behaviour of student in class

10 Question to ask in a parents teacher meeting

It is said that the education system forms the backbone of a society. Recent studies have also proved that the development of a nation is also intimately related with the development of the education system of the nation. There is no wonder, that every nation and the policy makers of the countries, all over the world, are continuously putting their effort to modernise the education systems, so as to make the inhabitants of the nation more educated and consequently more efficient. These efforts are giving many methods to augment the educational standards of a country and, the parents teacher meeting that has been adopted in last few decades, is the reflection of such efforts.

parents teacher meeting

Long ago, it was believed that the education is purely a matter to be settled in between the students and the teachers of the schools. However, it was applicable for the institutional education and not for the education imparted by private tutors, even at that time. Now a day it is believed that the involvement of the parents, is one of the most important factors to develop the educational standard of the students. Reason is simple, when your child goes to school, they stay over there for few hours, and if you take into account a whole week, the percentage of time spent in the school gradually decreases. So a child needs to be taken care of their parents also. In fact parents are said to be the best teachers of their children. In parent teacher meeting the questions raised by the parents indicate their involvement in the education of their children. Moreover, the questions should be well rehearsed so that the parents can reveal the problems those are being faced by their children, while studying in the home and under their guidance or the guidance of the private tutors. The following questions must be placed by the parents in a parent teacher meeting, so as to judge the development of their children and to identify the areas of concern which needs immediate attention.

  • behaviour of student in classBehaviour of Child in School

The first question should be asked about the behaviour of the child in school. In fact, the information about the behaviour of your child will reveal a lot of things before you. If your child shows some kind of behaviour which is not normal to you, then you can take a note of it. Sometimes, some child becomes introvert in the school environment though they behave in a different manner when in home. This may signify that your child is not comfortable in the environment or is afraid of the school environment which may cast a negative impact on his/her educational performance.

  • student not paying attention in classAsk if he/she pays attention

Whether your child is attentive enough in the class or he/she does not pay attention at all. The reason could be several.

  • Student not answering questions in classIs he/she answers the questions asked in class?

Whether your child answers the questions asked in a class or not? Usually after explaining a concept, the teachers ask some questions in the class. If your child never gets himself/herself involved in that question answer sessions, that may suggests that, he/she is unable to understand the classroom lecture completely. And you may request the tutor to take care of that matter.

  • subject where student can improveAsk about the subjects where he/she needs improvement.

What are the subjects do the teachers think that your child need improvement? Whether it is literature, science or mathematics?

  • Social skills and activitiesWhether he/she performs or takes part in social activities.

What kind of performance is being given by your child in various social activities conducted by the school? Do the tutors think that your child required any kind of counselling regarding his/her social behaviour?

  • Student's  performance in extra curricular activitiesAsk about their performances in Extra Curricular activities.

What performance is being scaled by your child in games and other extracurricular activities like drawing, dance etc.? Do the teachers think that your child has any exceptional potential in any one of these fields, rather than academic field?

  • Is Student Submitting homework on timeIs he/she submitting homework on time regularly?

Whether your child is regular in submitting the homework and whether he/she does it in time? What is the standard of the home work done by the child?

Do the teachers think that your child needs any additional tutors to help him/her in doing the study as well as, the homework in an orderly manner? Does a private tutor needed to help your child to grab the concept of the subject in a better way? If so what are the subjects and how could you choose such a tutor and on what criteria? Is your child organised in his/her activities and is it reflected at all fonts in the school? Whether he/she has respect for the teachers or not?

  • Help Students Grow as a parentWhat you can do to help kids as a parent?

What the teachers think about the parents’ duty to the child? In what way they think that the parents should move to wipe out the problems, if there is any, with the education of their child?

  • Contact a teacherHow the teachers could further be contacted in times of need.

Sometimes the schools follow some policies regarding the communication to the teachers. Sometimes teachers could easily be contacted over phone, if permitted. Sometimes you can meet the teachers only after an appointment. At the end, one last question should be asked, if the meeting is not the first one. The opinion of the teachers about the overall improvement of your child during the period since the last parent teacher meeting held. The answer to this question will help you to judge the effectiveness of the steps that you might have taken on the suggestions made by the teachers in the last parent teacher meeting.