• Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin was born on January 5, 1705, in America who was a polymath and was one of the founding members of the United States. Lightning Rod was one of his inventions which were invented when he identified that a sharp iron needle is able to conduct electricity away from a certain sphere of mental. He also invented bifocal spectacles which were made by him by keeping the upper half of the lens to see at distance and lower part of the lens to see in the front. He invented what is now known as Franklin stove which was a metal-lined fireplace that is made at a few distances behind the chimney. He was also the inventor of urinary catheter and armonica.

  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison was one of the great American inventors and was a successful businessman who the famous electric bulb. The other inventions by him also included the phonograph and the motion picture camera. The improvement made by Edison in the incandescent light led to the invention of the electric bulb. The inventions made by him led to contribute to creating mass communication. Edison also developed a great system for distributing electricity and developed his first power station at Manhattan, New York in the Pearl Street. He died at the age of 84 in New Jersey in 1931.

  • Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American who was a great inventor, physicist, mechanical and electrical engineer. He was the inventor of alternating current which was invented to offer safety in using electricity and provided electricity at lower prices. He invented the way light can be distributed and harnessed which was effective to help him create the first neon signboard. He invented the first remote controlled radio. One of his famous inventions is an electric motor. He is also the inventor of laser beams which is regarded as both good and evil bound together in the mind of the man. The concept regarding robots was formed from the thinking of Tesla.

  • John Forbes Nash Junior

    John Forbes Nash Junior was born on June 13, 1928, who as a great mathematician and has made great contributions to the differential geometry, game theory, and partial differential equations. The theories invented by Nash are seen to be extensively used in economics. He developed the properties and definition of the equilibrium which is presently known as Nash equilibrium which is a crucial part of the non-cooperative games. One of his main inventions was Nash emending equilibrium that offers that all abstract in Riemannian manifold is possible to be isometrically realized in the form of a submanifold of the Euclidean space. His works have also led to deliver great insight into the factors which governs decision-making and chance in a complex system that is usually found in life.

  • Kurt Godel

    Kurt Godel was initially Austrian and later became an American who is a mathematician, logician, and philosopher. His key inventions were Godel’s theorems that are the axiomatic system which refers to an imperfect analogy that is present in the liar paradox. His developed two incompleteness theorems in the year 1931 one of which the first informs that any form of self-consistent recursive axiomatic system is enough to power to provide a description about the natural numbers, there seemed to be true propositions of the numbers which are not able to be proved from the axioms. He died at the aged of 71 on January 14, 1978, at the Princeton, US.

  • John Von Neuman

    John Von Neuman is called the Father of the Modern Computer was born in 1903 as a Hungarian who later immigrated to America. He was the one who informed that the computer does not require separate space for storing instruction or data which led to creating a huge chance in the architecture of the computer. The analysis made by him regarding the structure of self-replication later led to the discovery of the DNA structure. He was behind the invention of the mathematical models which were used to build explosive lenses in the implosion-type nuclear weapon. He died at an age of 53 on February 8, 1957, in the US Washington.

  • James Watson

    James Watson was an American born geneticist, zoologist and molecular biologist who discovered the double helical structure of the DNA with the assistance of Rosalind Franklin and Francis Crick. The discovery was breakthrough to explain the way living cells are able to reproduce themselves according to their wish which led to some men with white hair and some with black and other genetic changes. His further studies contributed to the identification of the mechanism regarding protein biosynthesis and others. He has penned down many books name “Molecular Biology of the Gene” and “The Double Helix” which was written by him in 1968 was the bestseller.

  • Enrico Fermi

    Enrico Fermi is the first one in 1942 to invent nuclear reactor with his team that is called Chicago Pile-1 that helped in creating a controlled and self-sustaining nuclear reaction. This invention is presently in use in various nuclear plants in the world helping million to get nuclear energy for use. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics on 1938 for his famous works related to induced radioactivity through neutron bombardment and discovery of the transuranic elements. He is known for his work for demonstration of the first nuclear reaction chain in self-sustaining condition, Fermi golden rule, Fermi paradox, Fermi theory of beta clay, Fermi method and others.

  • Edward Teller

    Edward Teller is the Father of the Hydrogen Bomb was a renowned Hungarian-American physicist. He was born on January 15, 1908. He was the inventor of the first thermonuclear weapon Hydrogen Bomb. The idea came after his participation in the development and production of the first atomic bomb in 19041. He has made extensive contributions in the molecular and nuclear physics, surface physics and spectroscopy. He received the honorable National Medal of science in 1982. He has also developed an extensive plan for excavation of artificial harbour at Alaska by using thermonuclear explosive under the Project Chariot.

  • Samuel Colt

    Samuel Colt was a renowned American inventor who was also an industrialist and hunter. In 1836, Colt invented a revolver mechanism which allows a gun to be fired many times without any requirement to reload bullets. Colt was seen to develop a company that would manufacture revolving-cylinder pistol but the sales were so low that the business closed. However, in 1846 he delivered 1000 Colt revolvers to the US government as demanded and in 1855 opened one of the world’s largest armament factories. The manufacturing methods invented by colt are regarded as the forefront of the Industrial Revolution. The idea to use interchangeable parts by Colt helped the individual to become the first efficient one to efficiently use the assembly line.


As an ordinary day, I start my day. Waking up in the early morning and then fresh up myself and get ready for my office. I am working as an academic private tutor. About my job, it is interesting to me as my job helps me to encourage my knowledge. My job even helps me to upgrade my knowledge on the frequent basis.

I am a music lover and I am very passionate about music. I even love singing and on any special occasion my home or at my workplace, I sing songs. I am not a trained singer but I love to sing songs and this is my passion. I am always dreaming to get the chance in the singing at the higher level.

It is quite difficult for me to manage both the things passion and the current job together. The reason is I am so much tired off from my job and after that, I did not get that much time to sing. However, I did not get that much time daily with my singing but I tried hard to make up some time for my singing because this is my passion.

The job is the part as well as the necessity of the life. There has always been a complication arises between the job and the passion, when the person is doing differently than his or her passion. It is not possible for all to make their passion as their future job. For examples the celebrities or sportsperson, all they are passionate about their job and they love their job. Most of the cricketers, reality show’s dancers or singer and other actors have stated in their interview that either they all are highly qualified or degree holder but they are passionate about their hobby and dreams and they fight until the end. They fight until they did not achieve their goals or aim of the life. There are so many big examples are alive with us who have fought for their passion in against their jobs. MS Dhoni, the great finisher of the international cricket has fought well to complete his passion. He had the chance to continue his career in the Indian railway as stationmaster or Ticket Collector but he quit because he was passionate about cricket. He has the dream to wear that blue jersey once for the nation and hit a long six for the nation.
The person is ready to quit his or her current job and go for the passion. Passion can be anything. Become celebrity is not the only purpose of any human being in life. Some people were thinking about to become rich by setting up their own business, for example, KFC, Google, and Apple. These three are the biggest example to prove that passion really needs any particular age, it just needs an enthusiasm or zeal to perform in this challengeable world. The owner of the KFC was 65 years old when he has started his business from the bottom. He was a senior chef in a reputed hotel. After retirement, he has decided to open up his own business and has started to sell street foods. He with his spouse has started to sell street foods in New York. After a period, they have owned a restaurant by the name of KFC. Due to their quality food and services in the street, they got the popularity, which has motivated the owner to expand his business. In the recent time, KFC is the only large sector, an international organization that has more than 500 outlets in all over the world.

Another story is about Google, two friends, who were dropped out of the college because they worked on a project that has been rejected by their lecturers and professors. These two friends had created their own project and had launched email service over the internet. People now can easily talk or made conversation over the internet from one place to another. The kind of communication was first noticed by a reputed national financial agency and they had hired this service for their commercial use. Later on this idea get the popularity and in the current time, we all know Google. The journey has been started from failure and has now reached to the position as one of the most knowledgeable artificial persons.

The number one Smartphone seller in the world Apple has a gigantic story. The owner Steve Job was rejected with his idea from a large sector IT Company. Hence, he has decided to start up from the beginning, collaborated with a small scale IT Company, and has launched the first Apple device, iPod mp3. The device was costlier but better and durable than other kinds of devices. This brand has the popularity just because of its innovative technological idea in the market. In the current market, Apple is the only brand that has more than 70% of market share in the electronic mobile products as compared to another brand.

For all, it might be not possible to lead their career, according to their passion due to some critical circumstances. This is all depending on the luck on the primary basis and the person’s inner confidence and motivation that either that person wants to do it or not. By profession, Sunil Chhetri is an engineering student. He was actually pursuing his studies as the engineer, but he selected his career as the football player, which is his passion. He is the first youngest football player who was selected in the football club of England.

