Benefits of learning Spanish through music

Are you facing difficulty in finding suitable Spanish tutor? Are you already attending a Spanish class but having difficulty in sitting through the boring class? If yes, then these are some common symptoms that you may face while embarking on a journey of new language learning process.

Thankfully there are several less conventional methods where you can learn a new language like Spanish without any hassle. You may have seen many blogs suggesting you learn Spanish from YouTube channels, Spanish movies and different shows. But then the fast conversational methods used in the movies and shows will puzzle you and will give you a hard time in memorising the words.

Spanish is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the word; hence it is very much necessary that you learn the language. But the most motivational factor behind Spanish learning is the sweetness and the romance present within the language.

We have an excellent learning idea for you. Learn Spanish through music. Learn Spanish through songs. You might wonder why songs and music? You already know the answer to that. Do you remember the lyrics of your favourite song? If you like a song, then do you mutter the song for a long time? Do the essence and the lyrics of a song you love to stay on your mind for a long time? We know that the answer is yes. So learning Spanish with the help of music and songs will help you in easy memorization of the words and the phrases.

Learning a new language and remembering all of it is heard for every individual. Sitting in a classroom for long hours or memorising notes for the entire day will get boring after some time. In a classroom, all you will get is the one-sided knowledge on the language and no interaction. You need to feel a language and make a language comfortable in order to learn the language.

The Spanish language bears the traits of the Latin American culture. The traditions and the sweetness of the culture are reflected in the language itself. Thus when learning Spanish by hearing the Spanish songs then the soothing music gives you an insight into the Spanish culture which you will not be able to find in the boring pages of a Spanish book.

Singing along with the Spanish song not only helps you improve your vocabulary but also help you to embrace the culture and the romantic tunes of the song. But then your choice of the musical song will also contribute a lot to your learning process.

Here are some of the tips which will help you to choose a suitable Spanish song and also help you to learn the language in fun.

  • Choose clearly pronounced song: The song with the easy lyrics will not only help you to understand the language but will also help you to grasp the language easily. So in the case of a clearly pronounced song if you will find any hard words then you will be able to search them out and check out the meaning.
  • Choose catchy beats: Romantic songs are good but not always. Choose a song with catchy beat it will engage your attention and will be played at the back of your mind continuously which will by default force you to memorise the lyrics and also understand the meaning.
  • Take help from FluentU: If all these above-mentioned strategies are difficult for you then you will be able to easily use the FluentU app which provides you with a range of Spanish musicals from cartoons and Disney channels. Since you are beginner hence the easy words used in these musicals will not only help you to understand or interpret the sentences but will also help you to memorise the words.
  • Choose an English song dubbed in Spanish: How many times have you hear English songs of Enrique and Shakira? We are sure you might have noticed the difference in their pronunciation while singing any English song. This is because they are originally Spanish singers. So what you can do is, if these two are your favourite ones then look up for their songs which have been dubbed in Spanish it will be easier to check the pronunciation.

9 Books for English Language Learners

“The only normal way to begin speaking in a new language is to begin speaking badly” – Grey Thompson

Do you support this statement?
If you do, then why are you afraid of English?
Nowadays, there are several ways that may help you to learn English in the easiest way and here we have come with the best suggestion for improving your knowledge of English. So, don’t worry check out our suggestions to make yourself comfortable in English. Remember, English is not a big challenge, it is just a language, that everyone can learn.

Many times, our parents and teachers ask us to read the books properly. Do you know why they say so? It is because speaking loudly helps us to understand where we are right and where we are wrong. So, if you are interested in learning English, you need to read.

Here, we have mentioned some books that you may consider learning English.


Charlotte’s Web
This book is one of the most suitable books that you may choose to read English. You may purchase this book from stores or you may buy it online. You will find the easiest sentences, which you can understand and read properly. It is a story about a little girl and the smallest pig, and you will enjoy while reading the book. The writer E. B. White has described the story in the simplest way. If you select this particular book, we are sure that you will enjoy this book and after reading you will find yourself familiar with the foreign language.

The outsiders
This is another easy to read English book that you may consider while learning English at the initial stage. the story line of the book is very simple so that everyone can understand the inner meaning of the story. The story is about some teenagers. The story is very interesting and so you will not feel bored while reading the book. If you are a teenager, then this is the perfect book for you. You will find adventure while reading the story and at the same time, this story will improve your vocabulary.

Thirteen reasons why
This book is written in the simple present tense and the sentences used by the writer is short. So, you can easily understand the language while reading this story. NY Times has considered this book as one of the best books for the English learners. You will happy to know that this book is the award-winning book and many people have considered as the best book for summer vacation.

The House on Mango Street
The story of “The House on Mango Street” is very interesting to read. The best part that you will find in this book is understood of various culture. The book is written in a very clear language that you can understand easily.

