Types of statistical techniques for data analysis

Data Analysis can be defined as the process of reviewing and evaluating the data that is gathered from different sources.  Data cleaning is very important as this will help in eliminating the redundant information and reaching to the accurate conclusions. Data analysis is the systematic process of cleaning, inspecting and transforming data with the help of various tools and techniques. The objective of data analysis is to identify the useful information which will support the decision-making process. There are various methods for data analysis which includes data mining, data visualisation and Business Intelligence. Analysis of data will help in summarising the results through examination and interpretation of the useful information. Data analysis helps in determining the quality of data and developing the answers to the questions which are of use to the researcher.

In order to discover the solution of the problem and to reach to the specific and quality results, various statistical techniques can be applied. These techniques will help the researcher to get accurate results by drawing relationships between different variables. The statistical techniques can mainly be divided into two a) Parametric test and b) non-parametric test.

Parametric test

Parametric statistics considers that the sample data relies on certain fixed parameters. It takes into consideration the properties of the population. It assumes that the sample data is collected from the population and population is normally distributed. There are equal chances of occurrence of all the data present in the population. The parametric test is based on various assumptions which are needed to be holding good. Various parametric tests are Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Z test, T test, Chi Square test, Pearson’s coefficient of correlation, Regression analysis.

T- Test

T- test can be defined as the test which helps in identifying the significant level of difference in a sample mean or between the means of two samples. It is also called as a T- Distribution. The t-test is conducted when the sample size of the population is small, and variance of the population is not known. The t-test is used when the population (n) is not larger than 30. There are two types of T-Test:

  1. Dependent mean T Test- It is used when same variables or groups are experimented.
  2. Independent mean T Test-It is used when two different groups experimented. The two different groups have faced different conditions.

The formula for T-Test is:-

Z Test

This test is used when the population is normally distributed. The sample size of the population is large or small, but the variance of the population is known. It is used for comparing the means of the population or for identifying the significance level of difference between the means of two independent samples. Z test is based on the single critical value which makes the test more convenient.

The formula for z test is:-

X- Main value

µ – Sample Mean

σ – Standard Deviation

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

When there are two or more categorical data, then Analysis of Variance is used. Analysis of variance can be mainly of two types a) one-way ANOVA, b) Two-way ANOVA. One way ANOVA is used when the mean of three or more than three groups are compared. The variables in each group are same. Two-way ANOVA is used to discover if there is any relationship between two independent variables and dependent variables. Analysis of Variance is based on many assumptions. ANOVA assumes that there is a dependent variable which can be measured at continuous intervals. There are independent variables which are categorical, and there should be at least two categories. It also assumes that the population is normally distributed and there is no unusual element is present.

Chi Square test

This test is also known as Pearson’s chi-square test. This test is used to find a relationship between two or more independent categorical variables. The two variables should be measured at the categorical level and should consist of two or more independent groups.

Coefficient of Correlation

Pearson’s coefficient of correlation is used to draw an association between two variables. It is denoted by ‘r’. The value of r ranges between +1 to -1. The coefficient of correlation is used to identify whether there is a positive association, negative association or no association between two variables. When the value is 0, it indicates that there is no association between two variables. When it is less than 0, it indicates a negative association, and when the value is more than 0, then it indicates a positive association.

Regression Analysis

This is used to measure the value of one variable which is based on the value of another variable. The variable whose value is predicted is the dependent variable, and the variable which is used to predict the value of another variable is called independent variable. The assumptions of regression analysis are that the variables should be measured at the continuous level and there should be a linear relationship between two variables.

Non-parametric Tests

Non-Parametric Statistics does not take into account any assumption relating to the parameters of the population. It explains that data is ordinal and is not necessary to be normally distributed. The non-parametric test is also known as a distribution-free test. These tests are comparatively simpler than the parametric test. Various non-parametric tests include Fisher- Irwin Test, Wilcoxon Matched –Pairs Test (Signed rank test), Wilcoxon rank-sum test, Kruskal- Wallis Test, Spearman’s Rank Correlation test.


Thus it can be said that there are many statistical tools that help in data analysis. These tools help the researcher in getting accurate results from the data collected. They help in discovering the answers to the question. As these statistical tools are complex and not easy to use it is very necessary that the researcher is having full knowledge of these tools so that they can implement them properly to get the correct results.

10 Mobile Apps that will help you in Learning Arabic as a Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language is always a tough nut to crack. As it is not a one-day assignment, the learner needs a constant support for communicating in that language. It becomes too hard for the self-learners to access such assistance. However, the internet is littered with mobile apps which provide assistance in learning foreign languages. Yes, believe it or not, there are a number of mobile applications that can serve you beyond providing opportunities for gaming, watching movies, sharing photos or being overtly social. So, instead of downloading the app that demands you to hunt Pokémon and become a Pokémon Master you can download the one which helps you in becoming a master in speaking Arabic.

According to the research of “BusinessofApps.com”, approximately 75 billion language learning apps were downloaded in 2015. Hence, it can be said that the Arabic learners also have scope to learn it via mobile applications. The followings can be helpful for them:

check-mark-imageArabic Alphabet- TenguLogi

Platform- Android
Level: This application is a beginner support. If you are going to learn Arabic for the first time, you can surely count on this mobile based application.
About “Arabic Alphabet- TenguLogi”: This application is there to help you in learning the Arabic alphabets. It uses an “easy to navigate” lesson for making the learners apt in using the alphabets. While learning a new language, you need to follow the order of “first thing first”. It helps you to develop your skill in a systematic order and learning the language easily. Arabic Alphabet- TenguLogi makes you competent to use other applications for advanced Arabic learning. Here, each lesson has flashcards which contain letters, pronunciation, meaning and ways of placing it in different sentences. Arabic Alphabet- TenguLogi also helps in learning the Arabic vowels, grammar and number from zero to ninety-nine.

check-mark-imageAlphaBet Arabe:

Platform: iPhone
Level: The beginners
About “AlphaBet Arabe: AlphaBet Arabe is especially helpful for the native French speakers. With a simple and beautiful interface, this application teaches all the letters and the numbers along with their pronunciation. You can also count on AlphaBet Arabe for learning the vowels as well.

check-mark-imageLearn Arabic- Language guide:

Platform: Android
Level: It is an effective language guide for the beginners.
About “Learn Arabic- Language guide”- It is an easy and basic application for the beginners to make a start in the Arabic learning and communication process. This application is helpful in guiding you to the fundamentals of modern Arabic usage and in learning the numbers, grammar, alphabet, vocabulary and building your basic conversation skills in this language. “Learn Arabic- Language guide” is unique with its “easy to use” platform, beautiful design and active support team.


Platform: iOS and android
Level: Intermediate and advanced
About Babble: It helps in improving the pronunciation and increasing the Arabian vocabulary of the learner. It is free to download but needs paid subscription for learning courses.

check-mark-imageLearn Arabic- Bravolol:

Platform: Android and iOS
Level: Beginners
About “Learn Arabic- Bravolol”: With the facility of free download and in-app purchases this application provides the facility of creating visual flashcards and you can review them as well.


