5 Must have qualities of a Maths Tutor

There are some basic qualities that a maths tutor must have in order to improve their teaching. A good maths tutor must adapt adequate teaching style for teaching students of different levels like primary, GCSE, A-level, university, but most of the qualities could be applied to all the levels as well.

1. Passionate Way of Teaching

passionate teaching style
Passion Energizes for better efforts and better efforts = Better Results

A good maths tutor must be passionate towards his or her teaching and make sure that students learn and understand their teachings as well. Their passion for teaching energizes them to give their best efforts and on other hand motivates students to learn with passion and give due respect to their tutors. The study on students feedback have witnessed that most students like and praise tutors who are passionate towards their profession.

2. Adaptive and innovative teaching style

adaptive teaching style for math tutoring
Flexibility is the symbol of liveliness

A good maths tutor must adapt effective teaching style as he or she must be able to explain all the concepts and methods easily and clearly in their student’s mind. Tutor need to teach in the style in which their students can learn easily and also should speak or explain at the level in which student can understand effectively. After a few classes the tutor must be able to understand the child’s learning style, capacity and pattern and should teach accordingly.

3. Makes maths learning Fun

make maths learning fun
If it seems like a game they wouldn’t mind to game on…

A good maths tutor should always convey the beauty of mathematics to its students. The tutor should make students understand the importance, uses and applications of maths to children and this motivates the students towards learning and practicing mathematics. A charismatic tutor can bring wonderful changes in students’ learning. A good maths tutor should push students towards maths and boost up their enthusiasm. He or she must engage students in maths learning and should make them understand why they are doing so. Like a linear equation can be directly solved with formal rules, but in this case students will never able to know or understand the concepts and ideas behind the rules. On other if a tutor will first get the students solve linear equations with other techniques like using graphs or checking and guessing methods, then students will realize that there can be an easier way to solve these equations and this way they will understand the importance of formal maths.

4. Interactive & effective Communication

Interactive & effective Communication
Interaction & Communication is the key

A good tutor must be a good communicator as effective communication skills play a crucial role in the interaction between tutor and students. A good tutor should have accurate eloquence, pronunciation and proper accent. He or she must ensure that their students understand the same thing what they are speaking also tutors need to ensure that their speech is easily understood by the students.
A good tutor is just not done with his effective teachings instead he or she should encourage student’s participation up most. The tutor must motivate the student’s involvement and pushes them to raise questions and queries. The more a student comes up with their difficulties the more healthy interaction will be between tutor and students. A good maths tutor should encourage his or her students to practice maths more and more. Maths is a subject which becomes more and more interesting with just practicing solving equations and problems.

5. Alternative approach towards teaching methods

Adaptive and innovative teaching style
Flexibility is the symbol of liveliness

When a maths tutor makes their students do maths, students can discover many techniques of solving a problem and can learn a lot from their own mistakes. A good maths tutor always comes well prepared for the class as he or she plans the lecture or session in advance. He or she plans out the best and effective way of conducting the class.
Beside this tutors should be able to provide alternative approaches to problem solving. A good tutor makes his or her student independent as tutor always motivate the students to study in their own style and apply their creativity to the subject.

Finally, a good tutor must be calm, friendly and must possess patience. The tutor must be innovative and creative so that he or she can explain in a varied style. Moreover a good tutor is always trustful, realistic, optimistic and supportive.

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