Mieko and the Fifth Treasure
We also suggest you read the book Mieko and the Fifth Treasure. This is a very short story and it is very suitable for the persons, who are at the initial stage of English learning. The book is not much famous, but if you start reading this book, you will find it interesting.

The old man and the sea
The next book that we are suggesting you is “The old man and the sea”. This book is very popular and it includes several conversations, which will help you learn how to speak in English. If you want to strengthen your vocabulary, then this book is best for you.

Number the stars
If you love realistic story and want to read the story in English, then this book is just for you. The book will not only give you the knowledge of English, but you can also gather the knowledge of literature from this book. The language used in this book is very soothing, which will attract you.

The Giver
In this book, the author has used very catchy language that will grab your attention towards the language. The grammar used by the author is very easy and you will face no confusion while reading the book. The sentences in the book are short, which is important for an English learner.

A wrinkle in time
Though this book has some longer sentences, you will not face any difficulties as the grammar and vocabulary are very easy. The vocabulary used in this book is very simple and the story line is very interesting. So, you can definitely consider this book if you are planning to learn English.

The Greatest English Words and Phrases of 2016

Phrases are part and parcel of language. In every culture, you will find some wise sayings or phrases that you tend to use while conversing with other people. You can either call them proverbs or you can also call them phrases. But if you are not knowledgeable about the phrases and the proverbs and their meanings then you will be the odd man out during a conversation.

Learning phrases and proverbs will help you to understand the mindset of the English speaking people about the individuals, the cultures and the community. Phrases can also give you the option of good sentence making opportunities, and you can memorise some of the phrases and use them for building your sentences.

2016 has brought about a lot of change within the speaking technique of the English language speakers. Now you will see that it is common to use phrases like “Out of the blue”, “Once in a blue moon” ‘Speak of the devil’ and ‘a piece of cake’ in our daily conversation with other people.

You might be familiar with the big fat book called Oxford English Dictionary (OED). Surely you have learnt loads of new words and new phrases from OED. However, with the change in time, you will see that the breadth of the OED book is increasing. The reason being that many new words and phrases are being added to the OED so here you will find the list of some of the most popular phrases of 2016 that has become a trend in the conversations of the English speaking individuals:

Speak of the devil”: You may have often used this phrase when you see a person arrive in between a conversation with whom you were discussing or thinking. Thus this is an interesting phrase that suggests that when a person you are talking to turns up at the moment.

Break a leg”: This is a familiar phrase to you if you are a stage actor. This is a sign of good luck for the actors who are about to perform on the stage.

To hit the nail on the head”: This phrase is used to describe exactly what is causing a situation or problem.

To add insult to the injury’: Are you facing a worse situation? And is there any instance when your situation is getting worst? Then this is the best phrase that can describe your situation in just a single sentence.

To let the cat out of the bag’: Planning for the big surprise? And someone leaked it out to your near ones? Then positively they have let the cat out of the bag. This is an interesting and catchy phrase which has become very popular in 2016, especially among the female teenagers and mid age female segment of English speakers. Only when your secret is revealed, you can use the phrase to describe your situation.

Once in a blue moon’: This phrase denotes an event that happens infrequently. So for denoting the infrequent visits of an old friend you can casually say the phrase.

See eye to eye’: This means agreeing with someone. So next time when you are in same agreement with your friend, you can see eye to eye with that person.

Out of the Blue’: This phrase denotes the meaning of being surprised. This is one of the most commonly used phrases of 2016. Majorly people of all types of cultures who are well versed in English are familiar with this phrase and you will often hear people saying out of the blue to denote the sudden actions of a surprise that they have faced.

You can’t judge the book by its cover’: This phrase indicates that an individual should not be judged solely on the appearance and the external features. This is a rightly said phrase because many times it has been seen that depending on the external features the decision of character analysis of an individual made which should not at all be acceptable.

So now you are well acquainted with the new phrases that are a trend in 2016. You can now use them while making conversation in English and you with the utilisation of the phrases you can now make your language different from others.

7 Awesome Channels to Learn English on YouTube

As per C.S Lewis, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” Similarly, you are never too old to learn something new. And when it is the Queen’s language we are talking about, then there is no good time for learning English. You can quickly start learning English anytime and at any age.

You must have tried many grammar books, heard new channels, tried to read newspapers and learn English. I am sure most of you have either failed in this process or have thought that these processes are way too boring. Then we have a brilliant and creative idea for all you English learners out there!!!

Now learn English from YouTube!!! Thousands of free YouTube videos are present which will help you creatively learn English. But then the question must have popped up – Why should I use YouTube to learn English. We have super cool answers to that as well.

We are sure that you watch YouTube videos daily and since Smartphone are now a part of your life hence watching these videos at any place, may it be in malls, or be in metros, is a common practice. So make watching the English learning tutorials a practice. Secondly, you will also have the option of pause and rewind while watching the video which will help you to grasp the meaning slowly. Moreover, books tend to become boring after a particular time. You will feel the burden of learning the language after a certain time. But if you learn from YouTube videos then the audio and visual approach will keep your concentration on the learning process, and you will be able to learn fast.