Platform: It is available in the iOS and Android and Windows platform
Level: Beginners and intermediate
About Duolingo: It is an entirely free application. By using texts, audios and pictures Duolingo helps in learning Arabic in a fun way. This application associates sound of the translation to the visuals of texts and pictures. With Duolingo the learners can compete with friends as well.

check-mark-imageLinqapp- Languages assistance:

Platform: Android
Level: Beginners, intermediate and advanced
About “Linqapp- Languages assistance”: it is a free application which solves the language problem of the user by native speakers. It provides real human assistance for translation and language related problems. The user can record audio, ask any question, and get direct help from the native speakers.

check-mark-imageiLingQ language learning:

Platform: Android
Level: Intermediate and advanced
About “iLingQ language learning”: This application is helpful in studying different language lessons (including Arabic) in offline mode. This app includes a reader that reads the lessons out for the learner. The learner can highlight the terms and phrases in the lesson.

check-mark-imageLearn Arabic Phrasebook:

Platform: Android
Level: Beginners and intermediate
About “iLingQ language learning”: This application is helpful in translating essential phrases in Arabic, categorised by subject. It teaches words and sentences and the integrated audios are of high quality, recorded by fluent Arabic speakers.

check-mark-imageArabic Dictionary:

Platform: iOS
Level: Beginners, intermediate and advanced
About “iLingQ language learning”: It mainly offers simple translations with examples. However, you can get the facilities like bookmark, random words, sentence translators and fun quizzes.

These mobile-based applications are helpful for a new Arabic learner, as they are always available to provide expert guidance and assistance.

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Useful Romanian phrases and words for your holiday

Planning for a holiday in Rome? Then apart from your visa, passport and cash learning the language is also becomes very vital. Romanian is the mother tongue of Rome, and the citizens mainly converse in their native language only. English is used very rarely, and so the tourists either have to keep a translator or will have to learn Romanian themselves. Finding a good translator in a foreign land becomes difficult. So, the last option left for any of the tourists is to learn Romanian. This will not only help you to converse with the people of Rome but will also add to your knowledge. This would make the tourists be able to create move freely in the country and also converse with the people as well. Here are the following words and phrases in the Romanian language that are easy to learn and will prove to be a boon for the traveller:

Starting with the basics

Instead of learning the phrases directly you must know the words thoroughly. Starting with the beginner level would let you understand the terminology as well as the pronunciation of different words as well.

  • Da in the Romanian language means yes. So if you require showing your consent for any for anything, then you will say Da(/da/).
  • Nu is the Romanian word for No. If you do not agree with anything, then say Nu (/nu/).
  • Eu (/jew/) is the word used in place for I. It is used in the sentences where you are required to either give your introduction or describe yourself.
  • Salut (/sa’lut/) and Bună (/’bu.nə/) is the Romanian word for Hi. It is used greet someone.
  • Unu is the word used for denoting anything with a single quantity. It is generally used when we are referring to one piece of anything. In the same way, Doi (/doj/) and Trei (/trej/) are used for two and three respectively.

Common phrases for regular use

  • Bună dimineața is the Romanian phrase used to say Good Morning to anybody. It is also a part of greetings.
  • Bună ziua is the Romanian translation of Good Day/ Afternoon.
  • Bună seara is the phrase used for saying Good Evening to each other in the Romanian
  • La revedere is the Romanian phrase that is used to say Goodbye while parting from each other.
  • Mulțumesc is the Romanian phrase that means Thank you. However, the French word Merci can also be used instead of Mulțumesc. It is also acceptable in the Romanian domain.
  • Noapte bună is the phrase to bid a good night to each other.
  • Cu plăcere is the way to say you’re welcome. It is a very sweet phrase and shows a lot of politeness of one person to another.
  • Vă rog is the phrase that denotes Please in Romanian. It shoes gratitude of one person to another.

Moving a step forward

Apart from the basic phrases and words, there are many more sentences that need to be learnt by you for easily moving and conversing in the country. For example, for introducing yourself to someone or asking the way to washroom can be a bit difficult. Thus, you would have to move a step forward in order to fulfil your basic needs in the foreign country.

  • Eu sunt Kristin is the Romanian way of saying I am Kristin. It is the way of introducing yourself to somebody.
  • Eu sunt din UK is the sentence that says I am from the United Kingdom. This allows you to tell someone about the place you belong to.
  • Unde este toaleta? is a question meaning Where is the toilet/washroom? It helps you to politely ask for the way to washroom from anyone.
  • Unde este un bancomat prin apropiere? would allow you to ask anybody about the ATM available in the nearby vicinity. It is often possible to run out of cash and to find an ATM becomes a necessity. Thus, you can use this sentence to locate one.
  • Încântat de cunoştinţă is the sentence meaning nice to meet you. This will help you to make someone feel special that you are delighted to meet him/her.
    Îmi pare bine is also an informal way to say nice to meet you.

Directions are also important

Apart from the various sentences and phrases you also might need to ask for directions as well. How would you decide which way you have to as it might be difficult for you to read the sign boards in a foreign language? Asking someone would be the best option. Here are the names of direction in the Romanian language to your rescue.

  • Dreapta is the Romanian word used for right.
  • Stânga is used for denoting left direction
  • Înapoi means that the person is asking you to turn back.

Also, you may need to ask various other questions while you might be lost in some lane or by countryside. For example, Poti sa ma ajuti? Puteti sa ma ajutati? is used to ask anyone that can you help me? Further, if you want to ask someone that whether you know English or not can be said as Vorbesti englez? Or Vorbesti romana? If a person is cooperative with you and has helped you to with all your queries, then you must say appreciate the kindness of that person. Eşti foarte drãguţ(ã)! is the sentence that must be suitable in such a situation which means you are very kind.

Thus, by learning these very basic phrases and sentences would enable you to travel more easily in the foreign country. It is necessary for you to learn the language because while you are in the city area, people do understand a little bit of English, but in the countryside, it will be quite difficult for you to communicate and understand what they need to say. Thus, to double the fun of your holidays in Rome you must try to learn the basic spoken Romanian to guide you throughout the journey.

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21 commonly used German Words and Phrases You Should Know by Now

German is a language which most of the people try to learn. After English, the German language is mostly used by the people. It is among ten languages which people prefer to learn and speak. German language is very similar to English language and can be learned easily. If one knows this language, a lot of opportunities gets open in the market. German is a place which is full of innovators and academicians. People can go and learn many things of their interest. German is also a place for global marketers and leaders. It is a place in the world where one should go and explore. Germans are present everywhere as they are voracious travellers. If one wants to enter into tourist industry then knowing the German language can be of great use.

This article will show 21 German words and Phrases that one should know.

optionicon Schonen Feierabend :-

In English, this phase means Have a nice evening. When a person has come into some discussion and is now leaving then this phrase can be used. Also as Germans like to party a lot, they say this phrases when they are leaving from their work and are going.

optionicon Keine Sorge/ Kein Proble/ Nicht zu Danken

These phrases are used when a person wants to say you are welcome or no problem. It is very common that after helping someone applaud is received in return. People used to respond to applaud by using a phrase like you are welcome or no problem.

optionicon Es tut mir leid

This means I am sorry. If someone makes any mistake and is feeling guilty can the person can say Es tut mir leid in order to apologise for the mistake done.

optionicon Sie / er

This means she/ he. This can be used to refer people. He/ She are the common words and are frequently used. These are the words one must know in order to communicate.

optionicon Schon, dich kennen zu Lernen

The meaning of this phrase in English is pleased to meet you. This can be used to praise someone when the person has met them the first time. This is also used when it feels good after taking with someone, or someone guided.

optionicon Haben Sie vegetarisches Essen?

