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Sometimes Self Study is Just Not Enough to Beat Competition

With the increase in the number of students, the educational facilities, as well as opportunities, have increased. But still, the opportunities of a good education are grossly insufficient for the students who want to have a quality higher education from reputed universities and colleges.  The numbers of scholarships, the number of premier institutes and the number of seats in each premier university have increased significantly all over the world, but still, those are way behind in satisfying the demand of the students, who want to occupy those seats or want to earn those scholarships. The result is the unprecedented increase in competition amongst the students and, along with it, the unprecedented development of the standards of competitive examinations by the reputed universities to select their candidates.

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This scenario of competitive examinations is also true for entering the reputed companies to start a good professional career at the end of the academic life. Thus, having a good academic career is just to maintain the eligibility criteria for sitting in these competitive examinations and for satisfying the members of your personal interview board. You will find yourself nowhere if you fail to qualify these competitive entrance tests, meant for higher education in the reputed universities, or for professional studies like MBA from world-class universities or for selecting the candidates as apprentice in some reputed companies, where you want to start your professional career.

A competition was there from the very beginning of the history of mankind and in a different form. Now the intensity has only been increased and along with it, the standard of competition in almost every possible field. Now, as a student, you need to crack the toughest possible entrance tests at almost every possible field, if you want to get yourself admitted into the best possible universities for higher studies or into best possible companies to start your professional career. Qualifying these entrance examinations really require a dedicated and focused preparation on the part of you. But the most important fact for these entrance tests is that the style of preparation is way different from the style, which you usually adopt to get good grade points in the examinations of your academic life.

While preparing for the examinations in your school and colleges, you usually prepare on the basis of a syllabus and on the basis of the guidelines provided by the teachers throughout the year. Each class deal with a particular syllabus for every subject and the purpose is to provide you knowledge about the subjects and gradually improving the same year by year, as you move up your academic sessions. The schools are meant to impart knowledge to the students and to develop various skills like writing, communication, practical application of the theoretical knowledge through various examinations and assignments.

The purpose is to prepare you for the professional life where you will be applying knowledge gathered in your academic career. The examinations are generally scheduled and are taken at a definite interval of time and the main purpose of these examinations are to test the development of the subject knowledge, which have been taught to you in classes and on which the questions have been set. So preparing for the school and college examinations require you to follow the class notes and lectures of the teachers, to finish the syllabus on the basis of which the questions will be set and to study the subjects according to the syllabus, religiously, to get a good grade.

But in case of the competitive examinations, you face a different kind of music. Only a dedicated self study is not enough to qualify the competitive exams, especially those which are taken by the reputed universities, institutes, and companies. The first hurdle is, like the school or college examinations, the competitive exams, usually do not have a syllabus specific to the point. This means that you will definitely be getting a syllabus, but that is generally without any specific details of the content of the syllabus.

In general, the standard of the questions is according to the class level when you face the school or college examinations in your academic career. But in the case of competitive examinations, there is no such standardisation of the syllabus. So in a word, most of the times you will wonder what should be the standard of preparation to tackle the questions properly in the competitive examinations you are attempting for. The questions of the regular academic examinations usually follow a pattern, which you can get either from the previous years’ examinations or from the lectures and the class notes of the class teachers. But, in good competitive examinations, usually, the patterns and style of asking questions vary widely from year after year.

So you will not even get the trends properly as to what kind of questions you are going to face in the next term, though the questions will be from the syllabus as generally described by the organisers of the examination. Usually, competitive examinations are based on varieties of subjects like maths, logical reasoning, general knowledge, computer knowledge, data interpretation, language skills etc.

All these subjects are not always common throughout the academic life of a student. Naturally, when taking the preparation for competitive examinations you usually have to go back to the basics of some of the subjects which you have done several years ago. Without proper guidance, it becomes impossible to develop the knowledge-base on that particular subject to the standard, which is expected to answer the question set in the examinations. Time is another most vital factor.

The competitive exams usually test the knowledge and the speed of applying that knowledge to solve the problems. For example in case of mathematics, if you try to work out a numerical calculation in the way you have learned in your school life, you will get the answer perfectly, but at the same time, those general methods being too much time consuming will not allow you to finish the paper within the stipulated time period. You have to know several tricks and specific way to solve the mathematical, data interpretation and logical reasoning problems. Even for language also, the same is true. You have to follow a particular approach to develop the capability of establishing your language skill before the examiners.

Thus only self study, nowadays, are not going to make you capable of qualifying the competitive examinations to get yourself admitted in your desired institute. You need to follow a definite approach to crack the exams and for that, you need a good professional guidance. In all over the world, there are various institutes who prepare the students for the most reputed competitive exams like GMAT, TOEFL, and others because you need to follow a specific, time-bound approach to qualify those examinations. These institutes have a competent R&D which works on the way of preparing the students according to their potentials, so that a dedicated candidate, after following their guidelines, can qualify the examinations.

You will get study materials from them, which meticulously discuss the subject matter of the exam syllabus and, you will learn over there how to answer the questions in the minimum possible time, so as to get a competitive edge over the other students who are self-studying. The style of answering questions cast a significant effect on time, which is of the essence in these type of examinations. Moreover, qualifying the written examinations is not all for good competitive exams. Thereafter you have to face Group discussions and Personal interview, which also bear the same importance as the written examinations.

The professional institutes who undertake the responsibility of preparing you for a particular competitive exam also take care of the Group discussion and personal interview rounds. They will counsel you and will guide you how to answer the question in a personal interview and how to take part in a group discussion in the most convincing way. Top-ranked institutes in every field, always try to choose the best possible candidates from all over the world. There are millions of students, with their brilliant academic career are competing for these institutes. The competitive examinations are not test for selection, but these are tests for elimination. Only a dedicated self study will not help you to get yourself admitted in your dreamed institution. A dedicated self study backed up by a professional and focused approach will do.

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