As an ordinary day, I start my day. Waking up in the early morning and then fresh up myself and get ready for my office. I am working as an academic private tutor.

About my job, it is interesting to me as my job helps me to encourage my knowledge. My job even helps me to upgrade my knowledge on a frequent basis.

I am a music lover and I am very passionate about music. I even love singing and on any special occasion my home or at my workplace, I sing songs. I am not a trained singer but I love to sing songs and this is my passion. I am always dreaming to get the chance in the singing at the higher level.

It is quite difficult for me to manage both the things passion and the current job together. The reason is I am so much tired off from my job and after that, I did not get that much time to sing. However, I did not get that much time daily with my singing but I tried hard to make up some time for my singing because this is my passion.

The job is the part as well as the necessity of life. There has always been a complication arises between the job and the passion, when the person is doing differently than his or her passion. It is not possible for all to make their passion as their future job. For examples the celebrities or sportsperson, all they are passionate about their job and they love their job. Most of the cricketers, reality show’s dancers or singer and other actors have stated in their interview that either they all are highly qualified or degree holder but they are passionate about their hobby and dreams and they fight until the end. They fight until they did not achieve their goals or aim of life. There are so many big examples are alive with us who have fought for their passion against their jobs. MS Dhoni, the great finisher of international cricket has fought well to complete his passion. He had the chance to continue his career in the Indian railway as stationmaster or Ticket Collector but he quit because he was passionate about cricket. He has the dream to wear that blue jersey once for the nation and hit a long six for the nation.
The person is ready to quit his or her current job and go for the passion. Passion can be anything. Become celebrity is not the only purpose of any human being in life. Some people were thinking about to become rich by setting up their own business, for example, KFC, Google, and Apple. These three are the biggest example to prove that passion really needs any particular age, it just needs an enthusiasm or zeal to perform in this challengeable world. The owner of the KFC was 65 years old when he has started his business from the bottom. He was a senior chef in a reputed hotel. After retirement, he has decided to open up his own business and has started to sell street foods. He with his spouse has started to sell street foods in New York. After a period, they have owned a restaurant by the name of KFC. Due to their quality food and services in the street, they got the popularity, which has motivated the owner to expand his business. In recent time, KFC is the only large sector, an international organization that has more than 500 outlets all over the world.

Another story is about Google, two friends, who were dropped out of the college because they worked on a project that has been rejected by their lecturers and professors. These two friends had created their own project and had launched email service over the internet. People now can easily talk or made conversation over the internet from one place to another. The kind of communication was first noticed by a reputed national financial agency and they had hired this service for their commercial use. Later on this idea get the popularity and in the current time, we all know Google. The journey has been started from failure and has now reached the position as one of the most knowledgeable artificial persons.

The number one Smartphone seller in the world Apple has a gigantic story. The owner Steve Job was rejected with his idea from a large sector IT Company. Hence, he has decided to start up from the beginning, collaborated with a small scale IT Company, and has launched the first Apple device, iPod mp3. The device was costlier but better and durable than other kinds of devices. This brand has the popularity just because of its innovative technological idea in the market. In the current market, Apple is the only brand that has more than 70% of market share in the electronic mobile products as compared to another brand.

For all, it might be not possible to lead their career, according to their passion due to some critical circumstances. This is all depending on the luck on the primary basis and the person’s inner confidence and motivation that either that person wants to do it or not. By profession, Sunil Chhetri is an engineering student. He was actually pursuing his studies as the engineer, but he selected his career as a football player, which is his passion. He is the first youngest football player who was selected in the football club of England.

The passion comes from a dream and the dream comes from an inspiration. The inspiration enforced that person to be passionate about that dream and do what they love to. Kalpana Chawla, the first Indian women who have visited the space and represented the nation also make the nation feel proud. From her last interview before her dramatic death, she had stated that she was always dreaming about stars, moon, and space. She loved to hear stories about the stars and the moon. She was inspired by those stories and had decided to be an astronaut in her life. She started her career with the passion and proved it.

Passion is something that makes you alive in life. Passion is not only a hobby. It is something that makes your day even makes your single second. As what I have mentioned above that, I am crazy about singing. I love to sing also looking for an opportunity in this field. Due to some critical situations and circumstances, I was failed to turn up my career in that field. I am also crazy about cricket. I love cricket. As mom and dad believed in me and understand my passion they help me to take cricket as my career, but again some circumstances have restricted me to choose that field as the carrier. I am still thinking about the time when I was going to the club to practice but cannot possible right now.

Currently, where I am working I actually like my job, but I am very much passionate about music and singing at all. For me, both are important to me. One is to fulfill my need and another one is to entertain myself. After getting tired from the job or the entire, I love to hear music or a song that makes me feel relaxed and refresh my mind. As what I have experienced that if you were passionate about your job, then all the tasks would seem easy for you. The similar is happening to me, as I love my job, hence I never ever faced that much pressure in my tasks but yes tired of from the job. Than songs, change my mood.

The day job of the person can be contradicted with the passion when that person is disliking his or her job. Under this situation, the person then passes by mental pressure. Sometimes I was frustrated with my present job and thinking about the passion. When I have to take the decision between my day job and my passion than my vote is in favor of my day job. For me, the decision is not so much difficult but when I have to think about my family and the responsibility then I have to stick to my job.

Different people have a different dream and passion in their life. Some got success to start up their career in their dreamt world, about which they are passionate. Others are sacrificing and trying to adjust. The human psychology says that people who failed to achieve their goal in their life they hoped it from their next generation.
In the end, I would like to add that, every person has a passion in their life and they need to fight until they got the chance to prove their passion. If a person did not get the chance to start the career over the passion than don not be demoralized keep fighting and waiting for the right time.


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