How will you find out the relevant sites from which you can learn the language? That might be a difficult task for you. However, we will make it easy for you by listing the top 7 awesome channels on YouTube that are just perfect for you to learn English quickly.

Check out the following lists of 7 most popular and effective YouTube channels that will help you to learn English:

Rachel’s English show: If you are already an expert in the language and your priority is to improve the pronunciation part, then this is the right show for you. In the show, you will find Rachel who is conducting the video with refined pronunciation. Watch these videos, and you will understand the tongue moves that will make you pronounce like an American.

MisterDuncan English show: This is the most popular English learning show available on YouTube. Mister Duncan is a charming personality who is highly passionate about his topic, and you will be overwhelmed by a sense of humour he will use for making the learning process easier.

British Council English learning channel: We are sure that you have heard about British Council. Now you have the option of free assessment of the British Council channel without any payment. Thanks to YouTube. If you are weak in grammar, then this is the right choice for you. You will learn fast with the help of their animated grammar lessons and videos.

Real English: Are you a beginner in the English language? Do you need to learn to apply vocabulary in meaningful sentences? If yes, then this is your platform. Real English teaches the viewers English with the help of real-life situations and also will provide you with free dictionary option to increase your word stocks.

VOA Learning English: This channel is for matured learners. They usually offer news videos with slow speed so that the learner can understand the language.

Business English Pod: This site is useful for people who are trying to learn professional or business English. If you think the way you talk with your friends is similar to the way you will interact in your office, then watch the videos and learn the difference.

Easy English: This is strikingly opposite to business English Channel. Here interviews taken from English speaking people are shown in order to help you to grasp the colloquial language and accent.

So now you know that YouTube videos are not only for watching silly cats and dog’s videos but also you can gain some knowledge from watching relevant YouTube Videos and become an English learner in just some days.

Music theory for beginners

Are you interested in learning music? If yes, then here is the simple music theory for beginners which will help you understand the basics of music. Learning music theory can be a memorable journey. Music is a vast subject, and for learning the advanced theory, you are required to pursue academic courses. But with the introduction of music theory for beginners, you can now easily get an idea about the fundamentals of music and along with practical singing ability you will also be capable of understanding the theories behind the keys and the notes. With a good knowledge of music theory, you will be able to recognise what you are playing, and you can then improvise your versions of your favourite songs.

Let us now look at the 5 major lessons for basic music learners:

Lesson 1: Learning 12 keys of music
How will you understand in which key is your favourite song being played? The answer to this question will be found in this lesson. Key is the identifier of the tonal centre of a song. Any particular song that you hear is played using a combination of 12 possible keys on the piano board namely A, A#/Bb, B, C, C#/Db, D, D#/Eb, E, F, F#/Gb, G, and G#/Ab. So when you are singing in key F, if you divert to key C then your song quality and tone will be destroyed. So maintain the key in which you had started singing because all the notes in your song will automatically divert to the original key.
But how will you tell in which Key your song falls? Do not worry, your answer is here. The key signatures will provide clues regarding the key of a particular song. You also need to keep a track of the melody in which a note ends and the chord of the song.

Lesson 2: Idea about major scale
In this lesson, you will understand the importance of major scale. 12 keynotes give rise to 12 different major scales. A majority of the popular songs especially the classical songs falls under the major scales. A common major scale which you may find in most of your songs is the C major. But then you need to identify the major scales based on the whole steps and half steps of the scale.

Lesson 3: Intervals
As per theoretical views an intervalis the distance that is present between two notes. An interval which is played separately is known as melodic interval and if it is played together then it is called harmonic interval. In the case of western songs, you may find the usage of half intervals. This introductory theory will give you an idea about the intervals, but you will be able to understand them while playing practically over the piano.

Lesson 4: Idea about chords of major scale
The Roman numerals that you generally see on the singing notes are known as chords. The chords which have been built on a major scale are generally numbered from one to seven. But this knowledge will be useful to you if you select a song with all major scales and not one specific major scale. Since most of the songs that you will come across are composed on major scale C, hence it will be sufficient for you to know the chord of C. Have you ever noticed the roman numerical one written on major scale C? If yes, then it is the chord of the scale. The chord built on the second note is identified by numeral 2 and then 3 and it goes on consecutively.

Lesson 5: Introduction to circle of fifths
What is the circle of fifths? Confused? It is not some rocket science. Rather the 12 keys all taken together which are present in the piano is commonly known as the circle of fifths. When you plan on improvisation of any of your favourite song, then this circle of fifth will help you. This will also help you in writing music. The three primary chords used in any key can be effectively identified by the circle of fifths. If you take a look at the C major scale and move your eyes clockwise then you will be able to see the circle of keys.

