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It is important for every individual to burn body fats and makes a healthy body to stay fit. A recent health report stated that six out of ten working Americans cannot manage their time to do regular exercise.

In today’s fast-paced life, we are busy on a tight schedule to fulfill our target. A busy life is important to get success in life; however, it is also necessary to maintain health & fitness properly.

There is a chance of massive health disorder in case of busy people who work at least 10-12 hours to meet their requirements. Therefore health and fitness are important to enhance their metabolic activities. Busy people need extra calorie and more food to meet their metabolic requirement. Nutritious food is important to meet the protein needs of the body.

Busy people are highly prevalent in various health disorders. Heath is an important aspect to meet the nutritional requirement of your body. For busy people, as they are involved in different tasks, they cannot get free time for their relaxation.

  • Busy work schedule make you engaged in various deadly habits which can damage the health such as
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to damage the metabolic activity of the body
  • An unorganized diet which does
  • A sleepless night which damages the decision making power and problem-solving ability
  • Lack of concentration and mindfulness which affect thoughts and perception

For a busy person, it is important to maintain a good diet to provide proper nutrition and vitamins to their body. Here are the important dietary guidelines for busy people to get proper nutrition and to stay fit.

  • You must balance the food intake with proper physical activity. If you are more active, you require more food. As you work for a long time, your body needs a high portion of food to supply energy. Vegetables, fruits, salads, and a high amount of water are an important diet to maintain your daily schedule. It is obvious that many people think that if they take a large portion of food at a particular time and then stay fast for long hours, it would enough for them to stay healthy.
  • As a dietician, I face many cases where individuals work 9-11 hours a day and do not maintain proper time to take food. Some cases, they take a huge amount of food at a time and then stay without foods for long hours. It would lead to the development of overweight and obesity among them. If you follow a busy schedule each day, you must take sufficient food for every 4 hours. It would provide proper nutrition to your body and discard chances of malnutrition.
  • Types of food are an important factor which affects individual health. Different people have a massive difference in their health preferences which brings huge disparities in their diet. Cultures and economic ability affect the food preference of people. Dieticians suggest that each individual should take considerable out of all proteins to meet the nutritional need of a body. With an experience of my long career, I believe that carbohydrate foods such as rice, bread, cereals or potato are important for everyday diet. Carbohydrate is an important source of energy which would enhance the strength of busy people to follow a daily schedule.
    It is my suggestion to you as a dietician, that as a busy worker you must put high fiber food in your diet. It would enhance you enhance your metabolic activities and generate huge energy to run your job.
  • You can take five or six fruits and vegetable in each day which would provide high-quality nutrients to your body to stay you healthy. You must avoid frozen, tinned and dried food. In our busy schedule, we most of the times take junk foods and frozen foods during office hours. It not only stores excess fats in your body but also enhances your body weight. Obesity is one of the common outcomes of eating junk foods we often experienced by busy people. Therefore you must take boiled food, fresh vegetables, and fruits which would provide proper energy to your body.
  • Due to busy schedules, we do not have time to buy fresh foods from the market. Even we cannot make a proper selection of foods which would be effective for our health. As a dietician, I believe that a mixture of bright colored vegetable and fruits have high nutritional value. The color food with high level nutritious is banana, carrots, cabbage, sweet potato, oranges, broccoli, and cauliflower. These foods are important to make proper health among busy people by producing a high level of energy.
  • To maintain strong bones, you must follow a low-fat diet. If you take high-fat diet, your body cannot absorb the excess fat and these fats began to store in your body. Dietary foods with a high level of vitamin D and calcium would make your bone strong and make you able to do a large amount of work in each day.
  • Protein foods are also an important diet for busy people as they need extra protein to keep their mind strong and body active. Proteins foods play important role in the formation of new cells as well as in keep t our muscles strong. The large source of proteins is poultry, lean, meat, fish and egg. Salmon, fresh tuna, trout, and sardines consist of a high level of omega – 3 which makes you able to produce huge energy to do your work. As a busy person, you need a consistent supply of protein into your body to make your bones and muscle actives. Therefore, you can take beans, nuts, and eggs to meet protein requirement in your body.
  • It is important to know about the foods that can affect your health such as saturated fats, as well as animal fats. Saturated fats enhance the cholesterol level of any individual which increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Saturated fats include butter, lard, cream, fat on the meat, pudding, pate meat, skin on chicken, sausage and burgers, enhance the fat level in our body which make us prevalent to obesity and various heart risk.
  • However, most of the times, when we spend times with our colleges, we eat junk foods or unsaturated fats which reduce our activity and bone strength. If there are too many fats stored around the bone, it automatically reduces the strength of muscles to perform well. Stored fat in our body also reduces the activity of muscle cells which make us gain excess weight. Therefore, in our busy schedule, we must maintain low-fat food to stay fit get high muscle activity.

A healthy diet is not enough to stay fit in case of busy people. For maintaining a healthy life it is important to make your blood circulation strong and keep your muscle activity. Exercise is an important aspect which can meet this requirement. Various exercises can be done by the people to stay fit and healthy.

  • People can make regular exercise and yoga to maintain their body fitness. A huge amount of food is not appropriate for our body. Therefore you must maintain a healthy diet to stay fit.
  • Proper nutritious foods are important to maintain proper metabolic functions in our body which enhance our blood circulation and make our cardiovascular system strong
  • In the morning, you can take long breathing which would enhance your concentration and improve your respiratory system. This is important to enhance the cavity to receive your breath. Long breathing is one of the important exercises which not only improve your lung system but also improve your sense and memory power.
  • Women must do exercise regularly to maintain their body fitness and enhance their metabolic activities. In the UK many women face a high level of obesity and mental disorder. It is important for women above 40 years to make freehand exercise to stay fit.
  • In the case of men, they can join a gym to stay fit; however, recent health professionals state that people are not able to go to the gym regularly. Therefore there occurs a dis-continuation of doing regular exercise in a gym, which affects our body structure and respiratory system. Most of the people who left the gym suddenly, gain excess weight which leads to the occurrence of obesity.
  • Along with regular exercise, we must maintain a proper diet to stay fit. We must eat nutritious foods every day which enhance our physical as well as mental strength. Various seasonal fruits, vegetables, and meats can enhance our blood circulation and improve our energy level to do regular activities.

Therefore health and fitness for busy people are important to discard the chances of weight gain. Obesity and overweight are common outcomes of unhealthy feeding habits and ill-organized lifestyles. It is important to maintain a proper diet chart to gain proper energy and nutrition. Busy people do not manage their time to have timely food and exercise which make them unable to have improved metabolic system and well-organized lifestyle.

Therefore, we must maintain proper lifestyles and healthy diet to maintain strong body fitness. Furthermore, regular exercise is also important to make our feet and healthy.