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10 Best iPad games for learning Geography

Amazing World Atlas by Lonely Planet Kids – Educational Geography Game
By Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd

Created by Lonely Planet Publications Pty Lid., the Amazing World Atlas by Lonely Planet Kids, with its five games, is one of the best iPad apps to develop the concept of geography. The games in the apps provide the kids interesting ways to learn geography. You can enjoy the game of matching the national flags with the name of the countries along with the geographical locations of the countries. The apps help you to remember the flags of different countries and their continents by its “flag memory” game while in “capital match” you face the challenge of choosing the right capital for different countries. The “World Matchup” is another interesting mini-game in the apps which help the kids relate the flags, animals as well as the important historical shrines to their correct places on the world map.


Learn World Geography
By Brainscape

The use of the latest techniques in cognitive science has made the apps really unique for learning the geography of the entire world. The particular concentration of the makers of this apps is to use your learning time as efficiently as possible. Rating of flash cards based on the ability of the kids to locate the capitals and the places of importance in all over the world as well as the major currencies of every country in the world really provide a moving experience to learn the entire maps of the world within minimum possible time. The techniques of using flash cards in right pattern also make it easier for the kids to learn the name of the countries, their continents as well as their currencies and capitals.

Geography Duel – Two Player Split Screen World Trivia Game for Kids and Adults
By Ellie’s Games, LLC

The game provides an excitement of competition in between two competitors while they learn the world geography. The game is also suitable for single kids who want to learn world maps, the name of the countries as well as the name of their capitals and places of historical importance all over the world.

iLearn Geography
By iLearn Company

The iLearn Geography app is a merger of the stunning and attractive landmarks as well as places of significant geo-political importance. The places have been displayed and made lively by brought to life by a amazingly instinctive and imaginative user interface. You can find the details of the rivers criss-crossing the landscape of different countries, the elegant waterfalls as well as all the important cities with their places of important buildings and work of arts like statues and sculptures.
Presentation of the global map by dazzling descriptions and the important facts about the location, and other characteristics of the most important sites of the world, will provide you a remarkable experience of learning the details of world map through an apps.

TapQuiz Maps World Edition
By Rolzor

The countries of North America, Latin America and the entire Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Australia will come to you alive with all their important locations and key information about the countries will come to alive when you will try to learn geography using this app. The apps have made it easier to learn the geography by incorporating a traditional and familiar question answer pattern to learn the subject. You can also keep the statistics of your performance while answering the questions based on the maps and that will help you to find out the area where you still need improvements.

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Geo Touch: Geography Game to Learn the US State Maps, Capitals and Countries of the World
By Always Icecream & Clever Dragons

The apps help your kids to learn the boundaries, shape and the site of every country in the world. The capitals of the countries, the states within each country as well as the other natural characteristics of each place on the earth could be learnt in an easiest way through this app.
Optical and acoustic cues assist you accurately spotting states.
Educating yourself with the help of the apps has been made easier by offering the States and countries in convenient sets which are has made it easy to manage the app. While you finish your learning, you can test your knowledge by switching on the practice mode which helps a lot to memorise what you have learnt.

Stack the Countries™ Lite
By Freecloud Design, Inc.

Learning geography is fun in this apps where you can actually touch and place the courtiers wherever you want on the screen and that gives you a remarkable way of learning about the location, landmarks, capitals of different countries in the world. You form your own map by placing the countries and soon you will lean if you have done it perfectly. With sound effect and brilliant colourful view of different countries and landscapes over the, the apps also gives you an opportunity to sharpen your memory and knowledge by introducing thousand vital and interesting questions on geography. The questions are related to the geographic locations of all places of importance, capitals of different countries of this globe.

National Geographic World Atlas
By National Geographic Society

National Geographic, itself is an icon in the exploration of this interesting world and sometimes even beyond this world. When apps are prepared by such a reputed establishment to teach geography to the kids, without any doubt, the apps become one of the most interesting and complete one to serve its purpose. National Geographic World Atlas, is regarded as one of the most trusted and interesting apps to teach geography. The references and resources that are available on this app to answer innumerable questions are simply overwhelming. The app portrays almost all vital geographical statistics and facts about every country in this world. While looking at the apps, you can also have the most recent information on the weather of any place on this globe.

The World Factbook for iPad
By Fuzzy Peach LLC

The fact book provides you a lot of detailed information about more than 250 countries. Starting from geographical location to the important facts of these countries will be just at your fingertips once you start looking at this app. Maps of the countries, various locations, social facts, facts about the governments, transportation systems and lots of other information about almost all the countries in the apps has really made it a useful tool, not only for the kids to learn geography but also for the adults who frequently travel throughout the world.