If a person wants to have vegetarian food in a restaurant or at any place he can use this phrase. This phrase means Do you have a vegetarian food.

optionicon Wo ist die Toilette?

If a person wants to go to the washroom and does not have the idea where it is then he can ask by saying Wo ist die toilette. This means where the bathroom is.

optionicon Zum Bahnhof Bitte.

This means to the airport, please. This will help in assisting the driver to know where you want to go.

optionicon Ich verstehe nicht

I do not understand the mean of this phrase. When the person is not able to understand what the other person is saying the German language than on can use this phrase. This Phrase is useful for many people who do not know German language and who are new in the country.

optionicon Hilfe

This word means help. It can be used when a person is in trouble and wants the help of someone to get out of it. Many times it may happen that when a person visits the new place, he is not aware of the things. It may happen that he might face difficulty in many places. So it is very necessary that a person is aware of how help is pronounced in the German language.

optionicon Gute Besserung

This means to get well soon. When the person is not well, many times, people use this phrase to say them that they should take medicine on time and take proper rest.

optionicon J- das habe ich auf dem Schrim

Yes- I am working on it. This is the way to assure someone that the work assigned will be completed on time.

optionicon Konnen Si emir Bitte eine Mail schreben

This phrase means “Can you send me an email”. For getting important information from someone, a person can request to send the email.

optionicon Ein Glas wasser, Bitte

For having a glass of water when a person is feeling thirsty, this phrase can be used. This phrase means “A glass of water, please”.

optionicon Einen Tisch fur [ zwei/ drei/vier], bitte

When a person goes into a restaurant and wants to ask for a place to sit or to reserve a table this phrase can be of very much use. It means that A table for [two/ three/ four], please

optionicon Woher kommst du?

When a person is having a conversation and wants to know from where he is, this phrase can be used. The meaning of the phrase is “Where are you from”. This is an informal way of asking. When the person is having a formal conversation and wants to ask, then he may say Woher kommen Sie.

optionicon Ich komme aus..

To respond to the question that from where the person belongs to this phrase is used. It means “I am fro..”.

optionicon Sprichst du englisch?

This phrase means Do you speak English. This can helpful to know that which language the person knows.

optionicon Wie viel kostet das?

This used to ask the price of a product or a vegetable from the person. The meaning is “how much is that?”

optionicon Um wieviel Uhr [offnet/ schliebt] das Geschaft?

This means what time does the shop [open/ close].

optionicon Kann ich bitte die [ Speisekarte/ Weinkarte] sehen?

In order to ask for a menu card or a wine list, this phrase is used. It means Can I see the [menu/ wine list], please.

The above-mentioned words and phrase are very commonly used when a person visits Germany or is assisting a German person. If a person knows the above-mentioned phrases and words, it becomes very easy to communicate, and one can express what is needed.

The 11 best Fitness resources you can find online

Fitness has become a necessity for the people around the globe. The rising level of pollution and the busy schedule of the people have resulted in either obesity or some kind of disease. Till the 30s it might not seem to be a problem, but as we advance in age problems get more aggravated. It not only diminishes the ability to work rather gives rise to problems like early ageing, loss of hair and infertility. However, it does not mean that these cannot be checked. With proper exercise and diet control, it becomes easier to handle the consequences. Again with the busy schedule, it becomes hard to spare time for the gym or either for going to the dietician for getting the food chart prepared.

In the era of e-commerce, it is not hard to find anything online. Hence, there are many sites dedicated to making people healthy without having the need of leaving their comfort zone. Here is presenting the list of 11 best sites that provide fitness advice to their clients along with providing some additional features like diet control, tips to reduce stress and daily life practices that could help you stay fit and healthy.

1. Fitness blender (https://www.fitnessblender.com/)
This website has been launched and managed by a husband-wife duo, who are dedicated towards workouts and bringing about awareness among people about healthy living. They provide full-length videos for the clients to ensure that those who do not have time to go to the gym can burn their calories at home only. One can easily find out videos that will help to burn belly fat, kickboxing and stretching exercises. All you have to do is to go to the site, select the segment of your choice and you will be able to see the various related videos.

2. T-nation.com
It is one of unique kind of websites that helps the persons to have a well-toned body. This means this site is dedicated towards bodybuilding and weight gain techniques. By providing various videos and articles from different fitness experts this site enables the clients to build up a well-shaped body that too in your own home’s comfort.

3. Sweaty Betty (sweatybetty.com/free-online-workout-videos/)
It is a website that provides fitness classes through videos. This site provides simple exercises that even the beginners are able to do at home. The site provides various yoga workouts and various high-intensity interval training. The main aim of this site is to let the people lose weight by sweating more and more.

4. Diet Health (https://www.youtube.com/diethealth)
It is a YouTube channel that shares workout videos for beginners as well as people at an advanced level. Along with the videos, the channel provides health tips that are simple to learn and follow in daily life. The videos are maximum of 10 minutes but effective. This requires less time and has a huge impact on the fitness of those who practice it on a daily basis.

5. CafeMom Studios (www.cafemom.com/)
It is a site that helps the mums to get back into shape after their pregnancy. This site has exercises for pain reduction, cardio along with different exercises for strength and flexibility. This ensures that the stomach enlarged during pregnancy and childbirth gets back to the normal. This site is especially dedicated towards mum’s health and fitness.

6. Blogilates (www.blogilates.com/)
What if you get to do exercises that are fun? Yes, it is true! This site is based on making exercises fun-loving and easy so that everyone enjoys exercising. The exercise videos are theme based and are generally in a series.

7. Pop Sugar (https://www.popsugar.co.uk/fitness)
It is a blogging website that is based on providing even the minute details about health and fitness. The blogs include a picture, and detailed diagrams explain the topic very well to the readers. The videos of the workouts are also uploaded on the site with perfect explanations that enables the readers to understand the benefits and precautions of a particular exercise.

8. Movee (http://www.i-movee.com/)
This site provides dance-based exercises that enable the clients to sweat and lose weight along with making them active. The site includes a wide variety of workout videos including yoga exercises, workouts for beginners, leg exercises and much more. This site also provides healthy raw recipes for complementing with the exercises. The site provides twin benefits in a single site.

9. Steady Health (www.steadyhealth.com/)
This site works for a different segment of the clients depending upon the intensity of workout they need to follow. Say, the site provides exercise videos for pregnant women that will be entirely different from the videos provided for the people who sit and work for long hours. Also, there are special exercises for the people who are recovering from some injuries.

10. Gordon Greenhorn (www.gordongreenhorn.com/)
Gordon is a former bodybuilder and now provides online personal training to the clients. He has worked a lot on the website and designed spreadsheets that enable him to track the progress of each client. Also, the clients are able to view their weight gain or loss in the spreadsheet that has a remote access through cloud computing.

11. Your Online Transformation (youronlinetransformation.com)
This is also an online personal training site that enables the clients to lose 30lb of weight in almost 12 weeks. Not only the exercise, but this site also provides an overall training schedule for the clients as in any of the gyms. It not only aims at losing weight, rather tries to maintain the overall health of the clients and provide an overall package to them.