List of Famous Sitar Musical Instrument players

If you are a true music fan, then you will agree that the tone of the sitar is truly the unique and irreplaceable melody present in the music genre. In simple words, sitar music can enhance any tune or song. Origin of sitar dates back to 1700, and the musicians believe that after the downfall of the Moghul Empire the usage of this instrument became prevalent. But the healing sound of sitar that provides you with inner peace is not that easy to master as you think it might be. In fact, some of the most talented musicians have admitted that they find the technique of sitar playing highly complex. So if an individual has developed the ability to play the sitar then they have accomplished a challenging task in the field of music.

When it comes to recalling the names of the great sitar players what is the first name that comes to your mind? Is it Ravi Shankar or is it Vilayat Khan? Either of the two sitar players is of Indian and Middle Eastern origin. This is a natural fact since sitar is the most recognised music instrument of Indo-eastern regions. However, did you ever feel that there can also be sitar players from western origin? In this respect, it should be mentioned that the popularity of Ravi Shankar’s sitar would not have been possible without the help of George Harrison, the lead guitarist of Beatles and a marvellous sitar player himself. You will thus find an assortment of sitar players of different origins in this article.

Check out the names below because some of them may surprise you.

Pandit Ravi Shankar:

pandit ravi shankar copyThere is no separate introduction required for this versatile sitar player who introduced a different side of classical music to the world. After collaborating with Beatles, he was the first one to launch the psychedelic sound globally. Although the maestro had a rough beginning in his earlier days, however completing his 96th birthday this year, Ravi Shankar is now a name that defines “a life well lived”.

Vilayat Khan:

vilayat khan copyBelonging to the famous Khan Family of musicians, Vilayat Khan helped introducing the classical music in the western part of the world. Coming from the Etawah Gharana, Vilayat Khan inherited the musical genes of his forefathers. Vilayat Khan’s great composition can be heard in Oscar winner film director Satyajit Ray’s Film Jalshagar. His works were appreciated by awarding him a silver medal in 1st Moscow International Film Festival.

Pandit Nikhil Ranjan Banerjee:

Pandit Nikhil Ranjan copyBelonging to the Maihar Gharana and the student of the legendary Allauddin Khan, Pandit Nikhil was always considered as a child prodigy and is a notable sitar player of the 20th century. His works were appreciated by conferring him with the Padma Bhushan.

Ronnie Wood:

ronnie wood copyDo you remember Ronnie Wood from famous The Rolling Stones? You may have always seen him performing with a guitar; however, the artist had a passion for sitar and was an accomplished sitar player. The artist is one the sitar players who used electric sitars for modifying the music of sitar.

Anoushka Shankar:

Anoushka shankar copyInheriting the talent of father Pandit Ravi Shankar, Anushka Shankar at the age of 35 years has made her place among the list of famous sitar players. Rather than living under the identity of father and half-sister Norah Jones. Anoushka has been able to develop her own identity and received the British House of Commons Shield in the year 1998. She has been taking training directly from her father and is currently an independent composer and sitar player.

George Harrison:

Geoge harrison copyPopularly known as “The quiet Beatle”, George Harrison was the lead guitarist of the most famous band The Beatles. Creator of some of the immemorial songs like “Within You without You”, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, “Here Comes the Sun” and “Something”, George Harrison was eager to learn the melodious music of sitar and hence build his friendship with Ravi Shankar. Further, it was found that George Harrison received training from Shambhu Das, the prodigy of Ravi Shankar. Harrison’s performance of “Love you too” will make you agree to the fact that it is by far the most melodious rock sitar music that has been produced in the industry.

So next time you develop an urge for hearing good sitar music, you know which artist to search and hear.

How to Play Harp Music Instrument – Step-by-step instruction

Can you remember the stringed musical instrument that we used to see on the Christmas card? Yes. You are right – that is Harp, a unique musical instrument, that you can learn easily. However, before starting the training for harp, answer a question to yourself. Are you interested in playing the harp?

If yes, then, here are some easy but essential steps that you must follow to learn how to play the harp.

Step 1:
The first step of your harp musical training is learning about your instrument. You know harp as a stringed instrument, but, do you know, how many types of harp we can play? We can play two types of harp – pedal harp and lever harp. The first one that is pedal harp has seven pedals that you can use to make the notes sharp, flat or natural. The second one that is lever harp has sharp levers at the top, which helps to change the notes.

Step 2:
In the second step of learning harp, you have to learn how to sit and hold a harp properly. It is very important to know the sitting and holding style while playing the harp. As the instrument is large in size, you may use a chair according to the size of the instrument. Sit in such a way, so that your finger can reach to the middle string of the harp. You need to hold the harp in a way so that the shortest string of the harp is nearest to you.