123 World HD: Talking Coloring Book for iPad (English, Spanish, French and German)
By Steve Glinberg

123 World introduces topography to kids by means of appealing presentation of various countries with mind-blowing special effects, melody as well as a live Google map. One unique feature of this app is that it gives a brilliant idea about the various languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Hebrew by providing numbers as well as letters in these languages.

7ways iPad can teach kids with learning disability

Students with learning disability face learning and attention issues which low down there Self- esteem as well where there also struggling with society on another hand.  Such students find learning and reading as the most troublesome task and always try to ignore individual as well as classroom studies. Where all their peers were scoring well in class, these students hardly understand memorize anything. Parents and teacher also keep working hard so that they might show some improvement and work hand in hand with students with learning disability. If learning and reading can be made interesting and enjoyable with learning and memory games then students with learning disability will find it interesting and one such gift for those students is iPad as iPad can make them learn without much effort and in the most interesting manner.

            By now, iPads have proven itself as agreed tool for transforming the classroom environment for the kids with learning disability. However, this tool is absolutely tremendous for every student but for students with a learning disability it is a lifeline in disguise. With iPad unrivaled effectiveness, it is a boon to the disable students and tutor who work with them hand in hand. Indeed iPad is mean of communicating ideas and translating words to such students as well as it resulted in boosting up self-confidence, reducing aggression and frustration of learning disability student.

            Do really iPad are proven a boon for students with a learning disability? Perhaps yes, Ipad work as magic on students by simplifying the efforts which struggling students put in learning and reading. iPad apps For learning Disabilities

Here are the ways iPad can help students with learning disability.

User-friendly with struggling students– the other devices and traditional technology are based on point and click technology that is not that user-friendly with struggling students with learning disability. And in all sense iPads are just the perfect pair of students with difficulty in understanding visual pictures.  iPad provide eased with the comfort of organized application and very easy mode to navigate them. Along with this iPad has number of pros with students with motor impairment as iPad perfectly sync itself with the movement of student body.

            Likewise, iPads are heavenly blessings for students with dyslexia – dyslexia is disorder in which the person suffering from it faces difficulties in reading and memorizing the words and characters. Due to this type of language beast disorder student find themselves weak to cope up learning with their peers. But iPad have several apps that can help such students to meet learning expectation of their tutor as well as parents.

            Application for sound literacy – this app is designed in such a way that it looks like customize letter tile game through which dyslexia students can learn spellings and word easily.

            Open Dyslexic web browsing app– this application makes learning and. Reading for students with learning disability quite simple as it convert the content into very simple and readable format.

            App for math and calculation– mod math is one of such application that allows dyslexia student to calculate the numbers easily as usually these students find trouble in writing numbers and character but this app provide them with virtual graph and calculator to easy calculate the problem

            Quest for students suffering from learning and reading disability– these quest in Ipad help a lot to students to learn and memorize the words and spellings through games. Quest makes it very easy for students to practice learning with developing their interest in them.iPad apps for kids help

            They create an own learning environment for learning disable students and also allow them communicate through them- iPads are multisensory which allows the students to focus on their learning without any odd to distract them from learning. iPad keep the student in a. Environment where it will keep guiding student towards the right path and will stop speaking as the student get distracted and again guide student towards the right route along with this iPads are very beneficial to students both in individual as well as classroom learning.  iPads allow student to concentrate towards the teacher’s lecture as iPad will record whole lecture and make the notes of it so that student need to engage him or her  in writing down the lecture  and can pay attention and focus towards classroom studies. Also for non-verbal students iPad act as their mode of communication, there are many touches to speak apps that help disable students to communicate their thoughts. Like student can give a quick answer of yes or no just by touching the screen.

            iPads are therapeutic tool for disable students– iPad are not only used for translating and commuting students thoughts but help in developing specific skills like those disable students who have interest in music can learn more quickly from iTunes and other instrument learning apps.

            iPads can develop social skills too– iPads are a fantastic device that help students with a disability to develop social awareness and skills in more intellectual manner. Where a student with learning disability faces humiliation, this app is very good in regaining the lost morale of student.

            iPad help tutors and parents A lot by keeping track of student’s performance– the very important task that iPad do is it keep track of student‘s performance. It is very important for students with a learning disability to track all specific improvements and point out the weakness. This helps the tutors and parents to address where the weakness is and where the strength is. This is helpful in tracking classroom as well as homework lessons of the students. At the same time pad also keep student away from getting overwhelmed as iPad know all the weakness and strength of the student , it will provide a diversity of skill for all types of students struggling with learning disability.

            iPad do not bring stigma in students with learning disability– as the students with learning difficulties already feel less confident than their peers and using some different method that whole class is not using make student feel more depress where using iPad do not bring stigma to students with learning disability rather using iPad is normal and even cool.