The passion comes from a dream and the dream comes from an inspiration. The inspiration enforced that person to be passionate about that dream and do what they love to. Kalpana Chawla, the first Indian women who have visited the space and represented the nation also make the nation feel proud. From her last interview before her dramatic death, she had stated that she was always dreaming about stars, moon, and space. She loved to hear stories about the stars and the moon. She was inspired by those stories and had decided to be an astronaut in her life. She started her career with the passion and proved it.

Passion is something that makes you alive in the life. Passion is not only a hobby. It is something that makes your day even makes your single second. As what I have mentioned above that, I am crazy about singing. I love to sing also looking for an opportunity in this field. Due to some critical situations and circumstances, I was failed to turn up my career in that field. I am also crazy about cricket. I love cricket. As mom and dad believed in me and understand my passion they help me to take cricket as my career, but again some circumstances have restricted me to choose that field as the carrier. I am still thinking about the time when I was going to the club to practice but cannot possible right now.

Currently, where I am working I actually like my job, but I am very much passionate about the music and singing at all. For me, both are important to me. One is to fulfill my need and another one is to entertain myself. After getting tired from the job or the entire, I love to hear music or a song that makes me feel relaxed and refresh my mind. As what I have experienced that if you were passionate about your job, then all the tasks would seem easy for you. The similar is happening to me, as I love my job, hence I never ever faced that much pressure in my tasks but yes tired of from the job. Than songs, change my mood.

The day job of the person can be contradicted with the passion when that person is disliking his or her job. Under this situation, the person then passes by mental pressure. Sometimes I was frustrated with my present job and thinking about the passion. When I have to take the decision between my day job and my passion than my vote is in the favor of my day job. For me, the decision is not so much difficult but when I have to think about my family and the responsibility then I have to stick to my job.

Different people have a different dream and passion in their life. Some got success to start up their career in their dreamt world, about which they are passionate. Others are sacrificing and trying to adjust. The human psychology says that people who failed to achieve their goal in their life they hoped it from their next generation.
In the end, I would like to add that, every person has a passion in their life and they need to fight until they got the chance to prove their passion. If a person did not get the chance to start the career over the passion than don not be demoralized keep fighting and waiting for the right time.

Top 5 equality picture books for primary

The process of preparation of children concerning the realities of the modern world is always a difficult and demanding one which necessitates the schools to be especially active in performing this task of instilling the sense of awareness in the children who are, by nature very impressionable from the earliest of days of developing their capabilities of comprehending the environment and the world which surrounds them.

To this effect, providing adequate and effective reading material in the form of books to raise the awareness quotient of the children concerning the issues concerning the gender equality prospects, could be judged to be the most significant factors that every school has to be concerned about while implementing its curriculum on various subjects and training the pupils for the future intellectual progression.

Recognition of necessity
With the passage of time, it is inevitable that the children would come in contact with the multitudinous categories of people who would be less inclined to conform to the nationalities which are generally propagated and accepted by the conventional and the conservative social perceptions.

In this respect, the necessity of instilling the senses of equality concerning the various gender orientation of the diverse and multicultural populace which pervades the social fabric of any globalized and internationalized society is paramount in nature.

Thus it is the responsibility of the schools to identify and utilise the most effective study material and decide upon the efficacy of the same to be applied in the course of educating the students about the necessity of providing an equal treatment and disposition of respect towards the gender orientations which could be markedly in difference from what the children, from an individual perspective and from their immediate environmental surroundings as well.

Welcoming every person, regardless of his or her background and gender orientation should be a core of references and operations by the schools in such conditions. Thus the clarifications concerning the ethos of the schools are of absolute necessity as well.

In this, respect, the Equality Act (2010) stipulates the necessity of public bodies to instill and foster the most effective and productive relationships which could be based on mutual respect and understanding between different people. The primary schools thus have this duty to be executed to set the discourses on the course and take the initiative to instill the necessary understanding within the psyche of every child throughout the formative years which constitute the early phases of development of a child, from both the perceptual and the educational perspectives.

Utilizing picture books
Books with a multiplicity of pictures have been underutilization and application through a long time to show youngsters about a distinction between various facets of life including the differences which exist within the human races and natures as well. This has been recognized as the most effective measures of communication with and education of the children and other pupils to praise the fascination that could be heralded in by the existence of a wide range of variety amongst the notions of various social, material and psychological discourses.

As far as it could be logically deduced, educators and teachers always attach value having an asset, for example, a photo book which could be used as the instruments of guiding the students while handling possibly precarious topics such as various different orientations of human beings concerning the topic of gender identity.

The efficacy of utilizing natural story books when the teachers need to discuss various contentious topics could be identified form the representation of the necessary educative lessons and messages which could be placed within a very closely knit yet easily discernable setting. This especially interesting and helpful for the teachers and the educators to provide the necessary assistance to the students to fathom the existence and reality concerning the people with diverse gender orientation along these lines which also considerably naturalizes and contributes in the normalization of the issue for the youngsters.

As such, it is always smarter and more preferable for any educational institution to utilize a story where the teachers could, with considerable ease of effort, establish the connection between the issue and the existing circumstances. This also becomes the most coveted format of teaching, through that of the storybooks bearing picture, as this is arguably the most effective medium which can be related to the topic under consideration to the collective consciousness of the pupils.

The associated advantage of the utilisation of the books with pictures could be recognised from the fact that as opposed to the utilisation of an issue based book about people with divergent gender orientation, which could be considered as a heavy hammer approach or a very crude undertaking to point out so subtle a context to yet more tender perceptual powers of the children, the application of a picture based book could always be understood to be more effective concerning the natural affinities of the children and early age students to comprehend even the most debilitative subjects from only looking at picturesque presentations through a book of such sort.

My best 5
These are effective and memorable books that most could find in their study corners and this could be the reason for the prescription of the same presuming the fact that each school library could find copies of such books to be handed to the students. These books have to be utilized with three specific objectives in mind.

The initial one is the composition of the ethos of equitability which also could be beneficial in addressing any cultural prejudice which could be harboured by the children which could be nothing but a cultural baggage which often accompanies any child from the precincts of one’s home to the professional world and this objective would be especially effective in providing the stepping stone in this regard to provide the basis on which the superstructure of understanding and equitable respect could be fostered with long-term effects in the future.

The second objective would be to harmonize the psychological perceptions of the children and sensitize the disparate thinking procedures of children to shape their notions of people with varied and diversified gender preferential in the manner that could be possibly deemed to be the most scientific and the most relevant in terms of the consideration from any perspective.

Ultimately the ultimate objective would be the introduction of both the children and the issues which pervade the entire cultural sphere of the modern day society concerning the debate of how the people with different gender orientations and preferences could be comprehended and treated within the current cultural and perceptual scenario where multiculturalism and intermingling of previously segregated human societies have become norms of the day.

The utilisation of these books are thus especially significant to provide the possibilities concerning the measures which are necessary to be put into place to incorporate the methodologies which are necessary for the formulation of the educational settings to ultimately convince the children about the acceptability of such human beings and their existence within the folds of the future societies, despite the fact that such a distinction of gender orientation could be in existence regarding such personnel. The involvement of the groups of parents and guardians is also very important.

Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly by Sue Heap and Nick Sharratt

This book is often cherished by many in the education of children during the early years of the classrooms in light of the fact that the account is basic and youngsters can also comprehend and connect with the splendid and bright outlines of such a tale with relative ease of effort. Besides, the message behind the content is ideal for making the ideals of equity work perfectly in favor of the students.

We are conveying an exceptionally straightforward message here, however one which is fundamental to understanding the way the world works and how we fit in it. We don’t live in groups where everybody is the same; we live in groups made up of individuals with contrasts.

Regardless of whether there are contrasts in ethnicity, confidence, gender identity and orientation, age or capacity, we can get along in spite of these distinctions. It is as straightforward as that to consider that we can like diverse things and still like each other.

The Great Big Book of Families by Mary Hoffman and Ros Asquith

The opening of this book reveals to us that, all things considered, families come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and this argument is valid to a great extent. This book is quintessential in informing youthful youngsters about introduction into divergent gender orientations.

There can be a misguided judgment among a few guardians that when students are instructed about the sexual introduction in grade schools we are instructing about sex, when in all actuality we are essentially educating about individuals being unique, families being extraordinary and that distinction in many facets of life surround us considerably and it is alright.

This Is Our House by Michael Rosen

It is an ideal vehicle for presenting the inclusivity notions in our school ethos to kids, where we perceive differences inside our school and appreciate it with the notions that everybody is welcome and nobody is forgotten.

And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell

Kids adore this account of two male penguins beginning to look all starry eyed at and receiving a chick. This book has been utilized to instruct about differential orientation in gender preferences and in the introduction of distinctive families,

The Whisperer by Nick Butterworth

This is an extraordinary book to use with more seasoned kids to discuss the families, desires and associated emotional responses. The story has certain connections to Romeo and Juliet.