Step 3:
The third step of harp playing is tuning the harp. Tuning is very important to create soothing music from a harp. You may use an electric tuner to tune the harp properly. You must be careful enough while tuning the harp because the notes of the instrument depending on tuning. Be careful, don’t tear the strings. It will be better if you take the help of a musician.

Step 4:
In the fourth step, you have to learn how to play with the strings. You can find the strings of different colours. You have to learn which string denotes which note. For example, the red strings that you can find in a harp, are for Cs and similarly, the blue strings denote the Fs. In this way, you have to learn, which string is A or B or D or E and G. You have to be familiar with the strings so that you can play the strings at high speed. You need to use your fingertips while playing with the strings.

Step 5:
In step five, you will learn about the notes in the harp. While playing a pedal harp, if you want to raise the note, you have to lower down the pedal, and if you want to lower down the note, you have to raise the pedal. However, if you are playing a level harp, then the change in a note will be the half of the sharping the lever. In this case, you must remember that the A, B and E lever must be always up.

Step 6:
In step six, you can start playing the harp. You have to hold the harp by your right hand and then put the finger on the strings and then pull strings towards yourself quickly. You have to pull strings in a way so that each string can create the sound. You have to do this carefully. Otherwise, the sound will collapse. You have to practice this stage again and again so that you become familiar with the strings and the sound. Thorough practice is very important at this stage.

So, are you now interested in learning and playing the harp? One important thing that you must remember that is before start the learning, you have to be very conscious while purchasing the harp. You must take help of a person, who have complete knowledge of harp and its sound quality.

Harp Music Instrument Resource:- 

Find private & home Harp Tutors for all levels

Hope, now you have enough idea about the instrument and the way of playing the harp. So, don’t be so worried. If you are interested, grab your opportunity and flow your talent through the harp.

How to Read and Play Double Bass in Music

People find playing the double bass difficult as compared to violin, but if you are interested in double bass, you can learn this musical instrument very easily. You have to know some tricks that experts use while reading and playing the double bass.

If you want to play the double bass, you have first to read and understand the notes. To read a note, you must know three facts:

  • The name of the particular note
  • The finger that you need to use for that note
  • The string that your finger needs to produce the sound

Now, you think that how will you know these three facts? In that case, you may use any book on music theory. A music theory book provides you with the best knowledge of these three facts. Seeing the particular note, you have to understand how long you need to last on that note and how that will sound. Music, in the case of a double bass, is written in the same way as in the electric guitar. The music in double bass in written in bass clef, which you can understand by studying regarding bass clef.

On the other hand, while playing the double bass, you have to know the differences in the types of strings. In a double bass, you can find two types of strings – thickest and thinnest. A and E are the thickest strings in a double bass. G and D are the thinnest strings on the double bass. While playing the double bass, you must keep it in mind that there is no fret in a double bass, but you need to play the instrument with feel. You have to learn two basic things – bowing the strings and plucking the strings. These are the two ways, in which you can play the double bass. While playing the double bass, if you want to fret and pull a note, you need plucking. In the case of bowing, you can produce the rhythm by moving your finger back and forth with the bow.

At the time of playing the double bass, you can sit or stand in one place; but it is preferred to sit at one place because the instrument is big and heavy. However, before playing the double bass, you have first to adjust your hand and finger positions. While playing the double base at the upper range, you have to shift your hand from behind your neck, and then you have to flatten your hand out, and at the same time, you have to use your thumb to press the string down. This technique is known as the thumb position.

If you want to perform by playing the double bass, then you have to very conscious about your position. To perform on the stage, you have to practice a lot to place your finger at the right position within a fraction of a second. As the strings of a double bass are thick and they are placed at a larger distance, it is quite challenging to move the fingers quickly. However, if you practice properly, then it is as easy as the violin. If you are tall enough, then it is an advantage for you to play a double base because due to the length of your hand, you can manage the strings properly.

To play the double bass, you must have knowledge about the pitch of the instrument. E1 is the lowest pitch in a double base. The range of the top fingerboard of a double bass is D5. If you want to play beyond the top of the fingerboard, then you have to pull the string to the side slightly. You can also play the double bass, by just touching the strings lightly; this will create a glassy sound. The standard tuning that you need to follow while playing the double bass is E-A-D-G, which is same as a bass guitar. So, if you know playing the bass guitar, then it will be easier for you to play the double bass.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your double bass class and be the best double bass player just applying the small tricks of the double bass as we have suggested.

13 Facts about Online Degree

An online degree is an easiest and affordable way to achieve your academic milestone. Nowadays, we all are familiar with online education. All of you know that it is the easiest, time-saving and cost-saving way of completing the educational courses.

Are you going to opt for an online degree? Here we have mentioned about some facts regarding online degree that you would like to know before joining any online course:

1. In today’s era, 77% of the academic experts have considered online education or degree better than our traditional way of education. It is a fact, which if you prefer to achieve your degree online, you will get better chance to learn the subject. So, if you are confused about the selection of your education pattern, then the online education or degree is more trustworthy to you.