Thus, all of these sites have a specific feature added for their clients enabling them to learn to maintain their body in an interesting way. One thing that is common in all the sites is that they are aiming at providing an overall health to the clients and not only focussing on gaining or losing weight. The sites are not restricted to a specific domain. They all have a global presence and thus are able to make the best possible use of their knowledge in helping those who can either not afford the gym or do not have time for going to one.

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Effective Teaching Strategies to help Children with Learning Disabilities

Children with a learning disability start developing an inferiority complex as they feel out of place with other normal students. Learning disability is nothing, but a phenomenon in which children have difficulty in reading, writing, learning spellings or arranging things in proper order by themselves. However, it does not mean that they have less potential than any other student. It is just that children with a learning disability have to be taught with a little more attention and different approach. If they get favourable situations, then they have the ability to perform just as any other student and in many cases better than them. Conventional classroom teaching is not just enough for these students, and so both parents and teachers should work towards making things much easier for such students. Here are some tips both for parents and teachers:

  •  Do not become a constant reminder

A child who is not able to learn and perform like the other children of his age gets highly demotivated. This feeling annoys him, and he starts distancing himself from studies and places where he is reminded about his disability. In such a situation if parents and teachers constantly keep on reminding the child about his weakness then he becomes stubborn. Instead of being sympathetic towards such children it is always better to guide them to being strong and pursue the path of learning. In order to make the child independent try to devise strategies that would divert the children with learning disability towards believing that they are no different from others.

  •  Breakdown of learning process is essential

In the conventional learning process, the teachers and parents are able to teach the children directly. It means that a normal child will be able to follow multiple instructions given at the same time. However, same is not applicable to the children with learning disability. For them, instructions are to be divided into smaller tasks. For example, if the child has to learn the spelling of independent, then instead of making him learn it in one go, spelling can be broken into smaller sections. Say in+depend+ent, can be the possible solution to make them learn the spelling without getting confused. This would also help them to remember the same for a long period of time.

  • Use of graphics for teaching

Various studies have revealed that the students with a learning disability find it difficult to learn or gather knowledge from verbal lectures. Rather, they find it easy to correlate things with graphics, diagrams, pictures and charts. For example, if one explains the body parts verbally it would be difficult for the child to learn and remember. If the body parts are systematically explained with the help of a diagram, then the child would be able to grasp with convenience and remember it as well. Similarly, different kind of fruits or flowers can be taught to the child with a learning disability by letting them physically touch and feel them instead of verbally letting them learn the names.

  • Regular feedbacks are equally important

Even after using special techniques for teaching the students, it might not be helping the children. How would the parents and teachers be able to identify the same? It is easy to identify whether the strategies are helping the students or not. Feedbacks are the easiest way of doing so. By asking simple questions and letting the child answer in either yes or no will not only help in finding out the flaws of teaching methods but will also help in building up the child’s confidence. It will enable the students to convey what they feel and in this way can learn how to converse with people.

  •  Prompt can be a solution for easy learning

Apart from pictures and graphics prompt can also prove to be a better way of making things understandable for the child with learning disability. Prompts include instructions, actions and instructions based on senses like touch, feel and taste. These are useful for teaching the children about various things that become difficult explaining through simple lectures. For example, if you are teaching the children with a learning disability about different tastes then it would be better that you let them experience all of them by tasting them. Say sour taste can be explained to the children by letting them sip a few drops of lemon. In this way when the child would get to taste something sour the next time he will immediately remember it from experience. Thus, this method is sometimes called learning by experiencing.

  •  Stepping off the stage

 If sufficient time has elapsed since you have changed your teaching methodology for children with learning disability. Then it is advisable to bring the children forward to the stage in public. It might be difficult for the first time, but if kept motivated they would build up their confidence. Initially, they would feel shy, but with constant support and prompting, they would become habitual to share their views with all. For the first time give them simpler tasks like making a sentence from a given the word and applaud for them if they complete it properly. Then keep on increasing the complexity of tasks slowly. This progressive method would build up the degree of confidence and at the same time will inculcate the urge to learn and perform better publically.

            These steps must be followed by teachers as well as students. Scolding and beating children is not a solution. It may also happen that you might not be aware that your child has a learning disability. Lack of interest in studies, difficulty in following multiple instructions at the same time, the problem in learning and remembering spellings might be some common symptoms that a child may depict. Identify these symptoms and let your child grow under your support and care. Apart from the techniques you must have regular discussions with your ward and maintain a healthy relation so that he can share anything and everything with you.

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How to become fluent in foreign languages

We often hear people say that ‘I’m linguistically inclined, I love learning different languages.’ Learning different languages is a very interesting hobby. Not just for hobby, many people want to learn a foreign language for a business purpose, for better job prospects or to communicate with relatives living in different country. Learning a foreign language can be quite a harrowing task because it’s not that easy to learn a language about which you know nothing. It’s diction, dialect, accent, correct pronunciation, and there are so many things that one has to keep in mind. More often than not people leave it in between just because they couldn’t cope up with it or they find it too challenging. Let’s just agree to this that every time we start learning a new language we feel like some illiterate person who knows nothing. We just gape at every word with awe, wonder and sometimes even become frustrated. So how can we become fluent in foreign languages without getting tired of it?

edu img

The most basic thing to keep in mind is focus. You have to focus completely on the language you want to learn, the more focussed you are the less difficult it will be. Watch videos in that particular language, try to focus on the accent and pronunciation and repeat it. The more you practice, the better you become. The second thing is to have a calm and composed mind. You cannot learn a language if you lose temper every time you fail to understand anything. Nobody can become a master in one day, to have one correct pronunciation you’ll have to practice nth times and you’ll have to maintain your calm throughout.

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Your fluency also depends upon the amount of effort you put in. If you’re attending any foreign language class then it’s important that you practice the lessons at home. Try to frame sentence of your own. Start with the small sentences, focus on using correct grammar. Make strong efforts to improve and remember specific grammar rules. Rules of grammar for different languages are different. If possible download language app and check if the sentences you are making are correct or not. Talk to yourself in that language. To increase your vocabulary, find the translation of different English words in that language. But always avoid a literal translation of English sentences because the sentence structures of different languages are different. For the beginners’ literal translation seems easier because you try to relate the words and sentences of the language you do not know to the one you know. So when you become acquainted with the language, you should try and stop yourself from using your mother tongue every time. Think like a baby, how they start learning a language, what they do.


Other than taking classes, you can also watch movies, listen to songs and watch videos in that language. It’ll be difficult in the beginning, but when you watch it, again and again, you’ll start catching some common phrases and words. Apart from that, you can also browse newspapers and magazines. Looking at the pictures can help you relate to the words. If you’re living in the foreign country, then observe the locals when they talk, their body language, facial expression even that can help you understand the language better. Focus on the pronunciation. The correct pronunciation is the key.

If you’re taking foreign language classes, then it is very important that you have a group of friends with whom you attend the class. In this way, you can try to communicate with each other and be fluent. Practicing what you’ve learned is very important. Apart from speaking, improving your writing skill in that language is also very important to become fluent. Write small essay like you used to do in school. Pick up small topics and start framing easier sentences. Get it checked by your teacher and check your mistakes. Write again and again until you get it all correct. After you have mastered the easy topics and small sentence go to the next level. Write on a bit difficult topic with little longer sentences. Get it corrected by your teacher, ask questions regarding your mistakes, correct it, learn from it. With conviction, you are sure to master the language one day.