7 FREE iPad Apps for Tutors


Edublog is a blog developed specifically for meeting the educational purposes. Edublogs provide great support to student and teacher learning through facilitating reflection, questioning by self and collaboration. It also provides contexts for encouraging high order thinking. The blog has grown from a single idea in 2005 and now it has become the largest and most trusted provider of educational blogging across the world. It has greatly transformed the educational experience of students. It has succeeded in engaging a large number of students and also has become the source of pride in the classroom. Edublogs propagated when it became easy to understand the structure of blogging and teachers started realizing the instructional potential of blogs as an online resource.


The use of blogs has become very popular in educational bodies such as schools and colleges. Edublogs are used as learning journal for gathering information and ideas and for communicating with other people. Many teachers share materials and ideas on these blogs in order to meet with the distinctive needs of all learners in the classrooms.


Symbaloo is a cloud based application that facilitates the users to arrange and categorize web links in the form of buttons. Basically, it operates from a web browser and can be configured as a home page. By using this app, tutors can develop a personalized virtual desktop that can be accessible from any type of device through internet connectivity. Tutors can organize and store all the digital resources in the cloud.


SymbalooEDU Premium is a resource management system that offers the facility of classrooms and schools. It helps the tutors in generating good educational content, and they can share best of the web for the students. They are able to work harder, smarter and most importantly with ease. Tutors can also customize their lessons and lectures by using Symbaloo.

Paper by FiftyThree

A paper by FiftyThree is an iPad application launched in the year 2012. The product was highly successful after its launch. This App has been awarded as the best app because of its excellent and innovative concept. Through this app, tutors can create blank notebooks and can write whatever they like. They can keep notes, make to-do lists and can do many more things. The app contains digital journals under which tutors can make diagrams, illustrations, sketches, notes or drawings. All these things can also be shared through emails.


A paper by FiftyThree is free to download and is available in ten different languages and comes with a drawing tool. This technological tool is very useful for art tutors.


Evernote App designed by an American independent private company that offers communication and collaboration services to the users. Experts are of the opinion that Evernote is more valuable and intellectual than the New York Times. Through this too, tutors can keep their life in more organized manner. They can impart good education and learn to the students. The makers of the app keep on adding new features to it on a regular basis.


It has the potential to create a digital classroom for the tutors. It is a big platform where tutors can share many inspirational ideas and information related to the educational field. One of the major advantage hold by Evernote is that the app is having great amount of sharing features.


It has been a favorite place for tutors on the web for educational videos. It offers a world-class online platform where tutors can store, categorize and provide rankings to best educational videos. Further, the app also invites teachers, instructors and educators to make suggestions for inclusion in the directory. The videos found on the app are of high quality and features. Further, it also covers all the major educational subjects from elementary to secondary schools.


In the present context, WatchKnowLearn has indexed around 50,000 intellectual videos. It places then into the directory of over 5,000 categories. There are no registration fees charged for using the services of App. Apart from that users can search for content on the basis of several categories such as age, educational level, etc. Titles of videos, descriptions, age level information, ratings, etc. are all edited for usefulness. The app offers a broad participation in a new world of Wikipedia for the tutors. is the world’s leading and most definitive online dictionary having more than 70 million users across the globe. is also the leading English dictionary app for iPhone. It is having over 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms. The mission of this educational tool is to provide delightful and inspiring experience to the users of English language. Presently it is acting as a most innovative and comprehensive digital source for the knowledge of words. It helps the people in correctly defining, pronouncing and applying words related to the subject.


According to the experts, this app is very clean and easy to use. Tutors can read any word, find the origin, find synonyms by using this educational tool. The content of the app is licensed from valid and established sources, so it is proving to be a very valuable educational tool for the tutors.

Desmos Graphing Calculatory

It is an advanced graphing calculator that is used as a browser application and mobile application. It is one of the most useful apps of Apple for the users. It has a very basic appearance, but it is enclosed with some powerful features. Users can solve tough calculations in a quick span of time. It offers a great amount of flexibility and value for the users. Tutors can solve different types of mathematical calculations and equations on this app.

Desmos Graphing Calculatory

The mission of the Desmos is to create a universe of mathematical literacy under which no student can think that mathematics is too hard to understand. One of the major advantages of this tool is that it does not need any internet connection to work. It makes hard aspects of mathematics such as regression, algebra, etc. easily accessible for the users. Hence, it can be said that it is also one of the valuable educational tools for the tutors.

Above information shared with you, it may be useful for each individual. They can get any time help from these sources. Learners who want to learn more about any educational topic, they can easily learn without the help of any tutor. These apps are designed according the convenience of users.