2. If you complete your degree online, you can earn lots of dollars, which is sometimes more than the earnings of a student, who completed the degree through the traditional way of education. You must know that, in today’s scenario, a graduate with an online degree is earning $150000 per annum.

3. Most of the Universities in UK and USA are now providing the full-time online degree courses. Statistics shows us 62.4% of the Universities in the United Kingdom are offering full-time online degrees and you will be shocked to know that the percentage of the Universities providing online degree courses has increased by 34.5% in last few years.

4. If you are working at somewhere, then you have better opportunity to enhance your career by completing the degree online. There are 46% students like you, who have selected online degree courses just to improve their career further. They prefer online degree courses because it is flexible, convenience and affordable.

5. You can complete your two years’ degree course only in 1 year by adopting the online option. It not only saves your time but it saves your money also. You can easily balance your education, job and family life, without hampering anything. In online degree courses, you are free to study anytime and anywhere; there is no hard and fast rule in online education.

6. If you are thinking to opt for online degree for completing a long-term degree course, then you must think twice. Many academic experts have voted against online degrees in the case of long-term courses because they believe that students cannot maintain the online classes for long-time. There are many distractions that hamper their online education. In fact, many students lose their patience in long-term online courses.

7. There is another lucrative facility that you can enjoy in online degree courses, and that is the credit transfer from the previous college, University or institutions. Many students (more or less 80%) in the UK transfer their credits from the previous colleges, Universities or institutions to complete the online degree.

8. You can get the education from an international perspective in online degrees. Online degrees provide you with a wider platform for your education and future career. You can share your views in the group of international students, which will improve your knowledge and skills.

9. If you are already employed at some company, then you can get help from your employer’s end to complete your course. It means you can reduce the financial burden of education by selecting the online degree courses. There are 12% online students, who get financial help from their employer for the online course.

10. If you are a student of business and management, then online is the best way to complete your degree. There are several online degree courses for the students of business and management that you can select as per your choice.

11. Statistics shows that female students opt more for the online degree courses than the male students. There are 70% of the female students in the world, who have opted for different online degree courses; whereas only 30% male students have opted the online degree courses.

12. The students from Caucasian ethnic group prefer to attempt online degree courses more than any other ethnic groups. On the other hand, the percentage of North American students is lowest in this case.

13. It is also important for you to know that there are 80% of the students taking online classes, belong from the areas that are within 100 miles of a University.

Use of French Words and Phrases in the English language

The English language has a great influence of French on its vocabulary, and there are many words from the French origin that are used daily while speaking English. Many of the words might have the same meaning but have been modified in the spelling, but it cannot be denied that they share French roots. It is estimated that near about 28% of the English vocabulary consists of words that have been included from the French language. Like, force, machine, publicity, etc. are of French origin, but presently are used and pronounced as per the English orthography.

French orthography includes nasal vowels that are entire absent from the English language. There are a lot of phrases and words that are being used in the English language without realising that they have been adopted from the French language. Let us study a few of the words and phrases that have transformed English in its modern sense as we study it today.

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It is proper French word that has been adopted by the English language. In French, this word means a small gem. However, in the English language, the same word has been adopted but with entirely different meaning and use. From a small jewel in French Bijou was converted to anything stylish with a small size. It might sound funny but is a reality that how the same word has two different meanings. If a person speaking English uses Bijou in any aspect other than jewels in front of a French speaking person, then he might get puzzled and do not understand the reason for using it.

For example, in English one would write, And this was not some tiny bijou hotel foyer. This means that the hotel was not small. The French would use bijou as Je vais vous achater un bijou! It means that I will buy you a jewel.

Femme fatale

This phrase is used as it is in the English vocabulary carrying the same meaning as it has in the French language. The meaning of this phrase means a deadly and seductive woman. It is generally used to describe a woman who is quite dangerous. In English and French it carries the same meaning, but while using this phrase, no one would have ever wondered that it is not an English phrase rather it has been adopted from French. A slight difference is that when this phrase in English is has a very subtle meaning that is a dangerous woman, but in contrast, when the same is used in French it feels to be more sassy in the meaning.


 In its real sense, the panache is a French word that means a feather or ornament worn above the hat as a decorative item. However, the word found a change in its definition when Henri IV showed courage and bravery. Thus is became a synonym of flamboyance since then. Even though the word is used in English with the same spelling and meaning, but it has less use here. It is majorly used in the French. However, there are still cases where panache is used in daily English conversations.

Je ne sais quoi

When a French person sees something that is very attractive but cannot be expressed in words, he will use the phrases Je ne sais quoi. This phrase has been adopted in the English language but with a reduced intensity of expressions. In English, it would imply a person does not have words to describe anything. However, it can be in positive as well negative sense, but in French has a more of a positive inclination. Thus, one can say that the French expression of the phrase is much more effective than its adopted English version.


