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How to Play the Trumpet fast, fun and frustration free

Though, the people, who play the trumpet, have been discovering different ways so that they can become the masters of playing trumpet, over 3,000 years. Still nobody has yet got success to find a way to become a professional trumpet player in a very short time. Playing trumpet sometimes becomes the reason of frustration because it is not easy for all the people to play the trumpet.

trump copyIt is actually very much difficult to play trumpet fast, fun and frustration free. So, there have been given some of the steps, ideas, tips and tricks to play the trumpet fast, fun and frustration free.

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These tips are as follows:-

  1. After picking up the horn of the trumpet, one should take three deep trumpet breaths, after than he/she should place the mouthpiece in the mouth. Then finally one should blow air through the mouthpiece until he/she gets a buzz going using the least amount of air and energy.
  2. If the ear is not good enough to hear the music, they he/she should play only one note on the mouthpiece, followed by this one note one step above it. One should continue doing the same for two minutes.
  3. After all this, one should play three notes up, then 5 notes up and finally again back down and should try to play a scale. One should try doing this without any breaks.
  4. The very next step is not to place the mouthpiece in the horn.
  5. After this step, the next step is to blow through the horn for around one minute. Make sure that you blow without playing any notes. Also, make sure that you take deep breaths with this.
  6. Then finally start playing the trumpet with some of the major scales and use long tones. You may start with the C scale (Concert Bb), and you should do it for 5 to 10 minutes continuously.
  7. Then finally start playing arpeggios (1-3-5-8) and then again start the C scale. Do this for 2 to 5 minutes.
  8. After performing all the above steps, you should be warm enough. In case you are not warm, do some lip slurs and then go to higher than E scale at the top of the staff.
  9. Then again begin by playing the G scale (Concert F) just above the staff.
  10. You need to work a lot on expanding the range of playing through lip slurs. For this, you need to begin from C scale (concert Bb).
  11. After all these steps have been performed perfectly, then you are supposed to repeat all of these steps.
  12. In case if you get to the highest note that can be played by you, then you just have to tongue and play that note over and over again.
  13. Then you should try to buzz the lips together so that you may mimic the sound of a trumpet.
  14. While playing trumpet, one must try to breathe in 4 beats and then release air in those four beats so that he/she does not get frustrated.
  15. After practicing of breathing in 4 beats, you need to try to breath in for every two beats and also releasing the breath in two beats.

You can also use a stopwatch or a stopped clock so that you can note down the time how long you can release the breath.


All the above-explained points must be followed in a proper way for playing trumpet in an effective manner. These points can definitely help anyone who actually wants to learn how to play trumpet fast and frustration-free. Mostly people get frustrated by playing the trumpet. The most common reason behind getting frustrated is that mostly people do not know the ways how a trumpet should be played. By following these very simple steps, one can easily play trumpet faster than ever again, and also, he/she will find fun playing trumpet. Most importantly the person, who follows the above-explained steps, would never get frustrated as these steps are really very much interesting. All you need to do is just to follow these steps every day and have to make some efforts if you actually want to learn to play trumpet, and it will be really very much easy for you to play trumpet faster. Your speed of playing trumpet will increase every day if you follow the steps everyday.

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