7 Reasons Students may Consider Summer Tutoring Jobs

Having Your School Stuff Done

summer tutoring jobsNow that the boy or daughter might be home from college, you might question what your son or daughter can do all summer time, besides enjoying their “Free time.” Summer time tutoring jobs could possibly be the ideal method to stay productive and produce extra money to cover next year’s pizza and books whether your son or daughter is remaining on campus or moving home. Continue reading 7 Reasons Students may Consider Summer Tutoring Jobs

Cohesiveness between Teachers & Parents Can help students perform better

For a lot of parents and instructors, it’s the very first chance of the college year to sit down lower in person and discuss from curriculum to problems that arise within the class. Below are great tips from each side of the desk regarding how to take advantage of a parent or guardian-teacher conference. Continue reading Cohesiveness between Teachers & Parents Can help students perform better

5 Must have qualities of a Maths Tutor

There are some basic qualities that a maths tutor must have in order to improve their teaching. A good maths tutor must adapt adequate teaching style for teaching students of different levels like primary, GCSE, A-level, university, but most of the qualities could be applied to all the levels as well. Continue reading 5 Must have qualities of a Maths Tutor

How to Find the Best Online Tutor?

online tutoring can be funThe world has moved towards the teaching concept of online platform that connects the students to private tutors. This can be seen through the rising graph of online tutoring services. The main reason behind the same is the cost efficiency. They are priced lower to the general coaching. Apart from this, Home/Private tutors available online are also convenient and flexible. The only problem that rises in everyone’s mind is “How to select My Tutor?” Continue reading How to Find the Best Online Tutor?

Sales promotion & marketing strategy

The money collected in exchange of goods and services provided where for sales recognition payment is not necessary in financial statements , there are accounting guidelines and principles which states that a sales can only be recognized when the transaction is already realized or can be easily realized. This means for a sale the payment has already received by the company or has high certainty of receiving the payment for the exchange of goods and services.  Sales_promotionSale is a contract, which involve transfer of possession and title (ownership) of good or entitlement to a service, in exchange of money value. There are four necessary elements which presence makes a sale a valid sale. First, both and seller are competence and willing to enter into a contract second, there should be mutual agreement between buyer and seller on the terms of exchange third, sale of a thing which is capable of being transferred and fourth, for a valid sale it is essential that consideration in money is paid or there is high certainty of receiving in future. Continue reading Sales promotion & marketing strategy

Plan Budget Travel with Travel Diaries

Travel diary, Select my Tutor
Keep a travel diary

Travel diaries are the travel literature which typically records all the details and experience of the traveler aspiring to literary value. A travel diary is a diary which a traveler took with him or her and jot down all the important information, details, pictures, route, hotels, tourist spots and much more. It is a record of an individual of his or her travel.  Depending on the choice of traveler it can be kept as personal journal, diary or it can be only for reading of that individual only. Even it can be shared on social sites as it can be kept online as in blog format or can be shared with family and friends. Traveler can also put it on website for the travel lovers who can know about the experience of traveler. Continue reading Plan Budget Travel with Travel Diaries

United Kingdom Economy


The United Kingdom has a fiercely independent, international trading and developed economy and has sixth largest economy in the world by nominal GDP, eighth-largest by purchasing power parity and third largest in Europe after Germany and France. London is the world’s second largest financial center after New York. In the 18th century it was the world’s largest and first industrialized country, and was also able to be at forefront of technological advances which gave strong economic advantage to other countries in the world. UK possessed a dominant, influential, and powerful role in global economy during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The aerospace industry and the pharmaceutical industry are the most important industries of the economy of Great Britain.  Economy of United Kingdom is boosted by its oil and gas reserves. In 1979 most of the companies owned by state were privatized and opened to public competition and were listed in the UKs financial market. Continue reading United Kingdom Economy

Brief Overview on Chinese Economy


Chinese government had been responsible for planning and managing national economy since 1949, china maintained policies which kept economy very poor, sluggish, centrally controlled, vastly ineffective and relatively isolated from the global economy. Since opening up of the foreign trade and investment and implementing free market reform in 1978 china introduce capital market principles and became market based economy which began to show faster economic development. China became largest manufacturing economy in the world and second largest socialist market economy by GDP and purchase power parity and It was the world’s fastest growing major economy with average growth rate of 10%. During this period Chinese economy grew by 48 times in 1981 .The economy of China was the fastest growing consumer market in the world. Continue reading Brief Overview on Chinese Economy

Evolution of languages

Every language has a same root of origin and had come from the same part of world although every language is different from other. Now the most obvious question pops up in every mind is where do languages come from? The answer to this question is as old as human being’s ability to pose it. The two top answers for this question are, the first is evolution, where the first human banter was heard and the second is ontological that how human civilization acquires the power of speech and understanding. Continue reading Evolution of languages

Private Tuition – The Need of the Hour

Private tuition is one of the hottest topics of discussion for several years and it will remain so for the forthcoming years also. For many years whether private tuition is the menace, destroying the future generation or whether it is the need of the hour remains a research topic of the people of different strata of the society throughout the world. However, the debate seems to be growing at its own pace, without affecting the growth of private tuition, even in the advanced countries where the so called educational infrastructures are regarded as far better than that in the less developed or developing nations. Even after criticism of the private tuition by several academics and policymakers at different times, the rapid increase in its growth is only because the students and the parents feel, and rightly, that the future of the students depends entirely on the good subject knowledge and good grade in schools and beyond the school levels. Just look at the world around you and you can get the idea how the global economy has been changed and what is being demanded by the corporate giants, even the government organizations, from the students who is aspiring for a good job at the end of their educational drive. In the whole world the number of quality institutes for higher education in any discipline is limited.

Tutors for private tuition

Continue reading Private Tuition – The Need of the Hour

Communication Strategy: Get it right folks!

Select My Tutor, Home TutorsThe concept of Communication strategy (cs) is based on the assumption that corporate communication/ public relations/ communication management is practised as a strategic management function; that it assists the organisation to adapt to its environment by achieving a balance between commercial imperatives and socially acceptable behaviour; that it identifies and manages issues and stakeholders to ensure that organisational and communication goals are aligned to societal and stakeholder values and norms; and that it builds relationships through communication with those on whom the organisation depends to meet its economic and socio-political goals. Continue reading Communication Strategy: Get it right folks!

Why develop a Branding Strategy?


Branding is process of creating a unique image and name of a product in customer’s mind through various advertisements and promotions. Branding aims at attracting and retaining customers through establishing a differentiated presence and image in the market of any specific product. The American marketing association (AMA) define branding as a” name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers.” Hence branding is not a medium to hit target consumers but to present itself as prospect that provides a solution to consumer problem in huge competition. Much time is invested to built and define brand as it is the foundation of marketing communication which is a source of a commitment to consumer. Continue reading Why develop a Branding Strategy?