After you start writing essays and paragraphs start reading story books in that language. Start with easy one. The one used for kids. The more you read the better you become. Most languages, like French, writing and speaking is very different from each other. The French language is very accented, so it is important that you have grasp on the accent and diction. Then with proper accent and diction read the books. Read until and unless you feel confident about it. With time and dedication, you can be fluent in any language you want to.

Top 10 Books on English Language

Today English is the most commonly used, i.e. spoken, written and listened language, making it extremely popular all around the world. In many countries, it has become the second official language, as they have understood the importance of it in the modern context. This is the reason, why it is also termed as a ‘Universal language’. Considering this, numerous books have been published on the given language, teaching people how to use it in the most effective manner and gain optimum results out of it.

experienced-english-copyOne such book is “Experiencing English” by Dean Curry in 1992. This text was prepared as a reading and speaking practice book for beginning level students of English as a Foreign Language. It is one of the leading texts that have helped both, the students to learn the language, as well as teachers to impart education to them on the same. Even though lesson plan and exercises mentioned in the book are to be presented verbally in a classroom, still the teachers have been given the liberty of giving such exercises to students in the form of assignments. The reading selections are to be considered as the principal information source. Illustrations mentioned in the book have a sole purpose of confirming or strengthening the information that has been presented in the form of text in the book. This book has been considered to be one of the best books to learn about the language and gain fluency in terms of reading, writing and speaking the language.
essential-guide-copyAnother such book was written by David Freeman and Yvonne Freeman in 2007, titled “English Language Learners: The Essential Guide”. Here the two authors on learning English language showed mainstream teachers a large number of settings and set ups that they can use to support growth and enhancement of the language in terms of content. In addition to it, they can also try to organize the curriculum around various kinds of themes, and be able to extract information on the basis of learners’ primary language and the culture they may belong to. Furthermore, teachers can also try to emphasize a lot on meaningful readings, writings and thus be able to develop English as secondary language among individuals. It is one of the best books for learning the language, not only because of reason that it is developed and written by two experts on the field, but also because it guides teachers on the best ways they can adopt to provide learning to students on the language and become proficient in it.
started-with-copyIn “Getting Started with English Language Learners” by Judie Haynes in 2007, the author attempts to inform readers about various practical resources that educators can use in order to impart or instill English language among the learner(s). By understanding ways in which students learn a second language on the basis of differentiated instructions that they might receive in order to review or even practically implement practical strategies. This way, the book states that teaching newcomers to the language can be taught with great ease and comfort and their control over English can be improved slowly and gradually. Through this book, the author tries to identify and recommend some ways through which new teachers to English as a second language can make their work proficient and also be able to provide effective and efficient learning to the students.
learning-copyAnother book was written by Jie Zhang in 2009, titled “Improving English Language Learners’ Oral and Written Language through Collaborative Discussions”. This book is considered to be one of the most effective ways to learn the language because it conducted a primary research on the topic, wherein 75 Hispanic students from fifth-grade classrooms were involved in the study. This allowed the author to present some live and raw examples related to the topic, as well as various problems that may have to be faced while delivering education to students on English language to make them proficient in all aspects of the language.
stefan-copyIn book “English as a Second Language and Naturalistic Learning” by Stefan Prahl in 2007, is a theoretical study of language acquisition. In the final chapter of the book, various approaches to teaching English as a second language have been described. It is specially very useful and effective for teachers in German schools as they would get thorough information on the ways they can teach English as a second language to their students.

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Similarly, authors Neil Mercer and Joan Swann in their book “Learning English: Development and Diversity” 1996, state that English is an international language which can be learned easily and comfortably in a wide variety of settings and lookouts. In this book, an analysis of different processes used in learning and acquiring English language has been discussed. In addition to it, meaning and understanding about what it feels like to learn the given language also has been discussed in the book. Furthermore, a special place has been given in the book to evaluate English as a part of formal education; as well as some issues that have surrounded the teaching of English.

kate-copyKate Menken in his book “English Learners Left Behind” in 2008 discusses about how high stakes tests that were made compulsory by ‘No Child Left Behind’ have emerged to become a prime policy in US’s education system, especially in that of the schools. The book provides an in-depth analysis of how these tests have contributed to development of school and other educational institutions’ curriculum and instructions; as well as the various ways in which these tests are affecting daily lives of learners of the English language along with teachers who provide the same.
literature-copyIn book “Literature based instructions with English language learners” 2002, the authors Nancy Hadaway, Sylvia Vardell and Terrell Young, use a literature-based approach to understand how children learn language and how it is taught in today’s diverse classrooms. The material is based on the belief that literature offers the most effective instructional approach for English language learners. Carol Chapelle in his book “English Language Learning and Technology” 2003 discusses about the impact of recent developments in technologies used in teaching English as a second language on applied linguistics. The book primarily focuses on English language learning, in addition to recognizing different areas of interconnection among both technologies used for teaching and the applied linguistics.
 motivation-copyYoshiyuki Nakata, in “Motivation and Experience in Foreign Language Learning” 2006 sheds light on the process of development of different motivations intrinsic in nature and the necessity of learning a foreign language to non-English-speaking individuals. Moreover, it also investigates the relationship between educational experiences of the learners and ways to develop motivation among such individuals in these kinds of situations. In the book, different sources of education psychology and philosophy also have been discussed. Additionally, the author also has shed light on findings of research studies that consisted of qualitative or interpretative and quantitative approaches. In such investigations, EFL students of Japanese universities were involved.

Shared economy and millennial – changing the startup scene in the UK

Sharing economy can be defined as the socio-economic system which is used to describe the social and economic activities. Shared economy is also known as peer economy, collaborative consumption or share economy. The shared economy can also be defined as the online platforms through which the people share the resources and get access to the assets. Nesta has estimated that around one-fourth of the adult population of the United Kingdom have shared their resources and got access to their assets over the internet. Further, it has been calculated by PwC that the value of the sharing economy of the entire country is around 9 billions of pounds. This value has been aimed to be increased up to 230 billions of pounds by the year 2025. PwC has also said that around three-fourth of the entire population of the UK would share their assets with each other if it were suitable and simple for them. There are lots of opportunities for most of the businesses and entrepreneurs as well for sharing their assets over the internet.

eco-copy The shared economy of the United Kingdom is completely driven by the millennial because the millennial does not look at the albums and the scrapbooks like the old generation people. Instead, the millennial just goes to the Facebook profiles of their friends and check out the memories from the past years. Thus, the millennial is completely different from the older generation people. Apart from this, millennial also has the sharing behaviours in the workplaces. Thus, the rise of the millennial has resulted in the better and more sharing economy. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that more the millennial in the country, more the value of shared economy of the country. It has been found that most of the people on the board of sharing economy are the millennial. Thus, the majority of the sharing economy of the United Kingdom is driven because of the millennial only. Hence, it would also be very appropriate to say assume that the shared economy of the United Kingdom would be almost worthless if the millennial is removed from the country.