In the story protagonists of an opponent, feline packs experience passionate feelings for and a rodent spreads gossipy titbits about them that outcomes in a posse meeting where the couple is advised that they should not become the objects of disrespects to their families and that they should quit being enamored. The couple remains together and is sent away, just to come back with their offsprings and at last, the packs join together.


Self-hypnosis is a tool for introducing effective changes in your life. It is an important skill which would enhance your self-confidence to read and write. There is a strong relationship between self-hypnosis and self-improvement. We can acknowledge self-improvement as an effective result of self-hypnosis, in which our mind becomes able to make strong intentions and develop proper imagery of different aspects to understand them.

As a psychologist, I believe that self-hypnosis and self-improvement make you proactive. It is undergoing a process to improve your skill and understanding. If you can hypnotize yourself with a high level of self-confidence and concentration, you would be able to gain the fullest potential in your life. Self-hypnosis deals with the development of strong intention to develop your perception and cognitive skill. For making a self-improvement, you must set proper outcomes to have positive directions as well as an effective sense of choices. There are strong reasons why we need a high level of self-improvement.

Let’s discuss the different reason for making self-hypnosis and self-improvement.

  • Self-hypnosis is an important tool, for improving physical as well as mental strength. Self-hypnosis pushes your potential to make you better and come out of all the self-created boundaries that hinder your progress. If someone gets a proper push, the person became motivated and determined to breaks all the shackles. Self-improvement improves your skill to meet with various new people and get different perceptions of the world surrounding you.
  • Self-improvement and self-hypnosis make the huge transformation of people by making them regain their lost self-esteem. Through making yourself hypnotized, you can enhance your concentration and creativeness. We can acknowledge hypnosis as one of the important and useful medical therapy which improves your emotional and psychological well-being. Through self-hypnosis, you can provide proper respect and dignity to your thinking and activities. Self-esteem is one of the useful outcomes of self-improvement which enhance your ability to control your emotion and expectations for maintaining discipline in life.
  • Self-improvement and self-hypnosis lead to anger management. Medical science reveals the fact that anger is one of the risky behaviors of people which affect their health badly. It reduced their blood pressure and made you impatience quickly. Through self-hypnosis, you can be able to enhance your mental strength to make proper control of your own emotions. It makes you cool down easily which not only make you healthy but also promote psychological well-being within you.
  • Positive thinking is an integral part of leading a healthy life. Our conscious mind makes us able to take an important decision in our life. Positive thinking is essential for generating a completely different view of life. If people realize that they get tired of lives, the only way to motivate them is to incorporate positive thinking. Through self-hypnosis and self-improvement, we can encourage ourselves to think positive and become proactive.
  • Fear is the negative behavior which not only spoils your self-confidence but also damages your reputation in front of your peers. As a psychologist, I believe that you must develop the ability to confront your fear to dominate it. You can gain the ability only by making self-improvement through self-hypnosis. It would enhance your mental strength to set a small target for choosing your fears. By making self-motivation, you can make strong as well as positive thoughts in your mind which enhance your ability to transform the fear into strong determination.
    A self-improvement would make you able to invest yourself managing your thoughts and activities. By bringing positive way in your life, self-hypnosis can make you proactive enough to perform any task enthusiastically.

Here we can discuss some benefits of self-improvement and self-hypnosis in our lives, which are as follows

  • Self-awareness
    Personal development deals with awareness about yourself which enable you to find out your strength as well as weakness. Through self-hypnosis or self-improvement, you know about your beliefs, values, and perception. You would not be able to achieve true fulfillment through chasing other’s dreams; instead, you required to construct your own decisions and skills based on your ability. Self-awareness is one of the important outcomes of self-improvement which makes you able to have a strong purpose in life. If you chase your aim, you can learn a lot from the journey to reach the destination. Self-awareness makes you able to evaluate your ability to know what type of tasks is relevant to your skill and what your maximum strength is.
  • Directional sense
    Self-hypnosis would enhance your ability to control your mind for taking useful decisions. By raising your skill and confidence level, you become clearer on things that you want to achieve in your life. Self-hypnosis would make you how to convince your mind to choose a relevant task which would suit your ability and skill. Self-improvement is that, which make you understand which task you would include on your to-do list. You must not include such task which is highly time-consuming and needs a huge effort. Through self-hypnosis, you can make proper personality development to choose the best pathway for dealing with different functions in your life.
  • An improved focus in life
    Self-improvement fosters clarity among individuals. It improves the sense of direction to assist you choosing aspect which is relevant to your ability and skill. Through self-hypnosis, your mind gets concentrated on particular aspects which can be beneficial for your life to be focused. Through personal development, it becomes easier for you to focus on prioritization. A self-improvement would make you focused towards your objectives and clearer your way to achieving the objectives. Through enhancing the strength of mind you can easily evaluate the effectiveness of tasks, thereby can easily choose the task which would bring you best outcomes.
  • Greater resilience
    It is not necessary that your life always passes through a smooth pathway. There may occur tough times in your life. You need a high level of attributes and skill in dealing with these times smoothly. Self-improvement or self-hypnosis cannot resist these tough times to come. However, it can enhance your confidence and problem-solving ability to combat these tough challenges. Through self-hypnosis, you can minimize your anxiety and stress and enhance you’re an interpersonal skill to cope with the bad time.
  • Self-motivation
    It is not possible that you always confront easier tasks. However, if you know what you aim to achieve in your life, it would be easier for you to take proper actions in fulfilling the target. Your task may not be enjoyable to you; if you are sure about the beneficial outcomes of the task, you will try your best to achieve the objectives. Self-motivation is one of the important outcomes of self-hypnosis, which enhance your interpersonal skill to encourage you in dealing with the complicated task. It is obvious that the more you deal with the complicated task, the more can you shape your ability and skill to give error free result. Therefore self-improvement and self-hypnosis generate the necessary will within you to lead you beneficially to fulfill your target.
  • Optimization of mental performance

Self-hypnosis makes individual able to resist the situational anxiety which comes from fear, tormented incidents and un-supportiveness of our relatives. Several panic attacks reduce our sensation and confidence which make you unable to fulfil your target. Through enhancing mental strength, self-hypnosis would shape your thoughts and perceptions about different aspects. Through hypnosis, you can induce a state of positive thinking as well as strong mental processing. Self-hypnosis would enhance the affirmation, self-imagery and cognitive ability which are important to evaluate the effectiveness of different tasks in life.

Know the life purpose
Know your life process is important to transform you into more empowered and well-skilled person. Self-hypnosis is one of the improvement processes which motivate and inspire you to proceed in a positive direction for achieving your goals. Through continuous self-development process, you can shape your mission and vision to set a beneficial target in your life. Self-hypnosis through self-improvement makes your learns to make the huge ability for listening to your intuition and heart. Thus you can know what is the aim of your life is and how you can achieve it.

Positive approach and belief
Maintain right attitude in life is important to empower your strength and interpersonal skill. We always admire the individuals who represent strong personality and positive attitude in their life to combat any obnoxious episodes of life. Self-hypnosis can introduce positive belief within you through which you can generate right approach towards your goals. With strong self-confidence and polite behaviour, you can not only attract people’s attention but also can strengthen your skill to deal with difficult task easily with a positive approach. Self-improvement enhances your interpersonal skill and reshapes your attitudes which make you able to deal with tough times in your life

From above discussion, we would acknowledge that self-hypnosis and self-improvement would enhance our understanding and perception towards our life. It makes us clearer about our aim and objectives. Through self-hypnosis, we can make a huge self-improvement that not only strengthens our mental ability but also empowers our activities to deal with tough times. Through self-improvement we can reduce the anxiety and stress thereby can reinforce positive as well as fresh thoughts within us.


It is important for every individual to burn body fats and makes a healthy body to stay fit. A recent health report stated that six out of ten working Americans cannot manage their time to do regular exercise.

In today’s fast-paced life, we are busy on a tight schedule to fulfill our target. A busy life is important to get success in life; however, it is also necessary to maintain health and fitness properly.

There is a chance of massive health disorder in case of busy people who work at least 10-12 hours to meet their requirements. Therefore health and fitness are important to enhance their metabolic activities. Busy people need extra calorie and more food to meet their metabolic requirement. Nutritious food is important to meet the protein needs of the body.

Busy people are highly prevalent in various health disorders. Heath is an important aspect to meet the nutritional requirement of your body. For busy people, as they are involved in different tasks, they cannot get free time for their relaxation.

  • Busy work schedule make you engaged in various deadly habits which can damage the health such as
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to damage the metabolic activity of body
  • Unorganised diet which does
  • Sleepless night which damages the decision making power and problem-solving ability
  • Lack of concentration and mindfulness which affect thoughts and perception

For a busy person, it is important to maintain a good diet to provide proper nutrition and vitamins to their body. Here are the important dietary guidelines for busy people to get proper nutrition and to stay fit.