In the beginning, the word expose was used as a noun meaning telling the reason behind any decision or logic used to solve any problem. Over the years it evolved to be used for unveiling the secret behind any scandal. It came to be associated with a single meaning and bringing in light the faces or facts that have been involved in a fraud. This word means exactly the same in French also. However, in English, it has been modified in the way it is written i.e. expose. Except this, there is no other difference in the meaning or use of this French word.

Eau de toilette

This phrase might sound a little familiar to you. You have read this phrase every time you would have read the contents of a perfume bottle. In earlier times the literal meaning of this phrase is toilet water. Do not get shocked! The times have gone and also the use of the phrase being used for toilet water. However, the meaning of Eau de toilette has now transformed to being a light perfume both in English and French. Hence, you can be relaxed about buying a perfume, but try to notice the phrase printed on you bottle and resist laughing.


Talking of French people the word literally means left to them, but the English modification of the word is a little different. In English vocabulary, the word Gauche means something awkward. There is a lot of difference in both the meanings. However, it is assumed that the modification has been adopted because it becomes awkward for the left-handers to live in a place where there is a maximum number of right-handers. Thus, when used in French, it might convey a different meaning.

Here one can see the similarities as well as the differences in the words and phrases that have been adopted in English vocabulary from the French language. There are some adoptions that find a more elaborative meaning in English while others make more sense when used in French.

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Whatever be the case it is difficult to deny that English language’s many words have French origin which is unknown to many. Thus, next time you use any English word try to find out the history of its existence and from where it came to be used in English. It is interesting to know that how two entirely different languages have so much in common to share.

Common Words & Phrases in the Greek language

The Greek language had its origin some 4000 years ago. The written form of the language came into existence 3000 years ago. It is one of the oldest languages still in use along with Hebrew, Chinese and Tamil. A rich collection of literature is still fulfilling the desire for knowledge of many readers. The work of Greek writers includes information on almost every topic that was available at that point of time. Hence, there are illustrations on various topics including mathematics, physics, astronomy, politics, gastronomy and law. These are a few examples that have been stated here.

Apart from these, a wide range of topics has also been covered by this language. There are a lot of things that has been the gift of Greek literature to the world. For example, the very first encyclopaedia was written in the Greek language. Thus, to understand such a language is equally important as well. Let us have a look at some of the phrases and words of the Greek Language.

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Starting with the most basic words let us learn how to say hello in the Greek language. In this language, Yia or Yia sou is used to say hello to others. This is a single example of the basic words used in the Greek language. Let us learn a few more words.

  • Excuse me in called Me singhorisi in Greek.

  • Efharisto is the Greek word for Thank you.

  • Good Morning in Greek is denoted as Kalimera.

  • Kalinihta is the Greek word for Good Night.

  • Good Afternoon means Kalo Apogevma in Greek.

  • Sighnomi is the Greek version of the word

 These are the simple words that are used in the language. Now let us move on to some of the phrases that are being used in the Greek language. The greeting is the first thing we do while we meet someone.

  • How are you? is often asked by people to each other. Ti kaneis? or Ti kanis? is the Greek way of saying how are you?
  • Nice meeting you is said whenever we meet somebody. In Greek Kharika gia ti gnorimia is said to politely say that one felt nice on meeting someone. In this way the other person also feels good and honoured.
  • What is your name? is the question we ask people often. However, in the Greek language, it is done differently. If you want to ask the name of any person, then you should say Pos se lene?
  • Suppose if you are planning to spend a holiday in Greece, then you might learn this phrase thoroughly Posso makria eenay? It means that you are asking somebody about the distance at which something is located. As a tourist, you would require to ask the locations, and this question would definitely help you.
  • English is a global language. Even then there are a lot of people who do not speak English in order to ask anybody whether he/she knows it you can say Milatay Ag-glika ? This phrase means do you know to speak English?
  • While sitting in a Greek restaurant, you would require a menu to order from. So, you can say Boroomay na doomay enna menoo? It means that can we see the menu? This is the most basic phrase that will be required often. So, learn it by heart to enjoy your
  • Imagine you are on a holiday and you spot a Greek girl in a pub. You instantly have the urge to dance with her. So, you would say thélis na horépsis mazí mu? in Greek that means would you like to dance with me?
  • In all countries and cities, we find good as well as bad people. Some treat us with respect while others do not care. Hence, for those who show care and concern towards us even in the foreign land, it becomes our duty to show gratitude towards them. Thus, by saying Ise poli glikos you would mean to say to some person that you are very sweet.

