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10 reasons why you should select a private tutor

The policy makers of any country has never recognised home tutoring as a part of their education policy even when the practical evidence suggests that home tutoring has a significant influence and contribution to the development of human capital of a country as well as to the employment generation process of the same. Over the years the private tutoring or the Home tutoring industry has been emerged as a strong supplementary education system. Though, it has been criticised on many grounds like it aggravates inequality in society, acts as an impediment to proper functioning of the government education system and that it has failed to improve the performance of the students for which it is meant for, it offers some unique benefits to the students as discussed below.

  • limited time teaching not enough for studentsFirst, in a public education system, the schools usually have a large number of enrollments, especially in the developing nations. As a result the limited time school teaching is not enough to develop the requisite subject concept of the students to get a good grade. A suitable private tutor can help the students to develop the necessary concept and to get a good grade as well.
  • Second, most of the time, the teachers in the public schools are teachers are reluctant to take additional responsibilitiesreluctant to take additional responsibility to teach the students beyond their stipulated time period as they will not be compensated for the additional time that would be invested. The private tutors, when appointed by the guardians, bear the entire responsibility of making the student understand the entire course material as well as help him to finish the same well ahead of the school exams.
  • Third, the syllabus run by the public schools in most of the teacher helping students in-building a conseptual basenations are usually outdated and do not contain the contemporary topics or the advanced knowledge in that particular subject. As a result the demand of the student to develop a better concept, than offered by the school syllabus, is not fulfilled. The private tutor with his/her specialised knowledge can take care of such demand and can help the student to create a conceptual base which helps him/her not only to get a good grade but to do well in national and international level competitive exams.
  • Fourth, informal style of teaching of the private tutors brings a informal style of teaching can help students relax relief to the students and they can ask their questions more easily than when subjected to a rigid and formal school tutoring system. This helps them to understand the subject matter of their course work in a far better way.
  • Fifth, an efficient private tutor can help the student to overcome any psychological fear about a particular subject by proper counselling.
  • Sixth, a private tutor could help in setting the future course of direction of the students as he is in a far better position to gauge the student’s strength and weaknesses.
  • Seventh, the cost of the private schools ( where the educational system is supposed to be provided in a far better way than the public schools run by the governments) are considerably higher so that most of the students in a society cannot afford to go to those schools. Private tutors act as supplementary educational support to such students, thereby reducing the cost of the education significantly whereas providing quality education at the same time.
  • Eighth, students are free to choose their private tutor and this freedom helps them to select a tutor under whose teaching the full potential of the students could be flourished.
  • Ninth, the private tuition market is something like a perfectly competitive market in the economy. Thus the private tutors remain very careful about their standard of teaching and the performance of their students in their schools as well as in other examinations. This is because if the private tutor fails to do so he/she will be losing the students which will adversely impact their reputation as well as financial conditions.
  • Tenth, With the advent of information system and with the growth of the on-line private tutoring organisations, the students can now resort to the on line private tutors on the need basis and thus can save considerable cost and time even after getting the best possible tutoring assistance.