The sharing economy of the United Kingdom appears to have important tractions among all the people in the country who frequently use the internet. It has also been found that most of the internet users in the United Kingdom have tried for at least once for sharing their assets over the internet. Out of these internet users, most of the people were the millennial which means that the younger are showing much more interest in the shared economy than the aged people. Thus, the sharing economy has increased a lot among the young people in the UK and also it has changed the start-up scene in the country. The increased usage of sharing economy over the internet is bringing positive change to the start-ups in the UK.

The sharing economy is completely related to peer to peer because the people interact face to face in sharing economy for sharing their assets and there is no mediator. This person to person direct interaction has increased a lot among the people of the United Kingdom over the past few years. The sharing economy has increased in many of the fields such as mobility, food, education, home and office, leisure/travel and much more. The rapid increase of sharing economy among the people has proven that it is really a very good idea which has connected many of the people in the UK.

The shared economy in the United Kingdom has benefited many of the young people and the start-up businesses. For example; there are many of the old businesses in the United Kingdom that have stopped using their assets because of several reasons. The revenue generation from those assets has also fallen to zero. The young people and the start-up businesses have implemented on such an idea that they have utilised those start-ups of the old companies. This utilisation has brought a two-way benefit for both of the businesses because the start-up business has found a valuable asset and the old business has started generating revenue again from their assets. Thus, it can be said that sharing the assets among two or more businesses or companies have benefited the start-up businesses a lot. Hence, the sharing economy in the United Kingdom has become much popular among the young people as it has changed the entire scenario of the start-up businesses in the United Kingdom.

There has been a huge rise in the peer to peer businesses in the United Kingdom over the past few years which has motivated the young and altered the startup scene in the country. Uber and Airbnd are the two of the mostly used online sharing platforms that have grown at such a higher level. Also, there is a huge contribution to the sharing economy in the GDP of the United Kingdom. The historical models of overall consumption in the United Kingdom have also changed because of the rise in the shared economy in the country. The United Kingdom has modified into such a country where access trumps the ownership nowadays. This has all happened because of the reason that the sharing economy over the internet has increased a lot in the United Kingdom, and the young people are implementing this idea very frequently.

The start-up businesses as well as the settled up businesses have started growing even faster than before in the United Kingdom. The growth rate of these businesses has increased only because of the reason that they have implemented on the idea of sharing their aspects with each other. It has been found that the size of the shared economy of the United Kingdom has reached to billions of pounds with most of the business shared their assets. Further, it has also been estimated that the size of the shared economy of the United Kingdom will reach to trillions of pounds in the coming years. The graph of the growth rate of the businesses in the United Kingdom has provided the positive results for the country. This means that the growth of the country has never decreased because of the sharing economy behaviour among the businesses in the United Kingdom.

The millennial in the United Kingdom has utilised the idea of sharing economy in such a way that has helped them to grow their businesses at higher rates. The productivity of the start-up businesses has also increased because of the sharing economy technique in the country. Thus, it can be said that the sharing economy of the United Kingdom is surely on the right track. Most of the business models of the start-up businesses in the United Kingdom have a base of sharing economy. It means that most of the starts up businesses have grown because of their shared economy with the other businesses. The success has become possible for the start up businesses only because of the shared assets. Hence, it would be appropriate to measure the success of the start-up businesses in terms of the sharing economy.

The most important benefit of the sharing economy in the United Kingdom is that the sharing economy has promised to provide new, different opportunities and even greater flexibility for the workers. It also provides the flexibility in the workplaces for all the businesses and creates new services. Another important thing about the sharing economy in the United Kingdom is that it allows all the people to rent anything. It has resulted in a great increase in the value of the peer to peer market of the United Kingdom. Thus, the online sharing platforms have benefited a lot to the people in the United Kingdom out of which the young people are taking most of the advantages of sharing economy.

There are many of the economic and non-economic advantages of the sharing economy in the UK. The idea of sharing economy allows the people of the United Kingdom to make money over the internet from their underused assets. It means that people can earn money by giving their assets on rent to the genuine customers. In the same way, the people who have just started up their businesses can also take the advantages of these assets for their businesses so that they will not have to spend much money on the new assets. Spending much money for the start-up businesses may not be suitable for most of the businesses. Finally, it would not be wrong to say that the sharing economy has played a role in the first step of success for most of the start-up businesses in the United Kingdom.

God is a Mathematician

Is God a mathematician? This is such a question which has different answers in different situations. The answer to this question completely depends on how the people are looking at the world. Hence, the answer to this question can vary person to person because everyone views the world in a different manner. Some people usually view the world as an art while some people view the world in a scientific manner. Also, the viewpoints of some people towards the world are completely related to magic and miracles. Thus, it is very difficult to answer if God is a mathematician or not exactly. Usually, there are two types of people in the world who either believe or do not believe in God.  The people, who believe that God exists, will definitely observe and notice the creations of God, and they will say that God is a mathematician. On the other hand, the people who do not believe in God or who do not have faith in God, think that mathematics is just a creative invention that has been invented by the humans. The question still remains the same that if the universe is created by a perfect mathematician or not. It means that there is still a question if God is a mathematician or not. Has the universe been created on mathematical base by God or not?

            People have got confused about the fact if God is a mathematician or a scientist? While talking about God, the first thing that strikes in mind is that God is a good creator who has created the entire universe. However, people do not know whether the universe has been created through science logics or mathematical formulas. God is really a brilliant planner as God has used the science logics and the mathematics formulas equally for giving such a beautiful design to the universe. God is definitely a scientist who has invented the world, but God is a perfect mathematician as well. God has created such a universe in which there are trillions of galaxies, and there are trillions of planets in those galaxies but still these do not collide with each other. When the planets revolve inside the galaxies, there are so many chances that they can attract each other because of the gravitational force. However, these planets do not get attracted towards each other because the distance between them, their revolving speed and their perfect time period of revolving is designed in a brilliant manner. This all has become possible only because of the mathematical formulas that helped the God to create such a great universe. Thus, it would definitely not be wrong to say that the God is a mathematician.m-copy

            Moving forward towards the atoms present in the world that has been created by the God, there are also thousands of mathematical logic inside them. Different atoms of several metals and non-metals have different structures and different weight. Also, the number of protons, electrons and neutrons are different in different atoms depending on the weight. The nature of the atoms (whether electron donor or electron acceptor) completely depends on their weights, the number of electrons and number of protons inside those atoms. This nature has been made by the God only because of the existence of mathematics. The nature of the atoms could never be defined if God was not a mathematician. The physical properties of the universe can only be described with the help of mathematics. It would be just next to impossible for the scientists to understand the structure and the design of the universe if mathematics would not exist. Thus, it can be said that the God has designed the entire universe on the basis of mathematics, and hence God is a mathematician.

            It is also a belief of many of the scientists and mathematicians that the universe itself is a mathematics function, and the God has introduced the universe as a mathematical formula. According to the great scientist Tegmark, every single thing that is present in the universe (including the humans, animals, metals, non-metals and all) is a part of the mathematical structure. All these things are made up of small particles where these particles have the properties like spin, charge and much more. It is a fact that these properties of the particles are completely based on the mathematics. Thus, it can be said that every single thing that has been created by the God in the universe is a part of mathematics, and hence the God is also a mathematician. Apart from the particles and substances, space itself has a property of dimension which is undoubtedly a mathematical function. There is not even a single thing created by the God that is not a part of mathematics. God has designed the entire universe on mathematics base which proved that the God is a brilliant mathematician.