  • You must balance the food intake with proper physical activity. If you are more active, you require more food. As you work for a long time, your body needs a high portion of food to supply energy. Vegetables, fruits, salads and high amount water are the important diet to maintain your daily schedule. It is obvious that many people think that if they take a large portion of food in particular time and then stay fast for long hours, it would enough for them to stay healthy.
  • As a dietician, I face many cases where individuals work 9-11 hours a day and do not maintain proper time to take food. Some cases, they take a huge amount of food at a time and then stay without foods for long hours. It would lead to the development of overweight and obesity among them. If you follow a busy schedule in each day, you must take sufficient food for every 4 hours. It would provide proper nutrition to your body and discard chances of malnutrition.
  • Types of food are an important factor which affects individual health. Different people have a massive difference in their health preferences which brings huge disparities in their diet. Cultures and economic ability affect the food preference of people. Dieticians suggest that each individual should take considerable out of all proteins to meet the nutritional need of a body. With an experience of my long career, I believe that carbohydrate foods such as rice, bread, cereals or potato are important for everyday diet. Carbohydrate is an important source of energy which would enhance the strength of busy people to follow a daily schedule.
    It is my suggestion to you as a dietician, that as a busy worker you must put high fibre food in your diet. It would enhance you enhance your metabolic activities and generate huge energy to run your job.
  • You can take five or six fruits and vegetable in each day which would provide high-quality nutrients to your body to stay you healthy. You must avoid frozen, tinned and dried food. In our busy schedule, we most of the times take junk foods and frozen foods during office hours. It not only stores excess fats in your body but also enhances your body weight. Obesity is one of the common outcomes of eating junk foods we often experienced by busy people. Therefore you must take boiled food, fresh vegetables and fruits which would provide proper energy to your body.
  • Due to busy schedules, we do not have time to buy fresh foods from the market. Even we cannot make a proper selection of foods which would be effective for our health. As a dietician, I believe that mixture of bright coloured vegetable and fruits have high nutritional value. The colour food with high level nutritious is banana, carrots, cabbage, sweet potato, oranges, broccoli and cauliflower. These foods are important to make proper health among busy people by producing a high level of energy.
  • For maintain strong bones, you must follow a low-fat diet. If you take high-fat diet, your body cannot absorb the excess fat and these fats began to store in your body. Dietary foods with high level of vitamin D and calcium would make your bone strong and make you able to do a large amount of work in each day.
  • Protein foods are also important diet for busy people as they need extra protein to keep their mind strong and body active. Proteins foods play important role in the formation of new cells as well as in keep t our muscles strong. The large source of proteins is poultry, lean, meat, fish and egg. Salmon, fresh tuna, trout and sardines consist of a high level of omega – 3 which makes you able to produce huge energy to do your work. As a busy person, you need a consistent supply of protein into your body to make your bones and muscle actives. Therefore, you can take beans, nuts and eggs to meet protein requirement in your body.
  • It is important to know about the foods that can affect your health such as saturated fats, as well as animal fats. Saturated fats enhance the cholesterol level of any individual which increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Saturated fats include butter, lard, cream, fat on the meat, pudding, pate meat, skin on chicken, sausage and burgers, enhance the fat level in our body which make us prevalent to obesity and various heart risk.
  • However, in most of the times, when we spend times with our colleges, we eat junk foods or unsaturated fats which reduce our activity and bone strength. If there are too many fats stored around the bone, it automatically reduces the strength of muscles to perform well. Stored fat in our body also reduces the activity of muscle cells which make us to gain excess weight. Therefore, in our busy schedule, we must maintain low-fat food to stay fit get high muscle activity.

A healthy diet is not enough for stay fit in case of busy people. For maintaining healthy life it is important to make your blood circulation strong and keep your muscle activity. Exercise is an important aspect which can meet this requirement. Various exercises can be done by the people to stay fit and healthy.

  • People can make regular exercise and yoga to maintain their body fitness. A huge amount of food is not appropriate for our body. Therefore you must maintain a healthy diet to stay fit.
  • Proper nutritious foods are important to maintain proper metabolic functions in our body which enhance our blood circulation and make our cardiovascular system strong
  • In the morning, you can take long breathing which would enhance your concentration and improve your respiratory system. This is important to enhance the cavity to receive your breath. Long breathing is one of the important exercises which not only improve your lung system but also improve your sense and memory power.
  • Women must do exercise regularly to maintain their body fitness and enhance their metabolic activities. In the UK many women face a high level of obesity and mental disorder. It is important for women above 40 years to make freehand exercise to stay fit.
  • In case of men, they can join a gym to stay fit; however, recent health professionals state that people are not able to go the gym regularly. Therefore there occurs a dis-continuation of doing regular exercise in a gym, which affects our body structure and respiratory system. Most of the people who left gym suddenly, gain excess weight which leads to the occurrence of obesity.
  • Along with regular exercise, we must maintain a proper diet to stay fit. We must eat nutritious foods every day which enhance our physical as well as mental strength. Various seasonal fruits, vegetables, and meats can enhance our blood circulation and improve our energy level to do regular activities.

Therefore health and fitness for busy people are important to discard the chances of weight gain. Obesity and overweight are common outcomes of unhealthy feeding habits and ill-organized lifestyles. It is important to maintain proper diet chart to gain proper energy and nutrition. Busy people do not manage their time to have timely food and exercise which make them unable to have improved metabolic system and well-organized lifestyle.

Therefore, we must maintain proper lifestyles and healthy diet to maintain strong body fitness. Furthermore, regular exercise is also important to make our feet and healthy.


Mark Twain says “A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation”. Speaking in front of several audiences is effective skill and not the innate ability. While you represent your view in front of your audience, you want to attract their attention towards the topic of your presentation. Due to poor formal circumstances, in many times it happens that, you cannot make a proper impression on your target audience.

Being a speaker, you must deliver your message in a convincing and confident way to engrave your image within the mind of your audience. For making new conversation, it is important to make unique as well as smart presentation skill. If you want to make people understand the underlying message of your conversation, you must represent this by attractive and innovative manner such as slide presentation.

Every person wants to improve their conversation and presentation skill while delivering any speech in front of a target audience. Professional individuals can easily get a proper place in the mind of an audience by delivering an attractive speech which can mesmerise people.

Here I have represented useful benefits of strong presentation skill in making good conversation

Presentation skill- the useful conversation process

The presentation is an effective way to represent complicated aspects with simple as well as interesting information which easily attract the audience. For maintaining a new conversation, a speaker can communicate the feelings and thoughts with the target people. Through accurate and informative presentation, you would be able to make awareness regarding particular issues, product or service. There are several benefits of making strong presentation such as

  • Creating variety
    There are different types of audiences in the world and their choices are also different. Through forming short and specific presentations, you can represent the variety of contents in front of your audience to fulfil their requirements. By forming presentation, a speaker can introduce several points into their slides which highlight the prime elements of the presentation. By introducing attractive audio-visual graphics, images and posters, you can catch the attention of your customers into particular aspects.
  • Maintaining audible pace and tone
    The excellent presentation contains not only attractive contents but also high-quality audio effect. If you use the audio-visual effect in your presentation, it will make the audience able to understand the contents easily. The audio sound must be clear and considerably laud so that every audience can hear this. The words used in the audio must be articulated as well as enunciated.

Maintaining optimal pace is important for conducting any good presentation. This makes the listeners able to realize the entire concept of the presentation, ask questions and take notes. Professional speakers, while conducting a new conversation, must not make quick presentations and must provide proper time to an audience to hear and understand the underlying concept of the content. For making further conversation, it is important for both the listeners and the speakers to establish a good relationship with each other which can be possible if the listeners would be able to understand the speech.

  • Enthusiasm, emphasis and gesture
    Enthusiastic speakers can be able to motivate their audience by communicating, collaborating and answering questions. For conducting verbal communication, it is important to maintain proper manners and gestures which can impress your target audience.
  • Create positive impression
    Through attractive presentation, you can convey a message of positivity, motivations and encouragement among your audience to involve them in social well being. In case of promotional presentation, you can make a new conversation regarding your product and service and highlights the usefulness of these things which generates positive impression on listener’s mind. In case of making new conversation, you can represent innovative presentation with full of positive thinking which encourages people to listen to your speech and try to realise the underlying content.
  • Time-saving
    Being a good speaker, you must provide a concise and informative presentation which saves the time as well as the effort of yourself and your audience. The conversation must be free from any jargon and waffle. A good presentation must be clear and memorable for your audience. The audience can easily understand what you want to convey. The presentation in case of new conversation would contain clear points and prime aspects which the audience can easily recognize and memorise. The presentation must be short and specific which would not make the audience bored and made them able to hold their interest till it ends.
  • Boost confidence
    The audience always prefers smart and highly confident lecturers who can deliver high quality and attractive speech and would answer all the questions of audience tactfully. If your presentation is uninspiring and dull and it is unable to imbibe the target audience, you lose your self-confidence. In making new conversation, good presentation is important to enhance your ability to confront various audiences and manage their questions in a well-organised manner. Good presentation is important to enhance your ability to represent any issue attractively in front of an audience to make global awareness on it.

