Henry, and others who showed how to dominate the game in a fantastic way all across the world as well as in Europe. In 1998, they defeated the mighty Brazil team with their fabulous gameplay. The ball was played creatively in a way so that they reach the target attacking midfielder Zidane who made it to the goals with the help of others.

  • Real Madrid

It is regarded as one of the best teams in football because who could have given us such an unmatched brilliant player like Alfredo di Stefano. They also gave us the famous and immortal “Galloping Major” the Ferenc Puskas who made the team to show the legendary way to play football. In 2017, they became famous for becoming the famous club to win Champions League in back to back sessions.

  • Chelsea FC

They won the First Division Cup in the 1955 and in the last decade they won various titles for the clubs. They won 23 trophies till 1997 and in total the team has 28 major trophies to its name. In 2018, they are reported by the Forbes magazine the seventh most valuable team and in 2016-17 they became eight most teams to have highest-earning in football.

  • Spain National Football Team

They are the eighth national team who has crowned the FIFA World Cup in 2010 by defeating the Netherlands in the game. The team by doing show became the first European team to clinch the title. They also have Euro2008 and Euro 2012 tiles to their name which they got by defeating the mighty Germany and Italy.