            Talking about the human beings, everyone knows that the body structure of every single person is the same. The only thing which differs from them is their face. It is a well-known fact that there are billions of people in the world, and everyone has a different face. This thing completely depends on the mathematics designs that how the faces of all the people are different from each other. There are billions of people on the earth, but people look similar in a very rare case. Giving a different look to every single person in the world has become possible only because of the existence of mathematics. It might happen that the people might have similar faces if the God was not a mathematician. Apart from the faces of the people, there is also hidden mathematics in many of the flowers on the earth. For example; the sunflower is so designed by the God that looks the same as the sun. The sunflower also wakes up with the sunrise in the morning and sleeps with the sunset in the evening. Also, there is a touch me not plant which is one of the best creations of the God. This is such a plant that does not let anyone touch it. In case anyone tries to touch the plant, it gets shrunken. All these features in the plants and the flowers have become possible because of the mathematics logics.

            The shape and size of all the planets and the galaxies in the universe are also given accordingly by the God. For example; the shape of the earth is like a sphere which is perfect for the planet. This shape has been given to the earth so that the earth can minimise the force of attraction (gravitational force) at the edges as there is not a single edge on the earth because of its spherical shape. Geometry is a part of mathematics which clearly describes such shapes and their importance. Further, there is a great significance of utilising the space for the beehives. The God has given a polyhedral shape to the beehives which help to maximise the space for the bees. God has also used mathematical logics in giving shapes to the beehives which explain the creativity of God in mathematics and proves that the God is a perfect mathematician.

            Furthermore, the shape of the mountains is so designed by the God that the rain water, icefall and all cannot stay for a long time on the mountains because of their conical shape. If the mountains would not be of conical shape then probably the rain water and the ice would remain in the mountains and would not fall from them. People would not be able to use that rain water, and there would be a great shortage of water on the ground. God has made all these things possible for the humans only because of the reason that he is a perfect mathematician and applied the mathematical logics in the entire universe. Further, if a series of squares whose lengths are equal to the Fibonacci numbers (1, 1, 2, 3, 5 and so on) is constructed and a line through the diagonals of every square is traced, then a Fibonacci spiral is formed from them. There are many of the examples present in nature which is related to Fibonacci spiral. These examples include the chambers of a nautilus shell which are again a mathematical art of the God. On the basis of the above-explained examples, it would definitely not be wrong to say that the God is a perfect mathematician and has implemented on a lot of mathematical logics to create the universe.

Tutoring becomes part of Rising Uberisation Culture

Uberisation is basically known as the application age or the advanced age where people are becoming advanced and using the applications for everything. This application culture is known as the uberisation culture. Uberisation, in other words, can be known as the ways in which the societies nowadays are adapting to the change by using the apps for different purposes. The primary cause of the rise in the uberisation culture is the increase in the advancement of technology. It had been estimated by the United Nations that around half of the entire world’s population would be using applications for most of the purposes and daily routines by the end of 2008. The United Nations also estimated that more than 60% of the population of developing world and more than 72% population of the developed world will be using the application on their smartphones by the end of 2050 which is almost equal to 3 billion people.

Modern parents and the children usually prefer the online studies and online technologies more than the face to face interaction with the tutors. Thus, it can be said that the uberisation culture is raising every day, and more people are taking up the advantage of the applications nowadays. Tutoring industry has taken a great advantage of this rising uberisation culture. It was very difficult for the tutoring industry to step forward for getting the success when people were not using the apps for tutoring. However, this problem has been solved as people are continuously getting into the applications for tutoring purpose. It is usually said that the people take a huge advantage from the tutoring industry to qualify their children. Hence, tutoring has become a part of the rising uberisation culture where the modern people mostly use the features of online tutoring technology. The most important thing about the mobile applications is that it allows the students to ask questions from anywhere in the world, and even they can ask through the snapshots.
It is not mostly realised by the people that every single person on the earth has some of the skills which may be valuable for the other people. Therefore, that person can be a tutor and teach the other people about his/her knowledge and the skills. Mostly people think that a person needs a degree and need to be perfect in the field. This fact limits the people to become tutors and share their knowledge. Hence, the sharing economy must be applied to the education to overcome this problem. The most important requirement of a sustainable economy is that supply and demand sides should be beneficial from a transaction. There is much inefficiency in the tutoring industries between the teachers and the students. Mostly the students think that they are paying more than enough for being taught. On the other hand, the teachers think that they are not getting paid enough. Thus, it can be said that a powerful supplement can be provided with the help of a knowledge marketplace. An example can be considered as; there is an online tutoring platform at Course Hero, which allows the students to ask questions and also allows the teacher to answer those questions. The tutors get paid for answering the questions, and the students pay for getting answers. Usually, it happens that the teachers do not get much time during the office hours to assist the students. This problem is solved by the online platforms that the tutors are made available for 24 hours a day and seven days a week.


The most important benefit of such online tutoring platforms is that the students can also negotiate the hourly rate of the tutors for every single interaction with the tutors. This makes sure that the tutors feel that they are getting paid according to their services, and even the students are paying what they want to pay. These online tutoring platforms help the tutors and the students not to feel that they are underpaid and overpaying respectively. Thus, the problem is solved with the help of online tutoring and also the sharing economy has been introduced in education through such platforms. Most importantly, it is just a single step process to apply the sharing economy model in education to make the resources more affordable and to make them available every time.
In simple words, the millennial people are the one who were born in the early 1980s and 2000s. The millennial people are also known as Generation Y, and they are abbreviated as Gen Y. The most common birth range of the millennial people is between the years 1982 and 2000. The millennial is known as Generation Y because they usually come after the people of Generation X (the people who were born in the early 1960s and the early 1980s). There are also some other names of the generation X people such as; Boomerang Generation or Peter Pan. These people are known with these different names because of the tendency of some of the people to recoil with their parents. The reason of this recoiling was possibly the growth in the propensity to stoppage of the adulthood rites of passage.
Education has nowadays become the most important part for the millennial and hence the tutoring industry has covered the millennial to provide tutors for the needy students. The online tutoring services have developed such techniques that provide the best services for the millennial at affordable prices and they also give the best outcomes for them. There are a lot of services available for different age groups in these tutoring platforms that help the millennial to understand in a better way. Also, these available services for the millennial lead them towards the right educational tracks as soon as they born. There were also services available for the starters which can also guide the parents even before the baby is born. These educational services for the millennial have helped them through the choices of schools and GSAT. There have been introduced a lot of tutoring services for the millennial that has the aim of preparing the students to successfully navigate the system. The tutoring services have implemented on the fact that no one in the world wants to be the one that cannot understand the schools, colleges, universities. Keeping in mind about this implementation, the tutoring platforms have grown a lot in kinds of best practices, tutors and study tips. The tutoring services that are made available for the millennial have mainly aimed to De-Mystify the growing process and being successful. Thus, it can be said that tutoring has become a significant part for the millennial and also is accepted by most of the millennial people.
People nowadays can do everything on demand such as; they can request for a private car or taxi on demand, they can stream television, they can also request or order for some food on demand. Thus, everything is in demand nowadays, and people have different tools for requesting anything on demand. The world has so grown up in terms of technology and education that now people can even demand a tutor by using different tools and different platforms. Tutors are also nowadays available for the students on demand for solving or answering their questions. There have been a number of applications introduced in the play store, Apple store and windows store that match the students and the private tutors with just a single mouse click. The students, who need help regarding some specific subjects, can directly communicate to the tutors who can readily solve their problems. Also, these tutors can assist those students with the best possible answers for their questions. The best thing about these online applications is that the students do not need to wait for a long time for being answered their questions. This is a quick process where the students are quickly answered their question by the tutors of their own choice.
Apart from this, there are also some of the features available within these online applications with the help of which the tutors can also choose to answer the question of the students, and they can get paid for the same. Thus, these applications are known as the on-demand applications because the students can get answers on demand and also the tutors can assist the students on demand. The concept of the on-demand tutoring is very simple which is beneficial for the students as well as the tutors. The students pay for getting the solutions to their problems, and the tutors get paid for answering them. The tutoring websites or the tutoring applications charge around 20 to 30 percent of the fees that students pay to the tutors. For example; if a student pays $100 to a tutor for getting the solution, the tutoring application will charge $20 and will pay $80 to the teacher who provided a solution to the student. Thus, it brings benefits for all the students, the teachers as well as the host website or application.