In making new conversation, it is important to enhance the proficiency level of delivering lectures. In many times, speakers get nervous due to face a large number of audiences first time for making new conversation. If you get nervous at that time, it would not only damages your reputation in front of an audience but also make your audience disappointed, Therefore, it is important to know, how can make a good presentation in front of an audience to form a new conversation.

Here I provide some tips which can enhance the efficiency of your presentation in making new conversation

  1. Keep short and simple slides
    Your slides must be specific and would focus on the main points which would make your audience able to understand the underlying concept of your presentation. Slides with large contents, make the audience bore and exhausted. It would be better if you arrange your content in bullet points in each slide which makes the audience to easily recognize the exact content of a presentation.
  2. Maintain proper connection of ideas with stories
    While forming new conversation, your target would be to make the audience to understand your ideas. As it is your new conversation with the audience, it is important to make clear and useful content which the audience can easily absorb. During introducing the slides of your presentation, you must convert your ideas into stories, which can make the listeners able to get vast knowledge about the content. If you can develop your ideas into impressive stories, it would be most attractive to the audience and they can easily accept it.
  3. Involve audience in conversation
    As you conduct a new conversation with your audience, you have to understand their exact psychology. It is possible by involving the audience in the conversation. The presentation would be two-way conversation process, in which speakers would give lectures on selected content and then the audience would make effective feedback by raising different questions related to the topic.People listen to your speech to learn something from you. If your speech is helpful to your audience, they will follow you. You must involve the audience in the conversation by telling them to give their valuable feedback. If you get positive feedback from your audience, you become confident and would make effective conversation again on another topic. Similarly, negative feedback would provide the opportunity to assess your drawbacks.
  4. Question answer session
    Question answers are a helpful process in case of a new conversation. Through making effective answering the questions of audience, you can generate a high level of problem-solving ability and self-confidence. When you would face different types of questions from your audience, you can understand their preference and psychology. It is not necessary that you would be able to answer all the questions. Your approach must be polite and helpful in dealing with different types of questions. Your answering different questions would make audience able to fulfil their requirement and make them learn some positive points from your speech. Questions answers session would be helpful to enhance your ability to deal, with different queries of different people.
  5. Innovative ideas representation
    Through presentation, you must ensure that you represent some innovative as well as unique ideas in front of your audience. Through this innovative approaches, you can enhance the interest of audience towards your lecture and they would follow your next speech. In each slide, you must include informative data which will be helpful to listeners to gain better knowledge about the content. You can put recent statistics or information in your content to make your speech more accurate and specific which make you different from other speakers.

It is obvious that presentation skill is important to attract the audience during your lecture. In case of conducting a new conversation, it is important to make proper rapport with your audience which you can achieve by maintaining accuracy and innovation in your content. Excellent presentation skill would enhance your confidence level and can fulfil the requirement of your audience. Therefore, you must conduct an effective presentation to communicate with the audience and make them able to know what you want to deliver.


Morgan Freeman says “When I was a teenager, I began to settle into school because I’d discovered the extracurricular activities that interested me: music and theatre”. Children need more than regular academic knowledge and classroom learning. Recent studies show children those are involved in extracurricular activities represent better academic performance.

However, teachers and educators always face the common dilemma about how to implement these extracurricular activities into an academic framework. Parents and teachers are also worried about which activities should they chose to enhance the potential and self-confidence of their child.

Consider all the above factors; we can represent some common tips to incorporate extracurricular activities into academic life.

Be flexible
Flexibility is important in student life to adopt us to any activities and performance. Sports are one of the preferable extracurricular activities. However, all students do not prefer sports. However, there are different activities which students can perform such as poetry club, pi club, coding clubs and debater clubs. Codemoji is the fun program which makes them a child to enjoy a lot and learn different things with funny pictures and videos.

Experiment with different activities
As an educator, I always question that – is these extracurricular activities are relevant to child needs? Teachers and staffs would make a proper experiment on the effectiveness of extracurricular activities. It is important for students that school should follow the type of extracurricular activity which can be able to enhance students potentials, knowledge and perception. By incorporating proper fun oriented programs, a school can engage students in different activities which enhance their confidence and perception.

During incorporation of the extracurricular activities inform academic framework, schools have to keep in their mid-first that teacher should ensure the safety of each child. Extracurricular activities such as dancer, painting and sports can make child wound which leads to the injuries into a different body part.

Think beyond the common activities
As a senior educator, I believe that extracurricular activities play important roles in introducing new changes in student life. They can go beyond their common activities such as learning, writing and reading and can make proper enjoyment through performing several extracurricular activities.

Schools can develop planning of different new activities other than the common activities which can attract the students. Such as many students do not prefer to do sports, school authority makes engage them in horticulture, crafts and, group debating and puzzle solution. These activities not only provide child more pleasure to perform but also make them learn effective things which they can utilise in a future life to cope with the unfavourable condition.

Recognise peer’s talent
Extracurricular activities would enhance your expertise and make you polite in your personal and professional life. In your life, you should appreciate the ability and talent of your colleagues and pers. In schools, when dealing with extracurricular activities, you must not neglect the knowledge and skill of colleagues. You can engage yourself in different activities such as gardening, baking, sewing and cooking.

During my school days, I used to do gardening with my peers, which enhance my adjusting ability and polite approach. In many times my roommates and I were involved in cooking which made strong friendship among us. From this experience, I can say that extracurricular activities which we performed with synergistic approach would not only enhance the ability to learn n new things bust also improve behaviour and attitude.

Involve the assistance of the old students
Through extracurricular activities, we can engage older students to involve in the activity and enhance their skill through a continuous learning process. As an educator, I can say that, during performing different activities, there occurs sharing of decisions and ideas among old and new students which enhance their ability to make a collaborative approach and proper cooperation among them.

As teachers or educator, we should encourage our students to cooperate with other students and respect the decisions and ideas of others. Skill development that we can reinforce into our child through extra curriculum activities can enhance their communication skill and interactive capacity. The synergistic approach of both the old and new students can make them able to share their problems and solve it by a collaborative approach.

Charitable, voluntary and third sector organisation
You can allow your child to interact with voluntary and charitable groups in the local area. By making your child involved in proper community engagement, you can provide a fresh perspective on them. Extracurricular activities which focus on the strengthening the relationship between your child and community can improve psychological as well as the physical well-being of your child. Community engagement makes your child able to have proper strategies to fulfil their dream.

Common good
As educator and teachers, we can encourage psychological and physical well being of our child. As an educator, I can say that, instead of getting worried about what we can do for our child, we better think that how we can engage our child into the betterment of society and another child. This activity can enhance the moral and ethical values of our children. School, the authority can arrange different social charity programs and can involve students to undertake different voluntary work. These activities make student encourage doing synergistic work which enhances their cooperative approach and make them understand the social responsibilities.

Extracurricular activities are not confined to sports, dance, debate and painting. It can deal with broad social and corporate responsibilities and community engagement. Do I confront the question that – how do we involve our child in sports or dance or painting for their skill development? I acknowledge that games, painting or debates are skill-enhancing activities which can enhance the physical strength and mental ability.

However, I cannot understand that why don’t we consider psychological wellbeing and social responsibility as important extracurricular activities, which can introduce ideas of social welfare and ethical as well as moral values? As parents or teachers, our duty is not limited to making our well-educated child person but also to make them a good human being.

Community attachment and social responsibility are important aspects which we can reinforce positive thinking and motivation into our child. As a senior educator, I always believe that development of good thinking and perception is important which can enhance the synergistic approach and collaborative attitudes among students.

Make involvements of everyone
While doing an extracurricular activity, you can involve everyone in your schools as well as outside the classroom such as staffs, supervisor, mentor, students and parents to perform the task with the synergistic approach. You can engage your senior’s students in fun programs such as science club and poetry club and can observe their activities and approaches in dealing with different tasks. A senior student can guide the kids with their perceptions and ideas and can share their experience with the new students to make them motivated into activities.

Involvement of other students would encourage your child to involve with a new task, and they can feel the benefits of working together. As teachers, you can support your senior students to encourage the kids to involve into new tasks. As a senior educator, I believe that effective involvement of all school staffs into work can make a healthy and supportive environment for all the child which encourage them to deal with several new tasks.

Teamwork in reaching fun goals
School can set different fun goals which attract the students to perform the activities. Teachers and educators can set criteria according to which students have to perform in a team and try to achieve the reward. These ways of performing extracurricular activity make student to learn about the benefit of a team working and cooperative approach.

It is evident that kids can be involved in a funny quarrel which can spoil their energy of doing the work. However, through teamwork, children can share their thoughts with their peers and can also gain better knowledge about per perception.