         Apart from pronunciation, the way of writing in Greek is also different as they make use of various symbols instead of normal English alphabets. All in all their letters are a mixture of English alphabets and various symbols. These are 24 in number and carry a different meaning.

greeklangimgSource: the internet

In the above image, one can see the various symbols and alphabets along with their pronunciation. For example, if you want to write how is cheese made? in the Greek language then it would be written as πώς είναι το τυρί γίνεται and would be pronounced as pós eínai to tyrí gínetai?

         Thus, learning Greek means, you will be learning one of the most historic languages of the world that are prevailing till now. Greek has been declared the official language of Greece and Cyprus. So, if you are planning to go on a holiday in Greece, then you must learn the basic terminologies and phrases so that it becomes easy for you roam and communicate while you travel. Also, learning the local language becomes a boon in order to connect to the natives and get their assistance as and when required. geiá sou (Happy journey)!

11 Websites Where You Can Learn To Read Music

Everyone likes listening to good music. It energises and provides peace of mind. A person can develop his education of music by learning. Many people think that it is difficult to learn music and requires a lot of efforts.

Many people who love music and do not have any lessons of music earlier gets dishearten that they cannot learn it. In fact, learning music is similar to learning other languages and only requires little efforts. It is as skill and is very necessary for classical music.Learning music only requires practising and determination as any other thing. Various symbols are used in music, and every symbol has its own meaning. These symbols are used in music notes and rhythm.

As technology has enhanced and internet connections are there anyone with the use of technology can teach themselves the basics of music.

Learn Music Instruments: –

Here are the 11 websites which help music lovers in learning.

Read Sheet Music (

This website will help the person to learn the basics of music. It will teach a person all the music symbols and chords. This website also includes various images which help the person to learn music and understand it in a better way. It provides various tutorials where a person can learn the notes and rhythms. Each tutorial present will help in improving the understanding of music. This website also involves various E-books which a person can read and download it for free.

Arts edge (

This is an educational media website which provides material for learning music for students and educators. This is a website which includes free audios, videos and modules. It provides professional teaching material for the better development of knowledge of music. This website is also known by the name Kennedy centre’s educational media. The mission of this website is making use of technology in enhancing the education experience in the world of music.

Teoria Music Theory Web (

This website was developed in 1997. It includes various topics related to music theory. This site contains articles, tutorials, references and various exercises. It is a website on which no advertisements appears which distracts the person while working on the site. It is a clean site which includes flash sounds and animations which help in visualising the theory of music. The tutorials include questions which are helpful in learning the chords, signatures, intervals, notes and various other functions. This website also allows the person to save the important material on the computer.

Read music with Flash Cards (

Flash cards are considered as one of the best ways in learning. Read music with flash cards involves various quizzes which are related to music theory. It includes various notes, chords and symbols and pops up a screen in which the note for which flash card is needed needs to be selected. Once the flash card for the particular note is selected, then it will start displaying questions related to it. By pressing the correct key for the symbol or chord, next question will automatically appear. Through this one can improve the knowledge of note, chord, and interval recognition.

Music Arrangers (

This is a website which arranges free lessons for students to learn music. It is a website in which includes various music games and music projects. It helps the students in making their own sounds online with recording, sound effects, and visual effects. It also helps people in writing their own songs by providing music products online. This website was made by Joe Paparone, The Australian composer.

E-music Theory (

This is a paid website which helps in learning music lessons. By signing up to this website on can learn to read music as this website combine various links together through which music theory can be learned. This website also provides some free resources online. This website will help in learning the lines and chords which are played on different instruments.

Music Theory. net (

This website consists of mainly three tabs. These include tabs of lessons, exercises and tools. The lesson tab includes lessons relating to basics of music theory and music language with some demonstrations which will help in understanding the right place of the music symbols and chords. The exercise tab includes questions related to what all have been learnt in lessons tab. It includes various exercises which will help in retaining the knowledge gained. Last the tool tab which displays various instruments in order to help in practising the chord, notes and intervals.

Ricci Adam’s (

This website basically focuses on the fundamentals of music. This website is very easy to use a can be downloaded fully which can be accessible even if the person does not have the internet connection.  This website is well designed which includes the basics of scale construction.

Music Tech Teacher (

This site is created by Ms Karen Garett. It is an award-winning website which includes various music resources which help the students in learning to read, compose and write the music. With the use of music technology various exercises, games, quizzes are available on the website.

The Music Notation Project (

This website is for people who have already learn the basics of music and want to learn the advanced form. The websites help in exploring the various music notations which will help in making music more interesting and enjoyable. The motive of this project is to help people to go deep into the world of music and discover new notations.

TI: ME (Technology Institute for music Educators) (

This site includes many programs which help in learning sequencing and notations. This is a paid website, and in order to access the website, one needs to become a member. The website includes various sample material and articles.

At the end, it can be concluded that the internet has become the source of education which provides numerous resources which are helpful in learning.One can easily learn to read music if he wishes. There are lots and lots of sites which help the person in learning and exploring the music world.