YouTube tutoring – A leap change

The online platform has changed the social scenario in various contexts. Mainly with the help of online platform, the people are able to connect to each other. In the field of education also lots of changes have been witnessed by the society. It has changed the dimensions of study. The positive impact of social media on the tutoring services is immense. It is clear that online platform is also categorised into so many aspects. The YouTube is one of them which are popular for the uploading of videos. YouTube is mainly popular for the purpose of entertainment, but the myths have been broken after the commencement of online tutoring.  It has brought down huge revolution into the field of online tutoring. YouTube is a global website where people share their videos with the public. Now the tutors have implemented such a great idea of tutoring by uploading the videos on YouTube which have unexpectedly become famous and very effective for the tutors as well as the students. The tutoring agencies have launched their videos and providing their services to the clients. The reach of YouTube is wide, and it caters the public all across the globe.  Videos about the mathematical equations, scientific formulae’s, grammatical aspects and so on, it has amazed people all over the world. Now the knowledge is just a click away from YouTube users. Technology has become advanced, and availability of internet has opened many options to learn new things.

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It has become a trend that people surf on YouTube and get their queries solved. The tutoring agencies took the advantage of people’s habit and had launched the channel of their tutoring agency. The YouTube tutoring has brought a great change to the online tutoring field with its advanced and unique skills of tutoring. There are so many tutors who are working individually as well. They launched the learning videos and uploaded it to their page on YouTube. This kind of tutoring and learning has become as popular as the students tend to learn more through watching. The tutors explained the terminologies and facts in an elaborated manner. The tutors have implemented on Playback, Uploading, Quality and Formats, 3D videos, 360-degree videos and many more. These features of YouTube have helped the tutors to share their knowledge in a better way over the internet. Tutors are putting videos in a creative manner just to make the videos more interactive and interesting. The students feel connected and attentive and more concentrated while watching the video.

YouTube tutoring

The major advantage of YouTube tutoring is that the tutors can upload videos in animated form. The use of animation has also become popular. It is treated as fact that students learn more from such videos. The tutors are inclining towards the YouTube tutoring as it is not so costly. The tutors just need the classes and board to explain the concepts. Such kind of tutoring has become popular especially for solving the queries related to practical and science related subjects. Due to inexpensive nature, the tutors prefer to use YouTube to disseminate their knowledge and learning. The students also get help from such platforms. They just surf over the YouTube and enhance the learning curve. It is treated as a most convenient form of learning as YouTube could be accessed at the point of time. The students can get access to YouTube anywhere. Therefore, these are other advantages which encourage tutors and students to YouTube as a learning platform. It has changed the dimensions of education as it is available for 24*7 to the students. They need not to visit their tutors physically and can repeat the videos again and again.


Next benefit is that the elaborated explanation could be noted down, and most importantly the video could be downloaded if anyone found it really helpful. It is similar to storing the information and knowledge for the longer period of time. Step by step explanation is provided in the video so that easy learning could be gained by students. The list of factors, which corroborates for the popularity or the preference of YouTube is that it provides knowledge about the particular point. For instance, if someone is looking for the algebraic solutions then videos could be surfed for the same. A five minute or the ten-minute video, depend on upon the content, could be found out easily. Thus, it helps in saving the time and efforts as well. It is just like distance education where knowledge provider and knowledge seeker are connected to each other. The only difference is that return question could not be asked by the knowledge seeker. It is essential to understand that the YouTube access is free for the users. Thus, it is another advantage of YouTube tutoring which makes it popular. Students prefer it for the learning purpose as it provides deeper and detailed knowledge in very less amount or investment.

The change occurs in the learning process because it acts as an online library as well. YouTube also consists of so many videos that belong to various tutors and sometimes directly from the book authors. The most interesting benefit is that this library is not physical, and it could be carried to any place. The YouTube is a treasure of many videos on the same content. Hence, the students get a chance to get access to many alternatives at the same point of time. This feature is very attractive, and it ensures to develop the interest of a large number of students. It brings huge revolution in learning style. The innovation and creativity have been reached at its peak after the growth of YouTube tutoring in recent past. Another noticeable fact is that till now the tutors and tutoring agencies were restricted to certain areas or regions only. However, YouTube allows them to widen their reach, and they can get access to a large number of knowledge seekers. Now the geographical boundaries are not termed as limitations to grasp new concept or knowledge. Hence, it is another reason behind the unexpected pinnacle in YouTube tutoring.

Some challenges could also be faced with respect to the YouTube tutoring. Mainly that it do not allow asking return question. At any stage if confusion arises then there is no provision of asking the same question. Thus, it is a negative aspect of YouTube tutoring. Second negative aspect for the YouTube tutoring is that the internet is required to get access to the YouTube tutoring. It is clear that YouTube videos are perfect for solving the simple misunderstandings. The students who do not have an internet connection or when they are not able to access the internet at that time the learning could never be gained. Therefore, these challenges need to be handled properly. However, despite these problems, the positive aspects and advantages of YouTube tutoring are more crucial. Academically such kind of platforms has been appreciated which allow learning concepts visually. Another advantage of YouTube tutoring is that the viewers can read the reviews commented on the link or video. The YouTube videos could be shared as well. These two advantages are most innovative and beneficial for students. One is that the authenticity of the intellect of knowledge providers could be gained. The reviews are mostly done by students or by other tutors. Thus, the reviews must be read properly.

As mentioned above that YouTube tutoring videos could be accessed at any point of time and anywhere. It becomes possible after the introduction and popularity of smartphones. Due to the mobile phones, the YouTube tutoring becomes more convenient and easy. Other benefit of YouTube tutoring is that it could be shared online at other social media platforms. The students can like the best videos and can share them on their wall on Facebook. It is most attractive features which enable them to share their knowledge with friends. It is essential to mention that it further disseminates the video to so many other users and viewers. In this way, the sharing of information remains continued to the mass group of people. Nowadays the tutoring agencies attach these videos on their websites and publish the hyperlink on their websites. By clicking on the hyperlink the visitors or the students can directly get access to the YouTube videos. Thus, it is another attractive feature. It shows that YouTube tutoring has become so important, and both tutors and the students are giving enough priority to this innovative style of learning.