Maintain anti-bullying work culture in school
School culture is an important factor for a child to support their mental as well as physical growth. School, the authority should ensure that all students would be provided equal opportunity to perform extracurricular activities. School management should appoint one director who will supervise the entire activities of students and ensure that there would not be any chaos or offensive performance. Children would get full support from their teachers and school staffs and are allowed to share their view and ideas.

Extracurricular activities make child enable to attain string physical and psychological well-being. Through team working with peers can share their views and thoughts which improve their self-confidence and decision making power. Through effective collaboration with teachers and staffs, children can know how to involve in synergistic work and how to work in cooperatively with others.

Through extracurricular activities, students can grow their knowledge, perception, thoughts and problem-solving capacity. By achieving proper reward by winning funny activities child become motivated to involve in new games. We should acknowledge that extracurricular activity not only enhances knowledge of our child but also improve their sense of humour and decision-making ability.


When you get an excellent job opportunity, you have to prepare yourself for grabbing that to achieve your target. Cracking the interview is not an easy task as the recruiters want you to not only stand on their criteria but also be able to prove your expertise. If you have already faced different interview, you know that it is not an easy process to meet all criteria of different recruiters.

As an HR manager, I feel that grabbing the opportunity of a wonderful job interview, needs some tactics which would represent you smarter and efficient than others in front of employers. It’s not necessary that you have to gain vast knowledge about every possible aspect; instead, you have to be smart, straightforward and efficient in communication.

Here I represent some useful tips which would be beneficial to crack the interview.

  • Conduct thorough research on recruiting company and recruiters

The first thing you can do after getting any job interview call is to make a thorough research on the recruiters and recruiting organisation. The more you make research on them, the more you would gain better knowledge regarding the criteria and requirement of the recruiters. By searching through official websites, online articles and magazines, you can obtain lots of information on the background of the company, pattern of interview questions asked by the recruiters and current economic condition of the company.
It is better to gain clear knowledge about the company before you would go for the interview. It not only enhances your confidence before meeting new people but also increases your knowledge about the company. By gaining proper knowledge on the recruiting company, you can realise the pattern of interview questions and can feel the exact requirement of recruiters.

  • Make effective review of possible interview questions

Effective analysis of possible interview question is important to enhance your strength to deal with different criteria of recruiters. It is not necessary that the questions at the interview hall that you face would be similar to that you have reviewed. However, the review of possible questions would make you able to answers different types of questions by applying the concept you get from the review.
For making further improvement, you can ask the higher management of recruiting company about the type of interviews such as whether it is a group interview or one-on-one process. You can also ask that, whether the panel would consist of only one interviewer or more than one interviewer. These concepts would assist you to get prepared for the interview. You need not memorise the answers that you have gained through review. You need to realise the concept and would enhance your communication skill to provide a fluent and smart answer to the recruiter.

  • Represent proper time management

For any organisation, time management is important and vital to meet the organisational goals. You must reach the interview venue 15 minutes before the scheduled time. The recruiter would not excuse you due to late arrival. There may be some additional work such as filling of some documents or talking to the receptionist to know that, in which room the interview is going on.
As HR manager, I feel that time management is important in cracking the interview. Your arrival before the scheduled time can offer you the opportunity to observe the dynamics of the company and the workplace environment. Therefore being punctual and good time managing person is important to grab the job opportunity.

  • Be relaxed and calm

When you go for an interview, you must be aware that recruiter would expect you to be highly smart and cool minded who can handle any complicated job tactfully. After reaching interview venue, you must be relaxed and ready to face the interview. You always remember that recruiter may reject you from their selection list if you get nervous at the time of the interview, in spite of giving a good answer to maximum questions. Therefore be smart and relax when reaching the interview venue and represent an impressive approach in front of an interviewer. Your self-confidence is important to make interviewer convinced that you are eligible to do any task.

  • Form good impression

We always remember that your first impression is the last impression to the interviewer. After reaching the interview venue, you can meet different people such as receptionist, attendants and higher managers. You should enter into interview hall with a warm greeting to all and polite attitude. Employers can be curious to know your behaviour with staffs as well as with other people. Your rude and harsh approach can derail your job opportunities easily. For making a strong impression on the interviewer, you should be well dressed, polite and must reach the interview venue in time.

It is important to make proper eye contact with your interviewer which makes them able to observe your expression and confidence level. You must welcome the interviewer with making soft handshaking and wish them properly. In the first few minutes, you can impress your interviewer by keeping a slight smile on your face through the entire interview process. Smiling face would make the interviewer feel that you are firmly confident in your ability and you can be able to meet company’s goals.

  • Be upbeat, confident, authentic and concise
  1. After the interview starts, you must maintain the quality of delivery of answers to different questions. It may occur that you are not able to answer all the questions. However, you must ensure that the answer you have given accurate and authentic. You should handle each interview question truthfully which establish your truthfulness and loyalty in front of your recruiters.
  2. It is evident that only loyalty is not sufficient to impress the employers. They seek a high level of intelligence, expertise and skill among the job seekers. You must focus on your experience, skill and can fit yourself with any interview questions which would show your adaptability.
  3. Lengthy and irrelevant answer make the employers bore and unable to hold their patience to listen to the job seeker. Your answer must be to the point and brief with a high level of specification which could make the employers understand the prime aspect of your answer easily. With representing rambling responses, you must show punctual accomplishment and solutions to each question.
  4. It does not matter, that how much an interviewer would bait you, you always maintain your polite approach and soft attitudes towards your peers and staffs of the organisation. Sometimes it occurs that, interviewer try to provoke you to experiment with your patience. At that moment you must hold your patient and answer each question with a good smile and polite approach.
  • Maintain proper body language

The content of the interview responses is paramount and poor body language can be a good reason for not hiring you. Strong body languages that can impress your employers are eye contact with your employers, active listening, solid posture, smiling face and nodding. Detrimental body language such as fidgeting in a chair, touching your hair or face, rolling your hair with fingers, mumbling or chewing gum and talking in a loud voice, can make a negative impression on the interviewers and they may reject your name from a selection list. Rude behaviour or argument with peers can also represent you as a person who is unable to hold patience in a critical time.

  • Sell yourself as far as you can

It is not necessary that only highly qualified candidate would grab the job opportunity. Employers seek the intelligence, common sense, patience and smartness among jobseekers which make them able to deal with any situation in an organisation. You must become approachable towards the interview question and would try to implement your knowledge and understanding to make significant answer.
You must establish all your possible knowledge and skills that may be helpful to deal with the interview questions to impress the interviewer. You should not be overconfident in your ability; however, you must represent your skill and perceptions to deal with the interview questions which would establish your knowledge, smartness and self-confidence in front of your interviewer.

  • Don’t become desperate

Many job seekers become desperate in interview halls and make a strong appeal to the interviewer to hire them. These types of approaches can make you lose the chance of getting the job. If you show the desperateness of getting the job, it can show your low confidence level and your lack of knowledge. You must be cool, confident and calm during an interview and always maintain your personality which would impress the interviewer.

  • Don’t become cocky

You must maintain the proper balance between professionalism modesty and confidence. You must put your best performance to represent your ability and maintain politeness as well as modesty in the way you would answer.

  • Follow up

You must follow up with a warm regard by saying thank you, which would represent your interest in the designation of the recruiting company. You have to maintain the common courtesy as well as the politeness by sending thanks via email to your recruiters which would represent your regards for the designation and the recruiters.

Above tips can be helpful to provide your overall knowledge on your appearance during interview hall, nature of questions and the way you deal with the interviewers. However, the prime key to success in interview hall is your self-confidence and problem-solving capability. Always be positive and believe in your ability which provides you strength to deal with the different interview in your life.

What are the best Programming Languages for Mathematics?

Mathematics is a part of theoretical science that deals with number, space, quality or other abstract concepts. Mathematics deals with counting, measurement, calculation along with methodical study of shapes and sizes. In solving mathematical numerical, various hindrances are faced while formulating the results.

Thus, scientist and the programmers have researched and developed various programming languages for solving mathematical numerical more appropriately. They have also attempted to make the process of solving the mathematical numerical intriguing.

Therefore, it is important to acquire proper information on the best programming languages for mathematics. They are as follows: MATLAB programming

The Matrix Laboratory (MATLAB) is a fourth-generation programming language that is used for numerical purpose of computation. It was primitively written in order to provide convenient access to the matrix was developed by LINPACK and EISPACK projects. They are the representatives of the state-of-the-art in software for computation of matrix. Developed by Math Work, this programming integrates visualization, integration along with an easy to use environment. This easy to use environment includes the process of expressing problems and solutions in mathematical notation.

