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Online tutoring with its growth and popularity in all over the world has become an excellent place for the job seekers with mastery in almost any subject, academic or others like music and arts. Click on the website of any online tutoring company in UK and you will find that they require teacher for any subject you know. However, the demand of the tutors varies from subject to subject. When subjects like Maths, Language and Business Finance are demanded most by the students seeking online tutors, subjects related to pure arts, music etc. also finding considerable demand from the students in the recent past.

online tutoring jobs in ukAfter the financial meltdown of the world economy in 2008, the employment portals in all over the world are being flooded with the curriculum vitae of the job aspirants. Online tutoring companies are proving to be one of the best places to search for a tutoring especially for those candidates who have in depth knowledge in any subject as well as the ability to deliver that knowledge to the students of the online tutoring companies. In UK there are lots of tutoring companies like TutorMeBrightSpark Education, Tutor Hub, Home Tutoring Online and others who are successfully offering their tutoring services to a vast pool of students and all the companies are growing their businesses rapidly. With the demand of their services amongst the students, the companies are hiring teachers in almost every subject once the demand of that particular subject is being raised by the students on a continuous basis.

One brilliant aspect of the online tutoring jobs is that your location is not important for doing the job. You can live at any corner of the UK as well as of the world at large and still you could find a job as an online tutor in any one of the established and growing UK online tutoring companies. The most important factors to do the job is your attitude to be a tutor and in-depth subject knowledge in which you want to offer your tutoring service. Another important feature of the online tutoring is that the age of the job aspirants is of minimum importance as a young student as well as a veteran teacher or a retired professional could find a lucrative job in these companies subject to the condition that they qualify the screening and mock tests taken by the companies to select their teachers.
The legal laws of UK authorize you for a part time job once you are at your 13 (subject to some bylaws of some local authority). The online tutoring job could provide you an option of earning money even when you are at your school, provided you have the ability to satisfy the needs of the students.
If you are good at English and Math then you can find the online tutoring world really lucrative and paying as the demand for these two subjects in all over the world is continuously increasing. Moreover you can find a good tutoring job opportunity if you have mastery in other subjects like business finance, accounts, as well as physics, chemistry and life science. Apart form these conventional subjects, the online tutoring also offer subjects like music, basic and advanced computer skills and other foreign languages as and when such demand comes from the students. And there is demand. This is because of the vast pool of the students that an online tutoring company can access. It is not necessary that the students will be only British Citizen. Because of the techniques used in such tutoring process, you could have students residing in other parts of the globe. In effect you become a global tutor leaving your national identity once you enroll yourself as an online tutor.

However certain requirements are advised to be fulfilled before you apply for an online tutorial job. All these qualifications and certifications will help you to get the job much more easily in UK. To become an online tutor you should have teaching, training or tutoring experience coupled with good subject knowledge. You should be enough proficient with the information technology so as to handle the application software efficiently to deliver your service properly. The online tutoring companies in UK will require you to have BDS (Disclosure and Barring Service) clearance, especially if you intend to be the tutor of the kids rather than adults. The certificate or Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector, Certificate or Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Qualified Teacher Status received from Initial Teacher Training or School Based Initial Teacher Training Course will be giving your application for the post of online tutor a competitive edge.

What could be your pay in such a job? As in any industry, it depends upon your ability and on your teaching skills. On an average you could earn @ 6 GBP per hour as your starting pay, which, depending upon your performance and the subject you teach, could reach up to 50 GBP per hour. The statistics show that in UK a full time employee can earn up to 35000 GBP per annum at the present scenario. It is estimated that around 2300000 teachers could be absorbed by the industry so far as the present growth rate is concerned and the report reveals that the sector is suffering form skill shortage signifying that there is enough job opportunities in the UK online tutoring companies.

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