The authentic uses of MATLAB are the following:

  • Engineering and scientific graphics
  • Development of algorithm
  • Prototyping, modelling and simulation
  • Visualization, data analysis, and explorationIn MATLAB, the variables are represented in the form of array those are used for indexing. A matrix is a part of linear algebra that is represented in a two-dimensional array. In MATLAB workspace the variables are either created or imported from other programs or data files. This program also allows the plotting of 2-d and 3-d graphics functions to envisage results.  The functionality of MATLAB can be expanded by the addition of toolboxes that improvise the functionality. It is a high-level array language or matrix, which comprises of flow statements, structures, data; object-oriented programming features along with input and outputs. It is also an immense assemblage of computational algorithms, which ranges from complex arthimatics to trigonometric functions like sine, cos, tan, etc.

    GNU Octave
    The GNU Octave is an improved level software programming language that is framed to solve numeric computation. This programming is used in solving the linear and nonlinear numerical. This is one of the languages that are compatible with MATLAB and thus allows performing various numerical experiments. This is free software since it is under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Furthermore, this mathematical programming language can be utilised in the updated version of Windows, BSD, Mac operating system, Linux and others. This programming might also have prevalence as a batch-oriented language.


The GNU Octave can be used to perform elementary calculations like arithmetic operation, exponential, a trigonometric function and others. This is also used to create matrix and vectors. For example, Octave uses space or comma to spate the entries, and if the command is ended with a semicolon, it operates Octave not to derive the result but rather move to the next row for further calculation. This programming language is used to solve complex differential equations, integration and other high-level mathematics. It is to be noted that, the current version of Octave helps in the execution of graphical user interface (GUI). It hosts Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which comprises of a code editor, along with syntax highl;ighting. It also contains an inbuilt debugger, browser for documentation.
Sage Math
The System for Algebra and Geometry experimentation (SAGE) math is the primary software that is used to solve numerical related to algebra, calculus, combinatorics and others. The first version of this mathematical programming was developed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Their initial goal was to create an open source alternative to programmes like MATLAB, Mathematica, Maple and Magma.  The programming uses a syntax that is similar to PYTHON programming those are used to support functional, procedural and object-oriented mathematical constructs. This programming language is easily compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, opera and others that make it easy for the programmer to run the program feasible. The features of Sage Math include visualisation of graph theory and analysis tool, a huge library with mathematical functions related to theory functions and many others. This programming uses the help of a toolkit to add user interfaces those are related to application and calculations.

The central data type of APL programming involves a multi-dimensional array, and it helps to concise the coding process by using a large number of graphic symbols and representation. This programming influences the development of functional programming, variable concept establishment regarding numerical, spreadsheet and others. One of the strongest features of APL is that they can execute any generalised array data without complicating the programming process. The APL programming has operators those help to improve the applied functions giving the programmer the opportunity to build numerical blocks that can collaborate easily. Thus, the flexibility to handle complicated numerical data makes the use of APL programming for solving mathematics a unique programming language. It also facilitates the representation of most operators and functions, which leads to very brief code. Moreover, this has an improved influence on the establishment of functional programming, concept modelling and computer maths packages.

Wolfram Mathematica
This software is a symbolic mathematical computation programming that is most often termed as computer algebra system.  This programming is used in scientific research, calculating engineering mathematics along with computation in other fields. This programming language is supportive for computation of data related to arithmetic, complex numerical, interval arithmetic along with symbolic computation. Further, the program can generate 2-D and 3-D mesh and supports the censored data, time series, temporal data and others. The real value of this programming lies in its multi-domain standard library that helps to execute various mathematical applications with ease efficiently.

Thus, by using the help of these programming languages, the mathematical operations can be efficiently executed by those keen towards learning mathematics.

Best IT courses for British looking for a better job

Now a day, Education has become much more job oriented. Information Technology related jobs have become more lucrative attractions for the British job seekers as such jobs are extremely helpful earning money. Industrial or job oriented education is an application associated with the discipline of vocational education. Along with the traditional technical teaching methods, conventional education builds the basic foundation of a student, whereas industry-oriented education is much more based on finding or getting better jobs with high paid salaries. With the advancement in IT and E-commerce, the horizon of the IT related fields is getting broadened. Thus, there is a notable amount of vacancy which always remains present in the IT fields. The British people are taking the advantages of such developments and they are looking for flourishing carriers in the Information Technology related fields. British people are aware that in the contemporary times, it is essential to opt for IT courses for getting better job placements and the career-related opportunities available with it. Because of increasing possibilities of availing job opportunities, IT courses have been included in the preference list of most of the people who seek for a career in the corporate fields at the United Kingdom.

Here we are presenting some IT related job oriented courses, which can be availed by the job aspirants to achieve a better job. The basic courses include,

Beginner level

  • Java programming essentials

    This course serves as the introduction to the Java programming language more precisely. It includes the basic concepts of the programming language and leads to the mastery of the fundamental skills that anybody needs to perform coding principles in Java. Students and IT aspirants can acquire knowledge on different aspects of Java Programming, such as JavaScript Programs, use of a variety of functions, utilisation of Loops, Conditional Statements and HTML and so on. In addition to these, there are other essentials associated with Java Programming languages, such as JavaScript commands. There are a variety of JavaScript commands, such as on Click, on Change, Alert and so on. These applications are necessitated by any beginner learner to be understood and mastered prior to moving on to the domain of further complications regarding the Information Technology. In addition, Java Runtime Environment and Integrated Development Environment can be understood.

  • C++ programming essential

It is a course which includes the comprehensive introduction of programming languages to the beginner’s level to start the process of programming and gaining knowledge regarding the entire subject. It can be a great experience for the first-time programmers. C++ will be helpful for students in understanding how to organise data as well as instructions sequentially through the utilisation of monolithic programming methods. As per this approach, program execution can be controlled to a great extent through the utilisation of Go To statement.

  • Intro to programming

As per 21st-century concepts, programming is the best and indispensable skill in the jobs associated with the IT industry. A short-term or long-term experience will be helpful for a job aspirant to introduce himself in the sector of IT industry.

  • C# programming essentials

It includes the basic concepts of the C programming language which can be a useful skill to learn the programming essentials and the application of the same.

  • PHP and web development essentials

It is an introduction to the web programming language. By the help of this program and a commensurate course on the same, a job seeker can build his websites and can interact with the public in greater measure.

Intermediate level

  • C++ software developer

The course includes the intermediate C++ software development process teaching which enables the learner to explore the specific tools associated with the language and with the help of this tool the learner can easily deal with the complex programming tasks.
Introduction to Mobile development
The course includes all necessary mobile development in the Android version. The course offers some basic skills about the mobile app designing and development. At this level, students can acquire knowledge on how to develop mobile apps. They can develop their expertise in the context of making the mobile phone apps more diverse in terms of applications regarding specific tasks and necessities.

  • Introduction to software engineering

It is the discipline of developing various programs and applications that are helpful to fix various problems related to businesses in the corporate world which are linked or associated closely with the digitisation of work activities. In the duration of this course, the learners can learn to develop distinct software by using their skills. By this process of engineering new and modified software, they can find the solutions of the problems. Through gaining knowledge on software engineering, students can develop expertise in handling big projects and developing reliable software. In addition, students will be able to understand how software standards can become the focus for business organisations for improving overall organisational productivity.

  • Java software developer

This course includes intermediate Java programming. By the help of this course, the learner can easily handle the fairly complex programming tasks.

  • Python software developer

In the present days, most of the organisations have been showing their preferences towards Python programming language because it is interactive and dynamic. In addition, it is extensible with respect to C++ and C programming language. The course is related to the intermediary skill development in the Python programming language. It helps to solve the business-related problems through the clear development of algorithms to solve the computational hurdles which are faced by the corporate organisations in their course of businesses.

Advanced level

  • Advanced software engineering

This course includes both the basics and advanced concepts associated with the software related problems. The course includes an advanced level of learning in the Python, Java and C# language.

  • Advanced mobile developer

It is the advanced level of Information Technology course which is related to the mobile development sector. Basically, this course includes the impartation advanced knowledge including the Android Operating System.

  • Introduction to data science

Data science is a subject which introduces a person with the facets of scientific management of Data. Without the help of data science, an organization cannot perform properly since this scientific discipline provides the necessary measures of data interpretation without which the utilisation of data becomes useless in any business organisation. Thus, the basic need of this course is to allow the learners to learn the fundamental skills of the data interpretation which is essential to analyse data and construct the meaning embedded in the data.

  • Web developer

It is a full package of the entire programming system which explores all levels of web development. Various kinds of programming languages are including in the data science and software engineering is included also in this exclusive program. However, before starting the exclusive program, you must have the basic knowledge of its elements. This course will teach the learner regarding both the back-end and front-end operations of the course. The course on web development will be helpful for students in acquiring knowledge of principles of good website designing. Web developers will understand a variety of aspects associated with web development, such as Navigation, Typography, Line spacing and so on.

These are some examples of the courses related to the skill development of an aspirant to secure a better job profile in the IT sector of the United Kingdom.

Most Common English Words used for Business Communication

Business Communication is the sharing of information between the internal and the external stakeholders of a company. Proper communication in business is important for providing commercial benefits to the organisation.

In clear terms, business communication is the process of a relay of information while operating the business procedures by its employees. The forms of business communication can be internal or external. Internal business communication involves the transfer of information within the organisation between its hierarchical personnel and the staff members. This form of business communication is always significant from the perspective of a managerial standpoint. External business communication process refers to the form of a flow of information that takes place between a business organisation and another similar entity regarding the same or different market scenario. The terms and words used in each case are different since the importance of each type of communication varies considerably.

Here, few terms are mentioned regarding the way professional communication is performed in any business environment.

Starting a Conference call:

The starting of a conference call during the business communication process requires the caller to ascertain first that everyone present in the communication circle can hear each other. In the process of business communication, a person requires being polite while having a conversation with the involved members in such as communicative session belongs to a variety of statuses and company ranks. It is essential to get to the point after starting the conference call. For example, if you are in a business meeting for discussing the business strategy, you should directly state what the purpose of such as a business meeting is and what accomplishments will be made through having such business meetings. You should provide a brief summary of what you want.

The few common phrases that can be used in starting a conference call are:
• “Is everybody on the line?”
• “Can everyone hear me?”
• “Kindly, state your names and states.”
• “It is [name] in [place].”
These could be the opening sentences that could be utilised to initiate a business call. Option to leave a conversation momentarily
The option to leave a conference call momentarily is fine since they are long and stressful. Thus, to excuse yourself you need to be polite so that neither of the members gets offended. The process of excusing oneself can be started in the following way :
• “I am] asking to have the permission of the honoured members to have a break for 5 minutes. Is it okay for everyone if I leave?”
After you get back in the conference call you need to say:
• “ I am here. I have come back.”
• “Thanks everyone for excusing me, back here.”
It is essential to maintain politeness while you are asking for everyone’s permission for leave. It will create a good impression about you.

Clarifying information through a phone call

There may be lack of proper Internet connection while conducting the conference call. Thus, you need to make it clear that everyone can have you listened to in case you encounter face poor quality voices. This is necessary because in case the conversation is not correctly conveyed to the members to whom it is intended to, you may miss vital information. This becomes a special inconvenience when and if, any or many members of the conference meeting could be subjected to varied measures of auditory impairment or limitations. This could result from the technical malfunctioning of any involved equipment as well since many conferences are performed over long distances by utilisation of distant communication software nowadays. Thus, you may use the phrases listed below to alert the other members to relay the information.
• “Kindly, can you speak slowly?”
• “Pardon, please! Can you repeat what you said?”
• “I couldn’t get that, can be a little more appropriate? Please.”
Use of these phrases will be helpful for clarifying information. A person should not be hesitant in asking for clarification of the information in case they are unable to understand the messages.

Starting a presentation

In a conference involving presentation, the speaker needs to be precise along with providing appropriate and detailed information regarding the-the entire sequence of presenting the object on which the presentation is formulated closely. Moreover, you need to be creative because a dull presentation would result in getting the other members become disinterested in listening to you.
• “Good [morning, afternoon]! I welcome all. My name is [your name] and is the designer for [name of the presentation].”
• “Hello! I am [name] and is the designer for [presentation name].”
Introduction and way to end the presentation
After the formal introduction, you need to introduce the topic to others present in the conference room as well.
• “Today, I would like to present you about….”
• “I am here to provide a detailed outline of …”
• “I’m delighted to present you the information on…..”
After you have started to give the audience an idea about what you are going to present, you need to make the presentation more detailed by using the following phrases.”
• “Firstly, I would like to start providing some basic information….”
• “I am glad to answer any queries and would like to know your opinion at the end of the presentation.”
The ending note needs to be simple and smart.
• “Well, that’s all for me. Thank you for listing and providing your valuable time.”

Planning a meeting

The planning of a meeting is mostly done nowadays on the phone. Thus, you require being polite and confident while speaking as it is the virtual mode of conversation.
• “When and where can we meet?”
• “Are you free? Can we meet at 3:30 p.m?
Thus, by following the above-mentioned English words and communication phrases and by communicating politely and smartly one can utilise the key ways to perform a business communication. The key to business communication is to respect everyone as a valued member of the organisation with different status. This consideration is vital from the perspective of having a clear perception regarding the necessity and effectiveness of utilising the most straightforward mode of communication. As multiple personnel, often separated physically by geographical distance, are involved in the formal mode of communicating with each other through ethereal of digital means such as remote viewing software, it could be understood that much consideration has to be involved in the process of communication. Thus if you behave rudely this may be led to the tarnishing of your image completely and could lead to the failure of the business venture for the purpose of which the entire section of business communication procedures had been invested with time and money.


Do you really think integrating technology within classroom environment will distract students and marginalise educators? Take a pause and think again.

In this digital age, students and teachers show their interest towards technology and incorporate gadgets like laptops and even smart-phones into their curriculum to create incredible opportunities for themselves. There is a negative image of using the Internet and communication technology in the mind of parents. If you want to enhance your knowledge regarding the benefits of using technology in academic curriculum, this blog will help you certainly.

In today’s intense competitive market, each commercial platform is getting transformed into a system of digital marketing. Then why should education sectors be an exception for attaining technological advancements? Shouldn’t it be better if each sector of education such as colleges, schools or even coaching institutions could bring innovations in their teaching and learning style? This methodical incorporation of innovation can differentiate them from a traditional way of education by embedding all the educational subject matters within technological equipment such as desktops, hard disks, pen drives, floppy disks and much more.

Well, in this blog, we are going to highlight some benefits of using technology in the classroom which will definitely fetch your interest towards e-learning. Moreover, if you are concerned about your children’s learning, our blog will help you to find out a difference between traditional learning and e-learning.

Here we go

  • The role of technology has been skyrocketing as schools are transforming into smart schools by using computers, projectors, tablets and other devices encourage self-directed learning rather than passive learning which could be found in lectured environments.
  • Interactive lesson plans by using ICT turn boring conceptual subjects such as maths, science into fun and engaging for students. No one learns at the same pace or in the same manner. Technology has that potential to level-set the classroom environment. You can take one example. Technology provides accommodations for disabled students as well as visual lesson plans which deliver individualised instructions for all pupils. Moreover, students can use a broad range of resources beyond classroom learning by accessing the Internet.
  • You won’t believe that technology facilitated peer collaboration. When students are assigned to some small groups for technology-based tasks, those students who have some knowledge regarding technological skills routinely assist less experienced peers. Therefore, technology integration has that amazing potential towards peer tutoring, collaboration and mentoring.
  • Students can get connected with teachers over long distances. Besides this, students can get academic papers via online platforms.
  • Besides this, you must be insightful in actualizing the benefits of technologies for teachers. Today’s teachers can utilize various authentic apps and trusted online resources in order to make learning materials more attractive. This also helps to enhance traditional ways of teaching. Virtual lesson plans, Mike, light pens, grading software and online assessments improve knowledge sharing among teachers and students.

What is more about e-learning?

Various technical aspects like computers, kinds of projectors like K-Yan help to develop practical skills like creating presentations, maintaining proper online etiquette and writing emails. Such skills help a student to improve motivation and productivity. Surely, you know that modern learning is all about solving complex problems, critical thinking, leadership skills, collaborating with others and developing different forms of communication. Therefore, this buzzword, flipping the classroom is getting a wise amount of attention. I am sure, many down the line; learning new media becomes more than a resume booster. When teachers get confused regarding a difficult question, they can Google the answer which can foster classroom discussion. In fact, this shift can empower students.

This short blog post is intended to present you with the difference between traditional learning and e-learning based on which you can decide how technologies provide benefits to students’ learning.

In traditional learning models, students have to sit attentively and take pen or pencils to note down lectures. Since last few decades, this teaching and learning model has been lauded as the best model. Teachers use blackboards, chalks and maps. However, you decide, are the students learning more this way or is it the most efficient way to learn?

Well, a lot of information has to be presented within a concise period of time in the classroom. E-learning courses make it possible for the teachers to show various things to students within a concise time frame. Moreover, various online tests make it possible for students to understand the value of time. Additionally, technologies can take 40 to 75% less class time than other traditional courses anyway. Therefore, teachers can design their material to chunk their content.

When teachers present something digitally, students, for sure, find it interesting and pay attention to that content more than anything else. Students can pause a video, rewind it and can learn at their own pace. As a result, students can remember these papers with ease. That is the benefit of technology. Besides this, for economically disadvantaged students, classrooms are the only place where they can use a computer and integrated technology.

There is a growing amount of evidence that technology incorporation affects academic performances positively. Moreover, when students will get into professional life, they can easily handle technological aspects which provide them better opportunities to get promotion in their professional life.

Student value is what they generate and not based on grade level. Their voices they are listened to are important. If a student publishes an e-book, it is judged based on its quality of writing. Therefore, where else can this happen?

According to Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, “Teachers will not be replaced by technology, but teachers who do not use technology will be superseded by those who do.”